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Tripod Cane Tips / 3-Prong Cane Tips

Tripod cane tips are made to help reduce impact and absorb shock. Unfortunately, they can become worn over time, resulting in balance and stability issues. AvaCare Medical has the best 3-prong cane tips available, and can even offer warranties. If you’re looking to keep your cane in the best condition, you’ve come to the right place! Read more...

Benefits & Features of Tripod Cane Tips

Three prong cane tips can help to increase mobility when attached to the end of a cane. They may increase the weight of the cane by about an ounce or two over that of standard cane tips, but they keep the user more safe and secure because they have a wider base than most standard canes. Some further benefits include:

Superior Traction

A cane with a tripod tip allows the user to walk easily through various types of terrains. This kind of cane is perfect for use not only on grass and gravel, but also even on harder surfaces. These tips actually flex as the user is walking, to ensure that the cane is constantly gripping the ground.

Impact Reduction

By having three-sided rubber “feet” all connected, the triangular shape provides more impact reduction for the hand and wrist. This is because it is constructed of a solid piece of rubber that is wide enough to provide better balance and stability.

Self-Standing Functionality

These cane tips are meant to help a cane stand on its own. These tips can be a more cost efficient alternative to buying a standard tripod cane. With these tips, a standard cane can function similar to a quad cane or tripod cane. However, it is important to keep in mind that the wider the base of the cane, the more stability it provides - so a wide base quad cane, or even a small base quad cane, will be more safe for some people. In other words, self-standing cane tips are not appropriate for all users since the added stability is limited.

Unscuffed Floors

Another great thing about having a tripod cane tip is that it will cause the cane to create fewer scuff marks on the floors than it would with a standard single-tip cane. The benefits of such tips, then, are for both user safety and the protection of floors.

Tripod Cane Tips Wear Down Differently

Unlike regular cane tips, which simply wear down in the center, tripod cane tips wear down a little differently. Due to pressure differentials, these cane tips often wear on the forward-leaning side first. When a person uses a three prong cane tip on a regular basis, he should inspect his cane to be sure that all of the contact points are wearing evenly. When the feet start to become worn, a user should replace that cane tip.

In order to ensure that a tripod cane tip will wear down evenly, one may twist the tripod tip every so often. This will ensure that the sides all experience wear and tear at similar rates. Of course, these attachments are so durable that it may take months to notice wear and tear, but nevertheless, such rotating is a good general practice to ensure that one can get optimum balance and stability and extend the life of his rubber cane tip.

Does a User Need to Replace Tripod Cane Tips Frequently?

Believe it or not, cane tips are extremely durable. They last about 5-6 months, depending on the typical terrain one travels on, and on frequency of use. However, just in case a user may need to replace his cane tip on the go, it’s always important to carry a spare.

It is important that a user checks the ferrule (another name for cane tip) frequently to ensure that it has not worn thin at the base, and there are no cracks or tears in it. Some users are perfectly okay with using a cane tip until it is worn down completely, but for the sake of safety, it’s highly recommended that a user replace the cane tip as soon as the bottom starts to become thin. A cane tip that is too thin will not necessarily be able to provide sturdy support.

In the case of tripod cane tips, it’s important to ensure that all three sides of the rubber “feet” are even. Failure to walk with an even cane tip can result in injury, and since the leading cause of injury and death among the elderly and handicapped is falls, one should avoid this risk at all costs.

Tripod Canes Promote Better Posture

This benefit is so important that it deserves a category of its own. As people grow older, their bodies struggle to maintain proper posture. Their feet may start to have an abnormal gait. By using a tripod cane, a user can actually improve his stride and enhance or correct his posture. This makes tripod cane tips an ideal physical therapy tool.

AvaCare Medical wants you to feel as safe as possible. Our tripod cane tips provide the exceptional security, safety, and stability that users desire. If you have any questions, feedback, or problems with your order, simply give us a call at 1-877-813-7799 and we’d love to hear from you. Our 3-prong cane tips won’t let you down, and neither will we! For all other inquiries, or to contact us after-hours, simply email us or chat with us onsite.