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Wedge Cushion for Wheelchair / Wheelchair Wedge

Some people need a little bit of a boost when it comes to being comfortable in a wheelchair, so a wedge cushion for their wheelchair may be the best option. Wheelchair wedges are designed to help improve one’s posture if one tends to slump forward. It also helps to improve the positioning of a user so he doesn’t slide around in his chair. Read more...

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Why Use a Wedge Cushion for a Wheelchair

There are many benefits in place when using a wheelchair wedge seat cushion. As mentioned earlier, there is the fact that a user may have a proclivity toward poor posture. This is just one of the many reasons that a wedge cushion may be used. Some users are able to use a wheelchair seat wedge, but many people who have a natural curvature of their spine (and need posture correction) may benefit when combining a wedge with a back cushion as well. 

Wedge Cushion Composition

Wheelchair cushions may be made up of various different materials, but one of the most common is foam. Of course, there are wedges of numerous shapes, styles, and materials (such as gel, or even a gel/foam combination). Although covers can be made of polyester or vinyl in order to create a protective waterproof layer between the patient and the seat cushion, here at AvaCare Medical, our Drive & Mason Medical cushions have a stretch-nylon cover that slips over the cushion.

When choosing a wheelchair cushion (and the cover), it’s important to get one that is not only water-resistant, but also easy to wash. All of our seat covers, including those that are purchased separately, are machine washable. The foam in wedges are significantly different from basic foam cushions, as they are made with a high-density material, and most people notice that these cushions are therefore very firm.

How to Use a Wheelchair Seat Wedge Properly

Some people don’t realize how to use and properly maintain their wheelchair wedge. These cushions, just like many others, have a weight limit. This weight capacity tells a person just how much pressure can continuously be put on the cushion before it begins to lose its shape. Many people don’t quite understand how to use a cushion either, and that can cause not only bodily injury but problems with the cushion itself in terms of wear and tear. Here are some tips to follow when it comes to using a wheelchair wedge cushion:

Follow the Weight Capacity

Weight capacities can be measured in many different ways. Of course, the density of a cushion affects its firmness just as much as the material. For posture relief in a seat wedge, a user needs to also stick with the weight capacity and not purchase a comfort cushion that is designed to hold less than his actual weight. Choosing a wedge that can handle one’s weight will help it last longer, and can also serve to improve the posture of the user. Another thing to consider is that if a person uses a wheelchair cushion with a weight capacity that is below his weight, the warranty for the product may become voided.

Choose the Right Size Seat Cushion

Wheelchairs come in all shapes and sizes, and so do wheelchair cushions. On average, wheelchair cushions measure between 16 and 20 inches, and bariatric cushions can fit larger wheelchairs. There’s no reason to be discouraged if you can’t find a cushion for your wheelchair, though – almost all seat wedges are able to fit and be used in nearly any size wheelchair model as long as they’re centered properly.

Get the Wheelchair Wedge You Actually Need

Since different types of wheelchair wedges are made of different materials, different thicknesses, and different sizes, it’s important that a person realizes just why they’re getting one in the first place. Some people may need a softer foam wedge, while others may need posture relief from harder materials (such as those in some of our back cushions). It is imperative that you get the proper wheelchair cushion or wedge that you actually need. While they’re built for ultimate comfort, they’re also still predominantly medical devices.

Sit in the Wheelchair Wedge the Right Way

Individual wheelchair cushions and wedges can be used in various ways in order to achieve maximum posture and comfort. What a person needs a wedge cushion for will determine how he’s going to use it. Some people will need to sit with the angle sloping downward to the front, while others may need it going toward the back. Unfortunately, many people accidentally place their wedge facing the wrong way at first; this can lead to not only more sliding around, but also improper alignment of the spine, thus resulting in further discomfort, and possible spinal problems.

Cleaning a Wedge Cushion for a Wheelchair

As most of these wedge cushions are waterproof to help combat possible incontinence problems, the care for these is a bit more demanding. Foam cushions and their covers can be simply thrown in the washer. When it comes to drying them, it is recommended that they are dried often on low-heat settings, so as to not melt the material for the cover or the foam itself. Failure to follow manufacturer recommendations for maintenance may result in a ruined cushion. 

One good thing about the waterproof nature of seat cushions is that they can be simply wiped off. One should wash them approximately once a week, and they can also be easily wiped off if an accident occurs, or after multiple hours of use per day.

Here at AvaCare, we want to ensure that you get the best wedge cushion for your wheelchair! Our friendly staff is always on-call during business hours and available for chatting live. If you need to reach us after hours, you can always email us! Call today!