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Island Dressing / Composite Dressing

Find island dressings on AvaCare Medical, your number one source for wound care supplies and other types of medical equipment! Adhesive island dressings, also referred to as composite dressings, are absorbent, and are most frequently used to cover incision sites following surgery for optimal postoperative protection. Whether you’re looking for a foam or non-woven island dressing, you’ll find what you need here. Shop medical island dressings from the top brands on the market today! Read More...

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  1. McKesson Lite Thin Silicone Foam Dressing with Border
  2. DUKAL Sterile Non-Woven Island Dressing
    DUKAL Sterile Non-Woven Island Dressing
    Starting at $42.10
  3. PolyMem Cloth Island Dressings
    PolyMem Cloth Island Dressings
    Starting at $2.37
  4. PolyMem Film Island Dressings
    PolyMem Film Island Dressings
    Starting at $8.18
  5. PolyMem Silver Dressings
    PolyMem Silver Dressings
    Starting at $20.21
  6. DuDress Film Top Island Dressings
    DuDress Film Top Island Dressings
    Starting at $67.46
  7. 3M Tegaderm Border Foam Dressings
    3M Tegaderm Border Foam Dressings
    Starting at $7.89
  8. Island Ultra-Soft Foam Dressings
    Island Ultra-Soft Foam Dressings
    Starting at $51.56
  9. Telfa Plus Barrier Island Dressings
    Telfa Plus Barrier Island Dressings
    Starting at $71.47
  10. Allevyn Gentle Border Lite Hyrodcellular Foam Dressings
  11. Allevyn Gentle Bordered Hydrocellular Foam Dressings
  12. Allevyn Ag Border Silver Hydrocellular Dressings

Items 1-12 of 18

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What is An Island Dressing?

An island dressing is a surgical dressing that works as a protective barrier, shielding the surgical incision from harmful bacterial infiltrations, and keeping it moisture-free and well-protected. An island dressing features an adhesive backing, with an absorbent pad (the ‘island’) in its center. The pad is placed over the incision, and absorbs excess fluid (such as pus, plasma or blood) from the wound. Island dressings are a convenient and quick alternative to gauze and tape applications. Some island dressings for wound care can be used as either primary or secondary dressings. 

When to Use an Island Dressing

Island dressings can be used for several purposes. They are most often utilized to protect postoperative incisions. They can also be used over skin grafts and donor sites, as well as for lacerations and abrasions. Aside from all that, these will often be used over central or peripheral IV sites. Don’t use an island dressing for a burn or full thickness wound unless you are sure the specific dressing is able to be used for that since not all island dressings are applicable for such uses. 

Why Are Island Dressings Called Composite Dressings?

Composite dressings consist of several layers of dressings, each offering different functions. These functions work together to help the wound recover. Most composite dressings have three layers; a pad which goes directly over the wound bed, a middle layer which absorbs exudate, and an outer layer which protects the wounds from contaminants, while allowing for gaseous exchanges to take place. Since island dressings are comprised of layers, they can be termed composite dressings. 

These dressings can be used either as primary or as secondary dressings. Some of them feature an adhesive border, and most can be used in conjunction with topical medications. These dressings are often waterproof, and are therefore an excellent option for moist body areas. 

Composite dressings are very convenient - they are sort of a three-in-one product. Instead of purchasing a contact layer dressing, an absorbent dressing, and an outer dressing, all you need is one single composite dressing to achieve that same effect. 

What’s the Difference Between Island Dressings & Composite Dressings?

There isn’t really a significant difference - they’re actually used most often as synonymous terms. A composite dressing is a dressing with more than one layer, and usually has a pad in the center which covers the wound. An island dressing has more than one layer (the pad plus the adhesive backing) with a pad in the center. Since these two terms are so similar, we’ll be using them synonymously. 

How to Apply an Island Dressing

Applying an island dressing is simple. As mentioned previously, doing the aforementioned is even easier than securing gauze and tape to the wound area. To ensure you’re keeping the wound area clean and allowing it to heal most effectively, follow these directions from Telfa, one of the most highly recommended island dressing brands, when applying an island dressing: 

  1. Wash your hands well.
  2. Put on disposable gloves.
  3. Clean the wound according to your care provider’s instructions.
  4. Carefully open the package.
  5. Put on new gloves.
  6. Remove the backing from the bandage and put on the dressing.

