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McKesson Bathroom Safety: Bedside Commode Chair / Raised Toilet Seat

McKesson Medical Supplies offers a full line of bathroom safety aids including raised toilet seats and bedside commodes. Other important bathroom safety products include grab bars, which will help an elderly or disabled person keep steady while sitting down or standing, and bath benches, which will make showering safer and simpler. These McKesson products will enable elderly and disabled individuals to live more independently, while staying safe. Shop now! Read More...

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  1. McKesson Wall Mount Grab Bar White Steel
    McKesson Wall Mount Grab Bar White Steel
    Starting at $13.47
  2. McKesson Heavy Duty Folding Commode Chair
  3. McKesson Commode Chair
    McKesson Commode Chair
  4. McKesson Transfer Bench 2 Each
  5. McKesson Handheld Shower Head with Diverter
    McKesson Handheld Shower Head with Diverter
    Starting at $17.06
  6. McKesson Bath Bench With Back
    McKesson Bath Bench With Back
    Starting at $52.43
  7. McKesson Bath Bench Without Back
  8. McKesson Bath Transfer Bench
    McKesson Bath Transfer Bench
  9. McKesson Heavy Duty Non-Folding Commode Chair
  10. McKesson Raised Toilet Seat with Arms 5"
  11. McKesson Folding Commode Chair
  12. McKesson Bathtub Grab Bar Powder Coated White 14.5"
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Items 1-12 of 14

Set Descending Direction

Benefits of Bathroom Safety Aids

There are plenty of benefits to using bathroom safety aids, especially for individuals with disabilities or limited physical abilities. 

  1. Increased Safety, Increased Stability; Reduced Fall Risk:

    Slip & fall accidents are quite common in the bathroom. Older people often have balance issues, and certain bathroom safety aids can help prevent the person from losing their balance. Bathroom safety aids are designed to reduce this fall risk.

  2. Reduced Fall Risk Means Reduced Anxiety:

    Once you’ve installed what products to make your bathroom safer, and you know that the chances of you falling are now minimized, you’ll probably be less anxious.

  3. Increased Independence:

    Most bathroom safety aids will help the individual retain or regain some level of independence, and oftentimes more privacy too.

  4. Higher Self-Esteem:

    Being able to accomplish tasks independently leads to increased confidence, and higher self-esteem. Higher self-esteem is associated with stronger emotional resilience and happier moods!

Best Shower & Bath Aids for Seniors from McKesson

Shower and bath safety is very important for seniors. These shower and bath assist devices from McKesson will help make you or your elderly loved one’s experience one that is less stressful and significantly more safe. 

Shower Chair

If you’ve been finding showering to be difficult, the shower chair will help turn showering into a totally different experience for you. There’s no reason for you to exert yourself, and a shower chair enables you to do it all while sitting down. A shower chair with a back offers more sitting support, and an option with handles makes it easier to sit down and get up. 

Bath Transfer Bench

A bath transfer bench is designed to help you get in and out of a bathtub. A McKesson bath transfer bench is sturdy and stable, designed to keep you safe. There’s a handle on one side for you to grip as you get on or off the bench. For safety purposes, be sure that there is a non-slip mat on either side of the tub. 

Handheld Shower Head

With a handheld shower head, you can direct the flow of water just as you need. If you’re taking a shower while sitting down, a handheld shower is extremely helpful. A handheld showerhead is also ideal for caregivers who are assisting their patients. 

Bathtub Grab Bar

This serves the same purpose as the bath transfer bench, but it requires more physical strength to use. The user needs to hold onto the grab bar, putting his weight on it as needed, as he gets in or out of the tub. If the person just took a bath, it is imperative that he lets out the water before he is ready to come out of the tub. Trying to get out of the tub while there is still water in it is extremely risky and should not be attempted. 


Best Toilet Assist Aids for Elderly

Toilet assist aids are very helpful for elderly people. McKesson offers the following elderly toilet assist aids: 

Raised Toilet Seat

The raised toilet seat is placed on top of the regular toilet seat. An individual with joint stiffness, a weak hip, knee, or back, or balance issues is best off using a raised toilet seat, since an elevated seat makes getting on and off the toilet seat easier and more safe. Most raised toilet seats come with armrests, which work as grab bars to provide additional aid during the transition. 

Toilet Grab Bars

Also known as toilet safety frames, these grab bars go around the toilet. They provide the user with support during the transition on and off the toilet. Some toilet safety frames are portable, and others are designed to be attached to the bathroom floor or wall. 


If you’re looking to upgrade the level of safety in your bathroom to prevent falls & make life just a bit easier, this selection of bathroom safety products from McKesson is just what you need! Browse raised toilet seats, commodes, and many other shower, bath, and toilet aids on AvaCare Medical now!