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Folding Transport Chair / Lightweight Folding Wheelchairs for Travelling

Folding transport chairs are designed with both the user and the transporter in mind, and come in a wide variety of brands and styles. However, before making a choice, here are some key factors users should know about transport chairs. When looking to find a way to get around easily with the help of a caregiver, AvaCare Medical offers a splendid line of lightweight folding wheelchairs for traveling. Read more...

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  1. ProBasics Aluminum Transport Chair with Swing Away Foot Rests 19"
  2. Lightweight Transport Chair with 12" Rear Wheel, Blue
  3. Classics Transport Chair, Metallic Blue
  4. HybridLX Rollator Transport Chair
    HybridLX Rollator Transport Chair
    Starting at $250.90
  5. Duet Transport Wheelchair/Rollator
    Duet Transport Wheelchair/Rollator
    Starting at $231.92
  6. Fly Lite UltraLight Transport Wheelchair
    Fly Lite UltraLight Transport Wheelchair
    Starting at $227.72
  7. Super Light Folding Transport Wheelchair
  8. Bariatric Aluminum Transport Chair
  9. Aluminum Transport Chair with 8" Wheels
    Aluminum Transport Chair with 8" Wheels
    Starting at $148.30
  10. Freedom Transport Chairs
    Freedom Transport Chairs
    Starting at $154.97
  11. Hybrid 2 Transport Wheelchair Chairs
    Hybrid 2 Transport Wheelchair Chairs
    Starting at $287.19
  12. Excel Translator
    Excel Translator
    Starting at $222.08

Items 1-12 of 31

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What are Folding Transport Chairs?

While there are many options in terms of brands that a user can search for when looking for a transport wheelchair, many people choose ones that are foldable. There actually aren’t very many models of transport wheelchairs that aren’t foldable, as they’re designed to be used by not only the user but also a caregiver or hospital staff member. Therefore, it’s important that a folding transport is used for safety, agility, and general functionality.

Folding Transport Chairs Don’t Weigh Much

When a user is looking to purchase a lightweight folding transport chair, he should keep in mind that many of them are extremely light. Most transport chairs weigh less than 25 pounds, and the majority of available models weigh less than 20 pounds. While some are heavier, they aren’t as commonly purchased, and most of these are considered to be hybrid wheelchairs that also have standard wheelchair functionality.

Some models of transport chairs even weigh significantly less than 19 pounds, and they are a great option for anyone looking for a foldable wheelchair for travel.

Where Users Can Find Folding Transport Chairs

Foldable transport chairs are available at most medical supply stores both offline and online, but in terms of finding the best brands, a user often has to look online. There are only a handful of brands in America today that have the highest reviews, and some of these models can’t be found at retail stores. Therefore, shopping online is a viable option, and even allows a user to never have to leave the comfort of his home or residential care facility.

Folding Transport Wheelchairs: Less Bulky, More Portable

Not only are they lightweight, but many transport chairs that fold are often significantly smaller than even standard wheelchairs. Many are even distinctly smaller than other models of electric wheelchairs. Almost all transport chairs aren’t even 23 inches wide, and this includes many bariatric models. These specific versions are transport wheelchairs that have higher weight capacities from 400 to 500 pounds to accommodate heavier users safely. By leveraging its smaller frame and minimal design, these chairs make transporting a person or patient easier, and are designed to fit into smaller spaces, such as restrooms, passenger vans, and even vehicles.

There are added benefits to the folding functionality of a folding transport chair. They can often fold to small sizes so they can fit into a rear seat of a sedan, or even in the back of the car’s trunk to make travel easier. Some lightweight folding wheelchairs come with a carry bag in order to make travel easier for users as well. They are easily folded and unfolded so they are ready for the user to be transported from their vehicle seat, restroom seat, etc. Some transport chairs are even used when moving someone from their shower transfer bench to get them out of the bathtub and to another room.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many questions that people ask when buying transport chairs for their own personal use. This is often due to the minimal but essential features that these wheelchairs offer to patients and users.

Are Transport Wheelchairs Comfortable?

Many features, such as padded armrests and adjustable footrests, are added specifically for enhancing the comfort of the transfer wheelchair user. They also often have comfortable seats and backrests. If someone doesn’t like his wheelchair, he may be able to buy added accessories for their wheelchair, like a wheelchair seat cushion, replacement armrest pads, or even soft and cozy armrest covers.

Are Transport Chairs Expensive?

Not really. The average transport chair usually costs anywhere from $140 to almost $340. Some standard models are around this price range, although some manual wheelchairs can cost into the thousands of dollars depending on certain features and brands. Of course, electric wheelchairs often cost a lot more than this, but aren’t usually considered unless the person being transported by their caregiver or hospital technician prefers to use them (and is physically able to do so).

Can I Take Transport Chairs with Me While Travelling?

Fortunately, users can travel with a wheelchair if there is enough room. If there isn’t adequate space, the folding functionality can help the user take his transport chair with him while traveling – he’ll just have to stow it away into luggage. This is often the case with airlines who provide aisle chairs that can transport a person to a regular airplane or travel seat. A user simply gets transferred to the company’s aisle seat so he can be taken to his travel seat. The transport chair is usually taken into luggage with his belongings.

What are Hybrid Transport Chairs?

Some models and brands offer hybrid transport chairs, which have the functionality of both manual wheelchairs and transport chairs. They often offer rear wheels that can be taken off if a user is primarily going to use it as a transport chair. It could, however, be used as a self-driven wheelchair by simply popping the larger rimmed wheels back into place on the rear. These chairs may be more expensive than most lightweight transport chairs, though.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a folding transport chair, we want to make sure you have the smoothest selection and purchase experience possible! If you’re unsure whether or not you’ll need a transport chair, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-877-813-7799, or send us an email. You can also read our Wheelchair Buying Guide for more information!