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Bariatric Canes / Heavy Duty Wooden Canes & More

Browse the selection of bariatric canes on AvaCare Medical. Choose from a variety of reasonably priced heavy duty walking canes for big and tall people that will provide them with adequate support, and allow them to stay active so that they can get out and enjoy what life has to offer. Read more...

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics, more than a third (about 35%) of all US citizens over 65 years of age are obese, which means they have a BMI of 30 or above. This means that many seniors require more than just standard canes. 

Why Choose a Bariatric Cane?

There are two main reasons as to why an individual will choose a bariatric cane, and these two reasons are obviously intertwined. The reasons are as follows: Firstly, bariatric canes are more supportive, and also, they can hold more weight. Bariatric canes allow those who weigh over 300 pounds to maintain their balance, and be sufficiently supported while walking. These canes have a higher weight limit than any other kind, and are therefore more supportive. Therefore, heavy duty walking canes are the ideal option for any individual whose body weight exceeds 300 pounds. 

It is extremely important for anyone who weighs over three hundred pounds to choose a bariatric cane, because a standard cane will not offer him enough support. Regular canes are not designed to hold more than 300 pounds. Therefore, they are unsafe for use by individuals who weigh more than the aforementioned figure. 

Who Can Use Bariatric Canes?

Bariatric canes are most likely to be one of the most supportive cane choices around, but they shouldn’t be utilized by just anyone. Using a big and tall walking cane requires significant arm strength, and someone who is lacking muscle in this area should not rely on a bariatric cane to get around. Also, anyone who weighs much less than 300 pounds shouldn’t either purchase a bariatric cane, since these canes are often a bit heavy, and people who weigh less may find them harder to use as a mobility aid. 

Heavy Duty Walking Canes vs. Walkers

A walker will be more supportive in comparison to a standard walking cane, but a heavy duty walking cane is usually the more practical option, since seldom will a severely heavy individual be able to squeeze himself into a standard walker and easily move about while in it. Walkers from reputable manufacturers range in width up to 22 ½ inches. That means that if one has a larger girth than the aforementioned figure, he will have trouble using a quality walker, since he won’t be able to comfortably stand upright. However, such an individual doesn't have any reason to worry, because there are heavy duty walking canes or bariatric canes that he’ll be able to use. 

Choices of Bariatric Canes

Since AvaCare Medical only carries the best bariatric canes, we don’t have an innumerable amount of types of canes. Rather, we have a few types of canes, all of which are sturdy and dependable even for people who are on the heavier side. 

Quad Bariatric Cane

The quad bariatric cane is considered by many to be the most sturdy kind of cane available, because it’s not only bariatric; it also features a quad base. A quad base allows for the user’s weight to be distributed over a broader area, so that it is easier to move along with it. It supports more weight than a similar single point cane.

Quad bariatric canes are an excellent cane choice for anyone who weighs 300 pounds or above. Oftentimes, they are comprised of steel instead of aluminum for optimal support. 

Heavy Duty Wooden Canes

Heavy duty wooden canes are not only exceedingly sturdy; they’re also quite aesthetically appealing. They have a natural beauty to them which no other kind of cane can boast of. There are different types of wooden canes; check out our selection for details.

Adjustable Bariatric Canes

This big and tall walking cane cane option can be adjusted to any height within its specified range. This allows the user to alter the cane so that it is the correct height for his needs. Finding a bariatric cane that is - or can be adjusted to - the correct height is crucial, because a cane needs to be the proper height in order to support the user sufficiently. If a cane is too short, the person using it will need to bend down to use it, and that can cause him to lose his balance. If the cane is too high, the user will need to exert much more effort to use it, and may find it more difficult to maintain his balance. 

Heavy Duty Folding Cane

A heavy duty folding cane is a practical bariatric cane choice, since it can be folded up into a fraction of its original size, and therefore won’t take up too much packing space. However, it may not be the ideal choice, since it isn’t always quite as sturdy as the aforementioned options. 

Handle Choices for Bariatric Canes

Here are a few different handles your heavy duty walking cane may come with. Here is a quick runthrough of the most common ones and their differences. 

  • T Handle: A T handle is a cane handle that looks like a stick in a horizontal position, which is attached to the cane in the middle. Since the shaft stands upright and the handle is horizontal, when a cane has a T handle, the shape of the shaft and handle together form an uppercase T (hence the name!)
  • Offset Handle: Offset handle canes have a shaft that is vertical at the bottom, but becomes angled toward the top. This allows for the user’s weight to be distributed evenly along the shaft of the big and tall cane. 
  • Fritz Handle: This handle is great for people with arthritis. This elegantly curved handle will lend any cane a sophisticated look. 
  • Tourist Handle: Also called a crook handle, this one is a classic. The sharply curved top allows the user to hook it over his hand when he isn’t using it. 
  • Derby Handle: This handle is immensely popular among seniors, and is easy and comfortable to grasp. 


If you’re interested in getting a bariatric cane, check out the selection at AvaCare Medical. Here, you’ll only find the best big and tall canes; from the most trusted medical brands. Our bariatric canes are well-constructed, extremely supportive, and made to last. Shop now!

If you have any product-related questions you’d like to resolve before purchasing bariatric canes or any other walking stick option, don’t hesitate to call our customer care department at 1.877.813.7799 for assistance.