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  • SafetySure Sit-Rite Directional Slide
  • 20" x 16-1/2"
  • 1 Each / Each

SafetySure® Sit-Rite™ Directional Slide 20" L x 16-1/2" W, One Directional, Improves Seating Posture

Traditional transfer slides move in both directions. This is great for turning and boosting individuals, but can be a problem when transferring an individual to a wheelchair. The slide needs to be removed after the transfer in order to keep the individual from sliding forward. The SafetySure® Sit-Rite™ directional slide eliminates this problem. The unique design allows the slide to move in one direction only, permitting easy transfers to a wheelchair or side chair. The outer surface of the Sit-Rite™ is covered with a non-slip fabric that helps the user maintain proper seating posture and helps reduce sliding forward and slouching. The Sit-Rite™ also helps caregivers in repositioning individuals in their wheelchairs and reduces back strain during the repositioning process.

  • Slides in only one direction.
  • Simplifies transfers into wheelchair or side chair.
  • Improves seating posture by preventing patient from sliding forward.
  • Aids in repositioning in the wheelchair.
1 Each / Each
2.2 LB
Shipping Dimensions
15 X 15 X 2 Inches

Item#: RI7840

Brand: Safetysure

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