When to Use Composite Dressings

There are many situations in which composite dressings make so much sense to use. Here are just some circumstances where composite dressings are a great choice to use. 

  • Post operative wounds
  • Certain types of ulcers
  • Donor sites
  • Abrasions
  • Superficial/first degree burn
  • IV or pin site
  • Acute/traumatic wounds
  • Partial/full thickness wounds

Composite Dressing Options

At AvaCare Medical, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all. We try our best to provide our customers with the individual care that they deserve. And that mantra stands by island dressings just as much as by anything else that we carry. We offer several options of adhesive island dressings - different sizes, different backings, and various shaped island dressings. There are transparent dressings, waterproof ones, silver island dressings, and more. Read through this quick guide to adhesive island wound dressing options, and find the dressing that works perfectly for your needs. 

Sizes: Our island dressings are available in multiple sizes and shapes. Some are small, measuring 2 inches by 2 inches, and some are much larger. There are 4 x 4, 4 x 6, and 4 x 10 adhesive island dressings, and multiple more sizes, as well. Depending on the size of the incision or injury, you can choose the size island dressing that best suits your needs. 

Waterproof: Composite film dressings are waterproof. This ensures that other liquids are locked out of the dressing, and therefore don’t cause harm to the wound bed. 

Permeability: Many of our surgical island dressings are permeable - they won’t let in liquids, but they will allow for gaseous exchanges to take place. This helps to keep the wound bed healthy, aids in the prevention of maceration, and promotes user comfort. One permeable dressing would be the Polymem foam dressing

Small Pores: Pores are an excellent addition to any dressing, since they allow for more air circulation in the area. However, pores that are too large pose a risk of tissue migration into the dressing. To prevent such from occurring, choose one of our bandages with small pores, such as the ReliaMed Sterile Foam Dressing

Moisturized Dressing Pad: These are island border dressings that come with a moisturized pad and don’t adhere to the wound. This way, the dressing can be removed more easily after use, without causing pain. The ReliaMed dressing we just mentioned is one example of a hydrocellular dressing, which is a dressing that creates a moist wound environment to promote healing. 

Level of Absorbency: Different island dressings offer various levels of absorbency. Choose a dressing depending on the type of wound you have. Some composite film dressings are for use over low-to-medium exudating wounds, and some are for moderate to heavily exudating wounds. Choose the dressing that works for your needs. 

Skin Softeners: Some island gauze dressings come with skin softeners and humectants, which keep the dressing from becoming dried out and clinging to the wound. This prevents trauma from occurring to the wound during dressing removal. 

Blockage of Contaminants: Composite dressings feature special functions that help prevent germs and bacteria from reaching the wound bed. 

Flexible: A composite dressing’s flexibility makes it easier for it to contour to a wound bed, and also makes it easier for the dressing to remain in place. 

Multifunctional: That’s the purpose of a composite dressing. The word composite means that it’s made up of several parts. That’s just what a composite dressing is, and each part has different functions. 

Best Island Dressings

From all of our island dressings, the following are the most recommended: Covidien Telfa adhesive island dressings, and Mepore island dressings. These two options are both recommended and chosen time and again by medical professionals. Mepore and Telfa island dressings are actually the two most popular composite island dressings among our customers as well. They’re considered top quality options in the medical industry, so if you’re looking for the best island dressings, choose one of these. 

AvaCare Medical offers an extensive selection of dry island dressings. Whether you’re a physician, nurse, or a devoted mother or teacher who likes to make sure her first aid kit is well-stocked, you can find the island dressings you’re looking for at everyone’s favorite online medical supplies store. Aside from composite wound dressings, we also have a huge collection of wound care products, as well as an endless supply of medical supplies. 

Are you looking for a composite dressing? You’ve reached the right place! AvaCare Medical has a full selection of composite dressings, as well as many other types of wound care supplies. Shop composite dressings on AvaCare Medical now! 

We’re proud to feature products from trusted brands at prices you can afford, but also stellar customer service. If there’s any type of item you need, whether it’s a sterile island film dressing or anything else, don’t hesitate - give us a call at 1.877.813.7799, and a knowledgeable member of our care team will assist you efficiently! Or, alternatively, shop directly on our site. Either way, you’re bound to have a smooth and speedy shopping experience. At AvaCare Medical, shopping for medical supplies is simple. Shop now!