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Handicap Electric Chair / Motor Chairs for Disabled Persons

When a disabled user requires a handicap electric chair, it’s important for him to have the ability to choose the best one possible. Here at AvaCare Medical, we have motor chairs for disabled individuals that are made by the top manufacturers in the medical industry! All of our wheelchairs, including electric chairs for disabled users, are constructed with durability and safety in mind to ensure comfort and security. Read more...

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  1. E-Wheels Folding Power Heavy Duty Wheelchair
    E-Wheels Folding Power Heavy Duty Wheelchair
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  2. eWheels Folding Lightweight Power Wheelchair
  3. Titan AXS Mid-Wheel Power Wheelchair
    Titan AXS Mid-Wheel Power Wheelchair
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  4. Trident HD Heavy Duty Power Chair
    Trident HD Heavy Duty Power Chair
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  5. Titan LTE Power Wheelchair 18" Folding Seat
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  6. Cirrus Plus EC Folding Power Wheelchair
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6 Items

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Handicap Electric Wheelchairs: What to Look for 

When choosing an electric handicap wheelchair, it is important to consider options based on the user’s specific disability. In order to ensure that you’re getting the optimal safety and comfort that a handicap power chair can offer, one needs to look at all of the additional features that help with mobility. For instance, handicap motorized chairs should almost always have a headrest for additional neck support. 

Truthfully, if a user is not completely incapacitated, he may not require use of a headrest, and can purchase a model such as the Cirrus Plus EC Folding Power Chair for disabled, injured, or elderly wheelchair users. The Cirrus Plus allows the caregiver to more easily transport his patient. This option combines both comfort and utility for more mobile users. Here are some details a user should have in mind when searching for an electric wheelchair for a disabled person:

Adjustable Parts

All of our handicap wheelchairs feature adjustable parts. Depending on the brand and model of the power chair purchased, a user will find parts such as adjustable headrests, armrests, joysticks, and even foot rests. Some mobile chairs for disabled individuals even have the ability to adjust the seat height.

Comfortable Seating Options

Most electric wheelchairs come with comfortable seats. Whether the wheelchair has a captain’s style seat or just a foam seat will often depend on which brand you choose. If a user finds that he requires additional support or comfort, a wheelchair cushion may be purchased separately, at a later date.

One other factor which can make a difference when choosing an electric chair is the actual seat size. All of AvaCare Medical’s wheelchair seats range from 16 inches (which is a relatively small size) up to 24 inches wide (for bariatric models). Having a seat that is as wide as needed ensures that the user will neither slide off it, nor find it so snug that pinches or feelings of general discomfort ensue.

Safety Features on Handicap Electric Chairs 

If a person has a severe handicap, it is crucial for his electric wheelchair to come with the right safety features. For this reason, all of the power chairs that we offer include a variety of features to ensure the maximum safety and security for both users and caregivers alike. Some key safety measures one should ensure that a seat includes are:

Seat Belts for Security

Handicap users need to be fastened into their seats. This ensures that they can avoid slipping out of their seat, which can occur from unavoidable jostling while in motion. It also helps to ensure that the user doesn’t fall out if a tip-over does occur. Even the safest models, such as those with anti-tip properties, can overturn given a certain set of adverse circumstances, so a seat belt is always a wise, proactive safety measure to take.

Anti-Tip Properties

Most electric wheelchairs have certain pre installed features which help them to avoid tipping and prevent falls from occurring while one is in a handicap electric wheelchair. In the past, frames didn’t always have such features. Older wheelchairs had to have “wheelie-bars” installed. These days, most mobility chairs for the disabled have frames which can help the wheelchair to avoid tipping or falling over when it is operating at optimal speeds. Wheelchairs nowadays also have specially designed caster wheels that are set wider to ensure that a user can drive properly and cover more terrain with ease. These all terrain wheelchairs also have frames which are more evenly dispersed to allow a better center of gravity.

More Durable Frames

Today, frames are made better than ever before. Even when it comes to using a lightweight electric wheelchair, users can have durable frames made of aluminum or steel (and often, both) to withstand higher weights than ever before. All of our wheelchairs optimized for handicapped users have strong frames that support anywhere from 300 pounds up to 450 pounds.

Foot Rests for Safety

Foot rests are not merely intended for comfort; actually, they are made to help users keep their feet from dragging. They provide extra balance and support for users. Some wheelchairs may not come with foot rests, but all of AvaCare Medical’s electric wheelchairs for the handicapped have foot plates or foot rests. While with some models, the foot rests may need to be purchased separately, they can easily be installed on your power chair at any time.

Additional Accessories 

We understand that today’s world is mobility and tech-conscious. Many of our wheelchairs (especially the ones provided by Drive Medical) feature fantastic digital controls. Some power chair models feature Bluetooth® technology that can aid users by means of joystick control. Many even include the ability to diagnose and troubleshoot their wheelchairs electronically, should any problems arise. 

Some accessories that come with wheelchairs include motorized handicap carts, which allow a user to conveniently store personal or important medical items. These compartments are featured on numerous models to make it easier for the user or the caregiver to access personal items. Many of our electric wheelchairs have these already attached. Other items, such as oxygen tank carriers, may be purchased separately.

Can I Get an Electric Wheelchair Free?

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a free electric wheelchair. However, many users that are handicapped have or receive benefits from Medicare, and can be reimbursed for their purchase of an electric wheelchair. In order to find out more information on this, we have compiled a guide covering medical reimbursements that can help you find out information regarding reimbursement for your out-of-pocket purchase.

Fortunately, here at AvaCare Medical, we offer many discounts based on holidays and military veteran status. All of our electric wheelchairs are offered at exceptional prices, comparable to the average power chair on the market. If you’re looking for an electric wheelchair that is being offered at a great price, and was manufactured by a brand you can trust, AvaCare Medical is the place to search! Or, you can skip the search and give us a call at 1.877.813.7799. Our customer care reps will be happy to assist you!