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Otoscope Ophthalmoscope Sets / Otoscopes for Sale

If you’re looking for a practical and reliable otoscope ophthalmoscope set or accompanying disposable specula, you’ve come to the right place. AvaCare Medical’s otoscopes for sale are among the most functional and dependable ones you can find. Read More...

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6 Items

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Whether you’re an ophthalmologist, audiologist or ENT, if you require a high-quality otoscope ophthalmoscope set, here’s where you can get just what you need.

An otoscope is used by medical professionals to get a view of the ear canal, eardrum, and the tympanic membrane. Otoscope ophthalmoscope sets enable professionals to observe whether or not there is swelling, redness, excess earwax, or other symptoms that point to a potential problem, such as an ear infection.

Did you know this about otoscopes and ear health?

Constant ringing in the ears is a real thing! It’s known as tinnitus, and can be a sign of ear injury, hearing loss, or an auditory condition.

Finding a premium otoscope ophthalmoscope set is quite important, for it will enable you to render a proper diagnosis, and provide the patient with adequate care instructions.

Quality otoscope sets like those at AvaCare Medical often come with 25 corrective lenses, a removable magnifying glass, and scratch prevention properties. These features allow professionals to check patients most effectively.

If you’ve decided on an otoscope set, and now you’re ready to look for disposable specula or lamps that work really well to go with it, there’s no need to start a new search - you can find everything you need right here at AvaCare Medical!