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All Terrain Electric Wheelchair / Best Power Chair for Outdoor or Indoor Use

Most users want an all-terrain electric wheelchair because it can be used both indoors and outdoors. AvaCare Medical’s direct line of all-terrain power chairs can offer exceptional mobility and are specially designed to be safely used in rougher situations. This means that whether it is grass, gravel, carpet, tile, or anywhere else, the best power wheelchairs for outdoor use are better equipped for a smooth drive. Read more...

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Primary Features of an All-Terrain Electric Wheelchair

There are a few features that make all terrain electric wheelchairs the best power wheelchairs for outdoor use. For starters, they have large diameter drive wheels, many of them are front-wheel drive, and some are mid-wheel drive. Where the wheels are to be found will depend on the model. Our Drive Medical all-terrain power chairs have special flat-free, non-marking free wheel operation, which makes them perfect for use indoors and in most outdoor spaces. 

Our all-terrain power chairs also feature something that most standard electric wheelchairs don’t have, and that is portability. Many electric wheelchairs, including some folding electric wheelchairs, require special tools for assembly and disassembly. In general, the Drive Medical Titan electric power chairs here at AvaCare Medical are designed to be assembled and disassembled with ease. They are built for extreme safety. All of our all-terrain mobility chairs also feature the following:

Swivel Seat and Folding Backrest.

Some users live with back problems. It’s important that these users are able to recline in order to help ease their back pain and improve comfort during both mobility and rest. At the same time, the seats need to have some swiveling capacity, because such will ease transfers in and out of the all terrain motorized wheelchair.

Another great feature available with the folding ability of an outdoor power chair is that disassembling is easier and transport is quicker since a user won’t need special drive lifts in a vehicle.

Safety Positioning Belt

Most wheelchairs come with safety positioning belts. There are a few models out there that don’t have belts at all, but if one chooses such a model, one can usually purchase the safety positioning belt separately, as an add-on. All of our indoor-outdoor electric wheelchairs have safety positioning belts which keep the user safely in place while traveling. This is more than just a safety measure – it also helps to add to comfort so a wheelchair user doesn’t slide out of their seats or slide around while traveling, which can often cause discomfort and even possible injury.

Adjustable Padded Armrests

Having padded armrests may be considered a comfort accessory, but the truth is that for indoor-outdoor power wheelchairs, they are more of a necessity than a luxury, because sit in them for long periods at a time. Without a padded armrest, senior citizens or other users with disabilities may experience bruising if there is no pad on their armrest.

Replaceable Reflective Color Panels

While this is not a feature on all wheelchairs, the best all terrain power wheelchairs with (or without) tracks have reflective color panels. This is to ensure that the wheelchair is visible even in the dark, such as while traveling at night. The color panels on all of our wheelchairs are bright and reflective, so that car drivers can see you when you have to do late night shopping or traveling. The panels are available in several colors (which are included), and they are easy to replace.

Compact or Full-Sized Captains Seats

Quality seats are indisputably an essential component of any wheelchair. Some indoor electric wheelchairs are built with basic foam seats. We have only the best in indoor electric wheelchairs, and every single one of ours features either compact (slightly smaller) captain seats or full-sized captain seats. This is to ensure maximum comfort and minimal risk of injury for the users.

Speed is an Important Feature as Well

One imperative for people to consider when looking to buy the best mobility chairs is the need for speed which is efficient, and yet still safe for the user. All of Drive Medical’s all-terrain electric wheelchairs travel at about the same speed as someone briskly walking, and are considered very safe. Some wheelchairs on the market go a lot faster than this, but those are not recommended for everyday, all-time use. Also, keep in mind that the faster a wheelchair travels, the quicker its batteries are likely to drain.

Best Power Wheelchairs for Outdoor Use: More Tips

You don’t want too much voltage going to the battery, and you don’t want to drain the batteries completely to a stand-still all the time. Most electric wheelchairs, including lightweight electric wheelchairs, and other kinds, have some way to monitor battery power. If you don’t use your wheelchair and charge it properly, it can cause your electric wheelchair to not last as long. Some general tips you can follow are:

  • Always charge batteries to 100%.
  • Try to not drain your power chair battery to less than 20% of a charge.
  • Try charging your wheelchair at night.
  • Never use anything to charge your battery other than the charger that came with it, or a replacement charger from the manufacturer.
  • Always choose a comfortable seat depth or armrest height to that will properly fit to your chair.
  • Never go over the weight capacity of your outdoor or indoor mobility chair. This ensures safety, maximum battery life, and effectiveness of the warranty.
  • Pay close attention to the mileage range of a wheelchair. On average, the wheelchair can travel anywhere from about 14 miles all the way up to the 20s range.
  • Heat (such as hot summer days) can greatly deplete your wheelchair battery faster than cooler days. Keep this in mind while on the go.
  • If you are over 400 pounds, you may need to purchase a bariatric wheelchair instead.


When it comes to selecting the right all-terrain electric wheelchair for your daily travels, AvaCare Medical cares about you, your safety, and your comfort. It’s important that you are able to travel both indoors and outdoors in your wheelchair. Finding the right brand or size may not be so difficult if you simply reach out to us with your specific needs. We’re always here to answer your call, so contact us today at 1-877-813-7799.