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Rubber Cane Tips / Walking Cane Rubber Tips

Get the best rubber cane tips from AvaCare Medical now. Canes come in many different widths, and so do your cane’s rubber feet. Our large selection of walking cane rubber tips allows you to choose a tip that will fit your cane most securely, and is therefore as safe as possible possible. Read more...

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  1. Cane Tip, 7/8" Black
    Cane Tip, 7/8" Black
  2. Self Standing Cane Tip
    Self Standing Cane Tip
  3. Replacement Rubber Cane Tip
    Replacement Rubber Cane Tip
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  4. Small Base Quad Cane Tip, 2" Height
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6 Items

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When to Replace Your Rubber Cane Tip

Over time, rubber parts disintegrate. There are many methods of checking the condition of rubber cane tips in order to ensure that they are still in proper condition; one way is by making adjustments and replacements on a regular basis. One must also consider the type of surface on which he typically uses his walking cane. The rougher the terrain, the more a rubber tip tends to deteriorate. Therefore, it is important to check the tip every so often in order to ensure that all of the ridges are intact and that no cracks have formed in the rubber.

Why Choose Rubber Cane Tips?

Rubber is one of the most versatile materials used in production. Rubber has the unique ability to be molded into almost any desired shape, and provides extremely tough resistance to shock, fluids, electrical current, and more. By using replacement rubber tips for canes, one can rest assured that his cane will remain as non-slip as possible. AvaCare Medical offers some excellent rubber cane tips that offer superior traction. Here are just a few choices of rubber ends for canes:

Drive Medical 3/4-inch Diameter Cane Tip

Drive is one of the leading medical supply manufacturing brands. Their 3/4-inch cane tips are designed to withstand the wear and tear of numerous activities. When a person needs to travel a great deal by foot, this cane tip can be a great option. It fits virtually every cane that has a bottom diameter of three quarters of an inch, and is easy to replace when needed.

Drive Medical Small Base Quad Cane Tip, 2” Height

If you’re using a quad cane, these custom fit rubber tips can help add extreme grip to your 4-point walking cane. These rubber tips fit ½-inch base diameter quad canes and are 2 inches in height, making them uniquely able to provide great traction, increased safety, and stability to a quad cane.

Carex Self-Standing Cane Tip

Carex, another leader in the medical supply field, has released a self-standing cane tip, and AvaCare Medical has them in stock! For those who do not want to have an actual quad cane, but would like similar support, these tips offer extreme balance and maximum shock absorption on four small feet in order to maximize stability. While they are not designed for folding canes, the non-slip rubber feet can easily fit on any ¾-inch or ⅞-inch cane.

Essential Cane Tip 7/8” 

Essential’s cane tips are very popular, and shipped all over the world. With their ⅞-inch cane tips, Essential Medical’s version can truly deliver the best in performance and safety.

When to Replace Those Rubber Tips

In general, most cane tips prove very durable. However, a good practice is to check them every couple of weeks. Just like a pair of shoes, rubber cane tips can require replacement about once a month, or they can possibly last months at a time. Longevity varies depending on a user’s activity, as well as what surface he is normally treading on. 

Walking cane rubber tips can provide more traction in the beginning, but they also need to be “broken in” as well. Therefore, when a user first purchases a rubber tip for their cane, he may need to walk with it for a few days to help it reach its shock absorption and comfort potential. Some people actually prefer to use the replacement rubber tips instead of the original cane tip that came with their cane.

Increased Safety Benefits of Rubber Cane Tips

As mentioned before, choosing to walk with a cane that doesn’t have a rubber tip is actually very dangerous. Most elderly and handicapped users are prone to falls because their tips don’t provide enough traction, and sometimes they don’t have a tip on their cane at all. There are more benefits as well, though. Using rubber bottoms for canes can provide extra floor protection, meaning that a user’s cane won’t scuff up or damage the flooring.

1-Inch Rubber Cane Tips

When most people say the phrase 1-inch rubber tips, they are often referring to the base diameter itself. Many cane tips may have various top and hole widths, but the base of the cane tip itself is approximately 1 inch. The wider the cane tip is at the base, the safer it is in terms of being able to provide extra support and shock absorption.

Are Rubber Cane Tips Expensive?

Rubber cane tips are one of the least expensive safety features available for mobility needs. Of course, the prices vary with different brands, as well as with different sizes and styles, but all told, the price is much more reasonable than one might think. These replacements represent a low-cost means of ensuring a person’s safety and security.

At AvaCare Medical, we want you to get the most out of your rubber cane tips, so we don’t offer anything but the best! Our company is one of the highest-rated providers of medical supplies, and our products include walking canes and their accessories. If you’re wondering how to choose the best cane for you, you can access additional information by viewing our Walking Cane Buyer’s Guide. Have a question or comment? Simply give us a call at 1-877-813-7799, or send an email our way. Our customer service representatives will be happy to hear from you!