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Anterior & Posterior Walkers / Pediatric and Adult Reverse Walkers

Find anterior rollator walkers, posterior pediatric walkers, and reverse walkers for adults on AvaCare Medical now! Whether you’re looking for a bariatric anterior walker, the Nimbo Reverse Walker, or a folding posterior walker, you’ll find what you need on our site. Shop now for free, fast shipping! Read more...

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    Nimbo 2G Lightweight Posterior Walker
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What is an Anterior Rollator Walker?

An anterior rollator walker is a walker that is placed in front of the user, so that the person can see the entire walker, and lean forward in order to use it. Many people claim that it feels more secure to use an anterior walker, since it is within the user’s range of vision, and he feels like he has more control over it. Others dislike the fact that the walker is in front of them, and sort of in the way.

More elbow and wrist exertion (specifically of the elbow extensors, which are the muscles on the inside of the arm that help the arm extend outward, and the wrist flexors, which are the muscles that cause the wrist to bend) is required when using an anterior walker. 

When walking with an anterior walker, patients were noted to propel themselves at a faster pace, taking longer strides at a time, then they would typically when walking independently.

Who Can Use an Anterior Walker?

An anterior walker is ideal for those who simply need a lot of standing or walking support, and find maneuvering the posterior walker to be untenably complicated. Someone who needs to keep weight off of one leg will also need to use an anterior walker. 

What is a Posterior Walker?

A posterior walker for adults is a walker that has a side in back, and on either side of the user. The area in front of the user is not barred by the walker. Instead of pushing the walker from in front of him, the user pulls the walker that is behind him and on the side of him. He does this by grasping the sides. 

A posterior walker allows users full access to in front of him. This walker is known to be better for someone who is trying to maintain a good posture, since it causes him to stand more straight, and prevents the person from leaning forward as he is likely to do with an anterior walker. 

Stability and pelvic tilt can be improved by using a posterior walker, and less exertion of the trunk, hip, and knee is needed. Using a posterior walker also doesn’t take as much energy. Since it doesn’t cause spinal issues, and allows for freedom of movement, faster gait, and the best gait pattern, it is the ideal choice for many who are looking for a walker for long-term use. 

Who Can Use a Posterior Walker?

Posterior walkers are most often utilized by people with neuromuscular disorders. They are also commonly used at therapy clinics for rehabilitative purposes. There are both posterior walkers for adults, and pediatric posterior walkers. These walkers are the preferred choice of many young patients.

Posterior vs. Anterior Walker: Which to Choose?

A person with spina bifida, spastic diplegic cerebral palsy, myelodysplasia, arthritis, osteoperosis, or even osteogenesis imperfecta will usually require use of a walker. Patients who are elderly, or people with other neuromuscular, developmental and musculoskeletal impairments will also often need to use a walker to get around. 

Although some walkers are more commonly used by people with certain conditions (for instance, those with cerebral palsy generally choose a posterior walker) and others are typically used by individuals with other disorders, one should never rely on what’s the standard. It is imperative to speak to a medical professional who knows the ins and outs of the person’s case, and to not make a decision on one’s own.

How to Choose an Anterior or Posterior Walker

There are several fundamental features to factor into account when working to find a walker that works for your needs. Whether you’re looking for a posterior or anterior walker, there are certain details that you may want your walker to have. Here are some of the most popular features people want in a walker.

  • Foldability: A foldable posterior or anterior walker is easy to transport from one place to the next. It is also less compact, and takes up a minimal amount of space in the person’s home. Therefore, if the patient travels often or if he doesn’t have much space to spare, a foldable posterior or anterior walker is often the preferable choice.
  • Attached Seat: Some walkers, such as the Nimbo Reverse Walker, come with an attached seat, so that in the event that the user becomes tired or weary, he can flip open the seat and take a rest. The seat of this posterior wheel walker stays completely out of the way when not in use. 
  • Forward-Rolling Wheels: This feature makes it impossible for the walker to roll backward. This feature is especially ideal for posterior walkers, and increases the level of safety of the walker. No matter how hard the user leans against the back end of the posterior rolling walker, the walker still will not roll backward (if the person is within the walker’s weight capacity). This helps to limit the chances of falls. 
  • Lock Rotation: Some people are able to maneuver themselves well, and turn the walker with just a bit of effort. For others, a walker that is able to turn is less safe, since they don’t have the ability to maneuver it. Lock rotation is therefore very important for these users. 
  • Size: If the walker will be used by a child, choose a pediatric reverse walker or a pediatric anterior walker. If it will be used by someone who is older, choose a regular or reverse walker for adults. 

Do you, a loved one or a patient you care for need a posterior or anterior rollator walker? Finding either of those mobility aids is simple when you shop on AvaCare Medical, America’s favorite online medical supplies store. Browse our curated collection of the highest quality walkers today, and pick the one that is best for the user’s needs! Whether any posterior rollator walker will do, or you’re looking for a specific walker, such as the Drive Nimbo Posterior Walker, a bariatric anterior walker, or some other walker choice, browse AvaCare Medical to view some select walkers from the most trusted brands, that are offered at reasonable price points.

If you’d rather speak to a care rep instead of placing your order online, call us at 1.877.813.7799. A care team member will then help you out promptly and efficiently. Call now!