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 The CareBag Men's Absorbent Disposable Urinal is the most convenient portable urinal, with total odor protection, zero mess, easy transportability, and best of all, disposability.


  • Universal Size: The 15" x 6.5" bag is the perfect size for anyone and designed perfectly for male anatomy.
  • Premium Quality Liner: A super absorbent pad is pre-inserted in each bag, ready to absorb up to 16 oz of liquid within seconds of contact.
  • Sturdy Drawstrings: Colored strings can be tied easily after use to seal the bag.
  • Medical Grade Bag: The bag is medical grade so you know you won't have to deal with rips or leaks.


  • Disposable: No more emptying and cleaning urinal bottles; simply tie and discard!
  • Cleanliness: Not only are these disposable bags convenient, they are also the best way to ensure cleanliness, by eliminating the possibility of messes, spills and splashes.
  • Odor Protection: Thanks to the pad and sealable liner, lingering odors are prevented.
  • Health & Safety: Using a disposable urinal with an absorbent pad helps prevent bacteria from spreading in the air or on any object that may come in contact with a standard urinal bottle, making your home safer.
  • Discreet: Portable urinals are great for traveling... unless you're concerned about your privacy. If you are, these little foldable bags are the solution you've been praying for! You can now carry your urinal everywhere, as it will easily fit in small and flat pockets.

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Brand: Carebag

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