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Crook Canes / Standard Canes / Tourist Canes

Crook canes are commonly used as an assistive cane to alleviate pain that may be associated with walking or standing. These canes are also very durable, and are often used to aid users with balance. They are considered by many to be one of the most popular and standard cane types around. So, when looking for the most traditionally styled cane, AvaCare Medical’s inventory of crook handle canes can help you choose a product that allows you to walk with style! Read more...

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Benefits of Using a Crook Cane

Aside from walking sticks, crook handle canes are one of the first types of canes ever made. They go by many names, from shepherd’s crook canes (or shepherd’s cane), to tourist canes. Indeed, many people buy temporary crook handled canes when they are traveling, because they provide a traditional style and cost less than other options. These canes come in all shapes, sizes, and even lengths. Some are even adjustable, with a telescoping effect. Here are some other benefits of using a crook-style cane:

  • Similar to an offset handle cane, these canes provide an orthopedic grip.
  • They are widely accepted socially.
  • They are extremely sturdy.
  • They come in a variety of materials.
  • Most are relatively inexpensive.

What to Look for When Choosing a Crook Cane

Contrary to popular belief, standard canes are not indestructible, and buyers should be cautious when purchasing one. Canes are designed for a specific weight range and are meant to be sized for each person. Some physicians actually recommend that unless a person has had a cane before, he shouldn’t buy one without first consulting a doctor. The reason is that depending on a person’s needs, a different type of cane may be needed. The factors a person needs to consider when choosing a tourist cane are:

The Type of Handle

One obvious point to note is that crook handle canes are meant for orthopedic purposes. However, there is usually more than one type of cane available at most providers. Some people would rather have an offset handle cane, while others may find that a straight walking stick with a vertical handle better suits their individual needs.

Other things to consider with the handle is whether they are bare or whether an additional grip material is added. For example, a standard metal cane with a crook handle can feature a vinyl or rubber grip, which is built for strength and provides non-slip gripping for the user. Some users prefer bare handled canes while others may end up deciding to use a handle grip cover.

The Type of Cane

The type of cane is similar to the handle. There are many different types of walking sticks, but depending on a user’s disposition and physical ability, they may need to use a tripod cane or even a quad cane. Many people use canes while in recovery from procedures such as knee or hip surgeries. Many times, because they have more limited mobility, doctors suggest they use one of the other types of canes for additional support and for the weight bearing the cane would need to accommodate. 

The Weight Capacity of the Cane

As with the type of cane, different canes offer different weight limits. A crook cane generally has a weight limit of about 250 lbs. However, weight capacity also depends on the unit’s construction material. Our wooden crook walking canes generally accommodate up to 250 pounds. and our metal (aluminum) canes can hold approximately 300 pounds.

Cane Tip Width

The width of walking cane tips is determined by the size of the stick itself. Most common rubber cane tips can range from a quarter of an inch all the way up to 1 inch. Some crook canes are slightly smaller in width than others, and over time someone may need to replace his cane tip. Therefore, it’s important to know the width of the cane itself when looking for replacement tips. 

Cane Composition

Materials of walking canes also vary greatly. These materials are a very important factor in terms of deciding what the weight bearing limit is on a cane itself. Whether a person is choosing an all-metal cane or a wooden cane, one should note the differences. Some metal crook canes are made of steel, although most are made with aluminum, due to its ability to be both lightweight and extremely durable. 

All of our crook canes made of aluminum which is meant to accommodate 300 pounds, while our wooden crook canes are designed to withstand 250 pounds. Keep in mind that wood types in canes may also vary as well. Certain woods offer more durability and strength compared to others. Different wood types offer varying levels of strength and durability.

Intended Use

One common misconception is that people using a crook walking stick need to base their decision of which type of cane to use solely on their own weight. Of course, this is an issue that should be considered, and some manufacturers won’t honor a warranty if a person chooses a cane with a weight capacity that is less than the weight of the individual. 

However, the use of a crook handled walking cane should be seriously considered. Depending on what the walking cane is needed for, one may consider one with a higher weight bearing capacity. 

When a standard cane says 250 lbs. weight capacity, this means that they can withstand 250 pounds of applied pressure. Most people aren’t generally going to be putting their full weight on a cane, and therefore, someone who weighs 250 pounds will typically not surpass this limit. Therefore, it’s important to determine the exact reason why you need to use a cane before you choose what type of tourist handle cane you will be buying.


If you have any questions regarding canes, please ask us! We want to make sure you get the best crook cane, so that you can enjoy exceptionally safe travel on foot. Simply call us at 1-877-813-7799 or you can chat with a representative during business hours on our site.