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Rolling Walker With Tray / Walker With Tray & Seat

A rolling walker with a tray offers users numerous benefits. This addition can add multifunctionality to a roller walker. Many users sometimes use their trays as a seat, but by using a walker with a tray and seat, they can benefit more by having multiple trays to use, or by sitting in their walker and using the tray on its own. Read More...

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Benefits of Rollers with Trays

Trays are one of the most common accessories (and probably one of the most useful) that a person can purchase for their rollator if it doesn’t come along with it. They are excellent additions for indoor use and can allow a person to carry personal items or even a meal so they can eat. Many users can also benefit by having a rollator with a tray simply because they don’t have to buy a separate accessory, and they can conveniently place their walker in front of them and have an instant coffee table right at their feet. Should a user need to keep their hands free, walkers with trays give the user a place to set things down when necessary as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Customers often have many questions when it comes to buying a rollator with a tray. From the expected price range and the quality of the rollator to information about the tray itself, most users are curious about what this type of rollator can offer them. Rollator seats can be used simply as a tray, although in many cases it is not recommended because by using the seat as a tray, a person could cause damage to their seat cushion. Nevertheless, here are some questions, and, we trust, quality answers that can help!

Is the Tray on a Rolling Walker with a Tray Detachable?

On 4-wheel walkers with a tray, it is possible in some cases to remove and re-attach the walker tray when it is not in use. Actually, the rollator tray can often attach to the seat of a walker or at the same height as the backrest of the walker. On three-wheel models, the tray is often used as the top “lid” of the carrying basket and of some rollator pouches, since most 3-wheel rollators with trays primarily don’t have seats.

Where are Rollators with Trays Primarily Used?

Most people use a rollator with a tray indoors, and for good reason. They don’t want the elements to end up affecting their food, for instance. Indoor rollators with a tray can be exceptionally useful if a user goes to a coffee shop or a restaurant and wants to have an additional place to put their food down. Of course, this is not to say that a rolling walker with a tray can be used outdoors, as many walkers come with 6-inch to 8-inch wheels to make them easy to use both indoors and outdoors on various terrains.

Is a Roller with a Tray Made from High Quality Materials?

A rollator that has a tray built on to it is still a rollator, so the answer to this common question is yes. Yet many people consider the rollator seat itself to be a tray simply because the cushion is not the same as that of a standard wheelchair cushion. Most rollator seats are thin foam pads on top of thin boards, so while they can provide a cushion to sit on, they are still rather flat.

Can I Just Use a Regular Walker Tray on a Rollator?

While some people maintain that this is possible, it is sometimes difficult to find a walker tray that can fit onto a rollator without modification of either the tray or the rollator itself. By personally modifying any of the framing and structure of a rollator, one can void the warranty. As such, this course of action is not recommended. Therefore, the best option is to buy a rollator with a tray.

How Heavy is a Rollator with a Tray?

By adding items to the top of a rollator, it’s important to note that it not only adds to the weight of the rollator itself, but it also decreases the weight capacity available should a person need to sit down while items remain on the tray. If a user is using their seat as a tray, then of course we don’t recommend that they sit down until their seat is cleared off. This can be somewhat of a hassle. Most of our rollators can accommodate approximately 250 to 300 pounds in standard models, but there are some exceptions. Bariatric models of rollator walkers, for instance, can handle all the way up to 600 pounds. The weight of the actual walker with a tray and seat can vary, but they are often less than 15 pounds. If a person should attach accessories, though, this will influence the device’s total weight.

How Can I Protect My Rollator with a Tray?

Having a rollator with an attached tray certainly has its perks, and trays also can help to protect your rollator from spills associated with using the seats to place things on. One can even sit on a rollator while the tray is on it. If a person is looking to add some more protection to their rollator seat and back cushion, they may be able to purchase a rollator cover. Many rollator cover sets are made from fabric which is both stretchable and machine washable.

Here at AvaCare Medical, we want to help you if you are considering buying a rolling walker with a tray! Our 3-wheel and 4-wheel rollators come with numerous options, have many accessories available for purchase, and can help you get around safely and easily! Give us a call today and we’ll happily assist you with your order or answer any questions that you may have!