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Stand Up Walkers for Seniors / 3 in 1 Walker for Adults

Stand up walkers for seniors are unique in design. These walkers are meant to help aid older people with standing and walking. A 3-in-1 walker for adults will often be utilized by a senior or disabled individual who has trouble getting onto and up from their seat. If you are looking for a stand up walker, be sure to browse through our inventory, which includes some of the best stand up walkers on the market for seniors! Keep in mind, however, that a stand up walker for seniors is built slightly differently than a traditional standard walker. Read more...

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What is a Stand Up Walker?

The innovativeness of the standing walker for elderly users is due to it’s design. Many are made with dual-level handles or single-level handles that are curved, instead of the standard frame that many people are used to seeing. A standing walker for adults or the elderly is intended primarily for those who have trouble getting up and down from their seat, toilet, or other sitting space. While normal standard walkers may not be able to be positioned directly over a seat, standing walkers for seniors are designed in a way that they can be put over the user’s knees or chair so that the user can grab the lower handles for support. Some hemi walkers actually provide the same functionality as a stand-assist walker, since they enable a person to use the lower handle to help them up, and then reposition their hand accordingly.

Special Features of Stand Up Walkers for Seniors 

As mentioned earlier, many stand-up assist walkers have bi-level handles that enable a more comfortable transition from a seated position to a standing one. But there are many more features that can come with many standing walkers for seniors, such as the following:

  • Portability: Most walkers are portable; stand-assist walkers are no different. They’re designed to be easily foldable. This allows them to be used for travel, as well as for storage purposes when the walker is not in use.
  • Durability: These walkers are constructed of durable medical-grade materials that are designed to withstand the tests of time. Most stand-assist walkers are actually aluminum, and this increases their resistance to the elements, so that there is as little corrosion as possible. The rubber and plastic glides that are used for the feet of stand up walkers for the elderly are also composed of high grade materials, and are known to last a long time. However, if, for any reason, a user should need any spare parts or extra materials, they can usually order them separately from AvaCare Medical. 
  • Lightweightedness: Stand-assist walkers are constructed to be lightweight, and typically weigh about 6 to 7 pounds. Lightweightedness is a very important factor for elderly people and folks with debilitating handicaps, since such individuals often have trouble lifting heavier weights. All of our models are lightweight in order to assist those who need lightweight mobility support. These walkers are easy to maintain, as well as to move about or lift. 
  • Comfortable Hand Grips: Hand grips are essential on these walkers. They ensure that the user gets a good grip when they’re getting up (or sitting down). As with regular walkers, the easy-grip handles on stand-assist walkers are created from comfortable padded foam.
  • Adjustability: Height adjustability is an extremely important feature for 3-in-1 walkers for adults. In order to cater to as many people as possible, manufacturers usually try to offer walkers with height adjustability. By offering height adjustability, these walkers are more versatile, and can be of assistance to a larger range of users.
  • Bariatric: There are numerous bariatric walkers on the market today, but our inventory includes only the best bariatric stand up walkers, from the most trusted manufacturers. Standard walkers will not have a weight capacity that is greater than 300 pounds. Bariatric models are designed to hold, at minimum, over 300 pounds, but some of our bariatric stand up walkers can actually hold up to 400 pounds, and are still lightweight and portable.

Choosing a Stand Up Walker for Seniors

While they are not as commonly used as regular walkers, stand-assist walkers are still very useful and important. Depending on what walker a person needs, there are key features that they need to consider when purchasing one of these medical walkers. 

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity is extremely important, because if a user has any accessories or weighs more than the combined weight of their weight capacity, the walker cannot work as efficiently. Operating a walker model over its stated weight capacity is also one of the primary causes of falls due to the product breaking or needing replacement parts due to the increased wear and tear introduced by undue weight.

Therefore, it’s extremely essential that a person consider getting a stand up walker that has a significantly higher weight capacity than they themselves weigh. One must remember to account for their individual weight as well as that of their accessories and belongings. These walkers experience more instances of weight bearing, especially while users pull up from the seated position.

Adjustable Height and Base Height

These are equally important. A person who is sitting cannot get up from their seat very easily if their walker is too tall. At the same time, a user will experience back problems, discomfort, and reduced balance and posture support if they are using a walker that is too short. This is why it is important for the height of these walkers to be adjusted properly. This way, a user can find what works best for his needs.

Consider What Accessories Can Be Used

Accessories, such as walker bags and universal walker baskets, allow users to store personal items, food, or whatever else they’d prefer, within easy reach.Due to their versatility, walker bags are often the accessory of choice for those users who value their independence, but need to have certain personal or medical items close at hand. Aside from walker bags and baskets, there are also walker wheels. While it is not recommended to install wheels on a stand-up walker, it is possible. 

Here at AvaCare Medical, our stand-up walkers for seniors are lightweight and affordable. We offer the finest products, from brands such as Graham Field and Guardian. If you’d like more information about stand up walkers or a specific product, or you’re interested in getting assistance with placing your order, our professional customer care representatives are ready to be of service! Call us today at 1.877.813.7799, and place your order now!