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Side Walker / Hemi Walker / Sidestepper

Find hemi walkers for reasonable prices on AvaCare Medical now! If you’ve been experiencing problems holding a regular walker, a folding side walker may be just what you need. AvaCare Medical’s select line of these well-priced walkers provide options for those who need more stability than that offered by a traditional cane. Our sidesteppers are the perfect accessory for your walking needs, and are available from top manufacturers such as Drive Medical. Read more...

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  1. Folding Hemi Walker 30"-34" Adjustable Height
  2. Hemi Walker, Adult
    Hemi Walker, Adult
  3. Side Style Hemi One Arm Walker

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What Are Hemi Walkers, Exactly?

Hemi walkers are one-arm walkers that go by many names. A hemi walker is often referred to as a side-stepper, a one-arm walker, a hemi cane, or even a side walker. They are extremely lightweight devices intended as a walking aid for elderly or partially handicapped individuals. As mentioned earlier, hemi walker use is very common when someone prefers not to buy a walking cane or a walker. They take up less space than a traditional walker , and are a sort of combination (and a very innovative one, at that) of crutches, walkers, and canes. The definition of hemi means “half”, so a walker with hemi functionality is to be used for half of your body for support. For this reason, hemi walkers are the best walkers for one-handed persons. 

Hemi Canes Aren’t for Everybody

Some people wonder not only what a hemi walker cane is, but also what the difference is between hemi canes and walkers. The truth is, while they have very similar functionality features, they are best suited for select users and aren’t often used for just anyone needing a walking aid. Hemi canes are primarily used by elderly people for the following reasons:

  • If a person is having trouble using a hand or arm after a stroke, they may benefit greatly from using a hemi cane walker, since they have limited function on one side of their bodies.
  • If a person had a debilitating injury (like a loss of a hand or limb) which caused them to have reduced balance and the person is therefore unable to use a standard two-handled walker or rollator. Walkers for a one-handed person are a perfect option to help aid them so that they can still use a walker.
  • If a user has to have the stability that a standard walker or rollator has, but is unable to use them due to possible safety reasons.
  • If a person doesn’t have quite enough balance in order to use a regular walker, walking cane, or rollator. Elderly people have a hard time with balance, and having a one-sided walker can help to avoid slips, trips, and falls.
  • Users must have the physical strength and endurance to walk with a hemi walker, as many of them don’t actually come with seats. In some cases, they may need to resort to using a seated walking cane instead.

If a person doesn’t have enough balance or physical strength, this can actually impact their mobility, and they run a risk of falling if they use a hemi walker. Therefore, instead of a side walker, one may be able to use a transport chair, electric wheelchair, or a power scooter instead. At the same time, if a user is able to hold themselves up better or has basic body control, then instead of using a side walker, a cane, standard walker, or rollator are commonly recommended.

Hemi Walker with Wheels

While there is such a thing as a hemi rollator, those are completely different than hemi walkers in terms of functionality. Rollators have three or four wheels, and they almost never have a one-arm capability. It is actually almost impossible to find a one-handed walker with wheels.

The reason why it’s hard to find a one-arm walker with wheels is because manufacturers prioritize the safety of the user when designing it. If a person were to use a one-leg walker with wheels, should the walker roll out from under them, they could fall down and suffer an injury. Fortunately, users can purchase wheel parts that may fit onto their hemi one-arm walker to allow for a little bit of increased speed. Do keep in mind that if these are not approved by the manufacturer, their use can void the warranty of your hemi walker.

Benefits of a Hemi Side Walker

Having a hemi side walker offers one identical benefit as a standard walker: It helps to increase the user’s mobility. At the same time, many other benefits are introduced when using a side folding walker. They include:

Lightweight Features

One thing to notice is that hemi walkers are extremely lightweight. Using a hemi walker is very easy since they normally weigh about 3 to 5 pounds. Their lightweightedness is partially due to their construction; these are built of lightweight materials. 

Options for Portability

If a person chooses to get a side hemi walker instead of a cane, they’ll notice that all side steppers are foldable. By being ultra-compact, hemi canes take up a lot less space than even a walker when folded up, making them an amazing accessory for travel.

Excellent Comfortability

Single-hand walkers are designed to be comfortable. They feature specially-crafted foam, rubber, or gel grips and armrests. These materials, used for hand grips, allow for the grip to be soft, yet somewhat moldable, and easy to grasp. This makes it not only a comfortable place to hold onto, but also a safer one.

Durable and Safe Materials and Frame

Part of what makes a one-handed walking frame durable and safe are the materials it is made of. Most of these hemi walkers are made with medical-grade aluminum or polished steel. Aluminum is widely used in medical applications because the material has a high weight bearing capacity. The average weight capacity of a one-armed walker is 300 pounds, but some models (such as our Cardinal Health Hemi Walker) are made for users who weigh up to 500 pounds.

Rubber and foam rubber are other materials that are safe for use in the construction of hemi walkers. All walkers must have non-slip rubber feet that allow them to be used on numerous surfaces. This makes the walker safe for use both indoors and outdoors in most settings.

Very Affordable Price

Due to their smaller frame, minimalistic features, and the fact that fewer materials are required for production, these side steppers are much less costly than many other medical walking aids.

If you’re looking to purchase a side walker for yourself or a loved one, don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-877-813-7799! Our caring staff is ready to take your calls and answer any questions you may have, as well as to assist you with your order. Of course, you can always email us and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible – because AvaCare Medical really cares!