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Pressure Relief Cushion / Wheelchair Cushions for Pressure Relief

Pressure relief cushions for wheelchairs are some of the most frequently purchased wheelchair comfort accessories. These pressure-relieving cushions reduce pain associated with long-term wheelchair sitting. If you need to stay in your wheelchair or transport chair for most of your day, you may want to consider buying a pressure relief cushion. Here at AvaCare Medical, we have a large line of such cushions to suit your needs. Read more...

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  1. Skil-Care Position-Plus+ Seat Cushion
    Skil-Care Position-Plus+ Seat Cushion
    Starting at $210.78
  2. Skil-Care Tri-Foam Gel Infused Visco Bariatric Solid Seat Cushion w LSII Cover
  3. ROHO Nexus Spirit Cushion
    ROHO Nexus Spirit Cushion
    Starting at $333.66
  4. ROHO Mini-Max Dry Flotation Cushion
    ROHO Mini-Max Dry Flotation Cushion
    Starting at $298.87
  5. ROHO Airlite Cushion
    ROHO Airlite Cushion
    Starting at $120.29
  6. ROHO Low Profile Dual Valve Cushion
    ROHO Low Profile Dual Valve Cushion
    Starting at $517.56
  7. ROHO High Profile Dual Valve Cushion
    ROHO High Profile Dual Valve Cushion
    Starting at $401.44
  8. ROHO Low Profile Single Valve Cushion
    ROHO Low Profile Single Valve Cushion
    Starting at $331.76
  9. ROHO High Profile Single Valve Cushion
    ROHO High Profile Single Valve Cushion
    Starting at $315.89
  10. ROHO Enhancer Dry Flotation Cushion
    ROHO Enhancer Dry Flotation Cushion
    Starting at $367.48
  11. Protekt O2 Cushion
    Protekt O2 Cushion
    Starting at $216.63
  12. Matrx Flovair Cushion
    Matrx Flovair Cushion
    Starting at $229.28

Items 1-12 of 73

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Choosing the Best Pressure Relief Cushions

When choosing the right pressure reducing chair cushion, there are many factors to consider, depending on the user’s actual needs. Pressure cushions should be able to provide exceptional pressure management, and add comfort. These factors contribute to adding stability and positioning to make the user’s experience a safer and healthier one. Depending on the type of pressure relief cushion for a chair that a person may need, different levels of all of these attributes can provide the following benefits:

Absorbs Shock

Many people need a little bit of padding at times to increase security by means of shock absorption. Since the materials in pressure relief seat cushions are designed for adding to shock absorption, this is just one factor that can help to increase a user’s stability overall.

Increases Stamina and Reduces Fatigue 

Because of the way that pressure reducing cushions are designed, certain types may help to fight fatigue. When a user is having issues because of his positioning in a seat, adding an inch or two can help to decrease his level of movement. Therefore, a pressure-relieving cushion for a wheelchair can help, since it minimizes the need for excessive movement (in order to find an adequately comfortable position).

Isn’t Too Bulky or Intrusive

Most pressure cushions for chairs provide additional padding, while not being too big or thick. When a person is choosing a pressure-relieving seat cushion, he must consider the cushion width and depth according to the wheelchair’s actual seat width, depth, and thickness. Most seat cushions range anywhere from approximately an inch to three inches (and sometimes more). Thicker pressure-reducing cushions are often made of foam or a similar material.

Allow Optimum Comfort

These pressure-relieving pads are extremely soft yet supportive; they are made with comfort in mind. The best wheelchair cushions for pressure relief often are made with covers. Others may require a cover purchased separately to help improve the reduction of pressure and to help alleviate pain.

Enhances Position Stability

When it comes to improving positioning, a pressure relief pad for a chair can help by keeping the user more securely (but still comfortably) in place. This can help the wheelchair user to avoid friction problems and possible bed sores.

Improves Posture

A simple reason that many patients and users have problems with chronic pain or discomfort while using a manual wheelchair or transport chair is simply due to poor posture, which is usually caused by improper spine alignment. One method to alleviate this discomfort is to use pressure cushions. With the use of a pressure-relieving cushion, a person may be able to help improve lumbar positioning, which can also enable them to sit in a wheelchair longer as needed.

Pressure Relief Cushions: The Many Options

There are many different types of pressure redistribution cushions on the market, from all different brands. However, AvaCare Medical carries only the best pressure cushions available, from the top brands in the country. Despite having a curated selection, they still offer pressure cushions in a large variety of styles, shapes, and even materials.


Some of the available shapes of wheelchair cushions for pressure relief are:

  • Square Shape: also known as standard shaped cushions. These may be contoured ergonomically to provide increased coccyx relief.
  • Coccyx Shaped: These are made primarily for hip and upper leg support/relief. They are shaped with a midsection cut out in the front area.
  • Lumbar Support Shaped: Back cushions are made primarily for bettering posture, and will position the lumbar area of the spine accordingly.
  • Ring Shaped: Some cushions are a simple ring shape. They may be inflatable or made with foam or gel to improve posterior comfort.


Pressure-relieving cushions are made of different materials. Each type offers a different level of firmness and support. Some of these types are:

  • Gel: Gel pressure relief cushions are one of the most common kinds of cushions. Some pressure relieving gel cushions are made from a combination of foam and silicone gel.
  • Air: Air cushions are exceptionally supportive, and can be inflated to various levels of firmness. Some of these may be considered “hybrid,” which means they have a foam or silicone pad on top of the air capsules. These gel pressure cushions are one of the most widely used types of pressure cushions for the elderly.
  • Foam: A lot of people use foam pressure relieving pillows in order to achieve comfort while in their wheelchairs. These may help eliminate bedsores, and are also most often used to enable optimum positioning security, keeping a user in place. Some are made with regular foam, while others may be constructed of specially designed memory foam.

If you need help ordering your pressure relief cushion, AvaCare Medical is here to help! Our friendly support staff is very knowledgeable and friendly, so we’re here to help you with all of your inquiries and concerns. We understand that many people may need help trying to figure out what the best fit is for them. If you want the best pressure cushions on the market, we can truly deliver! Our medical-grade cushions are affordable and if you need anything, we highly encourage you to call our office and speak to a representative at 1-877-813-7799. During non-business hours, don’t hesitate to send an email.