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Bariatric Walkers / Heavy Duty Walker

Bariatric walkers meet the mobility needs of larger individuals. These heavy duty walkers are built specifically for heavier people, and can provide these users with the same capabilities and benefits that smaller people gain from smaller walkers. Whether you need a bariatric walker with wheels, or even one without, AvaCare Medical has a fully stocked inventory of select products that can get you back on your feet! Read more...

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  1. Bariatric Folding Walkers
    Bariatric Folding Walkers
    Starting at $65.42
  2. McKesson Folding Aluminum Walker
    McKesson Folding Aluminum Walker
    Starting at $134.19
  3. McKesson Dual Folding Walker, Case of 4
  4. Nova Zoom Rolling Walker
    Nova Zoom Rolling Walker
    Starting at $243.69
  5. Crosstour Rolling Walker
    Crosstour Rolling Walker
    Starting at $220.78
  6. Adult Paddle Walker
    Adult Paddle Walker
  7. Bariatric Heavy-Duty Folding Walker with Wheels, Adult
  8. Youth Heavy-Duty Two-Button Folding Walker
  9. Bariatric Two-Button Folding Walker
  10. Deluxe Bariatric Walker
    Deluxe Bariatric Walker
  11. Adult Heavy-Duty Two-Button Folding Walker
  12. Heavy Duty Bariatric Two Button Walker with Wheels
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Items 1-12 of 16

Set Descending Direction

How Bariatric Walkers Differ from Standard Walkers

Some people wonder if there is any difference between standard and bariatric walkers. The truth is, bariatric walkers are still essentially standard walkers – they are simply meant for heavier or wider people. The primary difference is that they have higher weight capacities than those of the average walker. Bariatric walkers for adults may also have a wider frame to accommodate the user. This is very important, as will be explained below.

Are Bariatric Walkers Only for Overweight People?

Some seniors and disabled persons may think that a bariatric walker is only for those who are obese or overweight, but this is simply not so. Because of the wider frames, extra wide walkers for seniors can also benefit users who simply have broader bodies and shoulders. They will still have the additional benefit of having the higher weight capacity, of course, but heavy duty walkers for seniors can be for almost any older individual, as long as the walker suits their posture and body properly.

So what is meant by a higher weight capacity?

Most standard walkers for adults have weight capacities of 175 to 300 pounds, and provide stability for users who fall within those weight ranges. Our extra wide bariatric walker can support 500 lbs. of weight. This means that those who are heavier can greatly benefit by using such a walker, and still be able to support their weight and the weight of their walker accessories. It is, however, important to note that a user needs to consider the additional weight that their attachments add.

Attachments like oxygen tanks or even drinks and other items will all not only add weight to the walker in general, but they also lower the weight capacity that a walker has available. This is because these should be considered as an addition to the user’s overall weight. For example, if a 290 pound person has a large oxygen tank attached to their heavy duty walker with wheels that weighs approximately 30 pounds, then the total user weight is 320 pounds. If the capacity of this user’s walker is only 300 pounds, then they are operating unsafely in excess of their device’s rating. Things like this also need to be considered when a patient has a bariatric walker with a basket that they carry personal belongings (or even purchased items) in. Also, be aware that bariatric walker weights have weight limits, too, although these weight limits are significantly higher than those of regular walkers. 

Bariatric Walkers with Wheels Have Many Benefits

While most of the time a standard walker may be sufficient for those who have a dire need for balance and weight bearing on the walker, some users may greatly benefit by using a bariatric front wheeled walker. These Zimmer walkers have two wheels on the front that provide some of the benefits of rollators (also known as rolling walkers), but still have the frame and stability of a standard walker frame. Walkers with wheels ensure increased mobility yet still allow the user to support their weight. There are other benefits of using bariatric walkers as well, such as the following ones.

Exceptional Weight Loss Capabilities

Most seniors and those with partial handicaps unfortunately become overweight due to their total lack of mobility. The user of a walker has proven to aid those who need to get around and get their needed exercise by walking, and, by allowing the person to get out, helps the person lose some of that extra weight and thereby improve their health. Walking with a heavy duty mobility walker can also help a user suffering from increased weight by promoting good circulation throughout their legs and increasing overall oxygen levels in their body. This helps to avoid blood clots or other serious problems that can ensue due to lack of mobility.

More Muscle Strength

Walking promotes leg muscle strength as well as core strength. Core strength is very important; everyone, even elderly, handicapped, and overweight people, need to have some core strength. Using an extra-wide bariatric walker can increase muscle strength even during the weight loss process and help those users be able to support their weights, as well as become stronger overall. When a person walks, they use multiple muscles in their bodies along with their legs. This is important since it has been proven that increasing the strength of the back muscles, posterior muscles, and orthopedic (leg and foot) muscles can improve posture as well.

Increased Balance and Safety

The older people get, the easier it is for them to become disoriented. This isn’t just a myth; it is an actual fact that causes millions of elderly people to fall every day. Medications are a common cause of dizziness. Other causes would be a lack of mobility and delirium as people get older. Older people are not the only ones who suffer this problem, though – bariatric patients do, too. By using a heavy duty walker, bariatric users can maintain increased balance, thanks to the additional support they can receive by using such an aid.

Standard Bariatric Walkers Are Affordable

Walking aids often range in price from $20 for some walking canes all the way down the line to hundreds of dollars for some select models of rollators. Fortunately, our bariatric walkers for sale range from just over $40 up to $129 (for the most expensive model). Many of them fall anywhere between the $40-$80 range, though, which renders them quite affordable. Most elderly users or those who have disabilities live on a fixed income. Therefore, they need to ensure that their walkers can meet their needs while fitting in their budget. All of our heavy duty bariatric walkers are lightweight and light on the wallet as well.

Bariatric Walker Accessories

When looking for a bariatric walker, you can feel free to check out our selection of bariatric walker accessories! There are baskets and extra wide walker trays for wide walkers that come with wheels or without. A wide walker tray for a bariatric walker is a very practical add-on for any bariatric walker, and so is a basket. 

Here at AvaCare Medical, our primary goal is to take care of you if you need a bariatric walker. Our selection includes choices from some of the nation’s best manufacturers, including Drive Medical, Medline, and Guardian (plus Guardian Signature) to name a few. These companies provide some of the world’s top brands in walking aids, including heavy duty bariatric walkers for wide adults, and even bariatric folding walkers. If you need any help finding the right heavy duty walker, you can look at our Walker vs. Rollator guide to determine the best one for your needs! Call today at 1.877.813.7799; we’re ready to listen on our end anytime and help you order your walker easily and pain free!