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  • Height and depth adjustable solid seat with a 15 degree anterior or posterior tilt
  • Armrests provide lateral limitations as well as a stable resting surface for arms
  • Flip-up armrests provide easy transfers and they are height adjustable; The tray accessory mounts onto the armrest

Designed to assure good seating posture the First Class School Chair is comfortable attractive and adjustable. It is ideal for physically challenged children with milt to moderate involvement for use in the classroom clinic or home. Its multiple adjustments and accessories meet the needs of each child as they grow and develop. Simplifies use for multiple children in schools and clinics.

Actual Product Weight:
13 lbs(fc 2000), 18 lbs(fc 4000)
Armrest Length:
Back of Chair Height:
15"(fc 2000), 17"(fc 4000)
Distance Between Hip Guides:
8"-13"(fc 2000), 12"-17"(fc 4000)
Distance Between Laterals:
6"-13"(fc 2000), 10"-17"(fc 4000)
Hip Guides Depth:
Hip Guides Height:
Lateral Depth:
Lateral Height:
Overall Product Height:
24"(fc 2000), 31"(fc 4000)
Overall Product Length:
18"(fc 2000), 20"(fc 4000)
Overall Product Width:
14"(fc 2000), 18"(fc 4000)
Primary Product Color:
Primary Product Material:
Product Weight Capacity:
100 lbs(fc 2000), 200 lbs(fc 4000)
Seat Depth:
9"-14"(fc 2000), 13"-17"(fc 4000)
Seat Width:
12"(fc 2000), 16"(fc 4000)
Seat to Armrest Height:
1.5"-9.5"(fc 2000), 1.5"-11.5"(fc 4000)
Seat to Floor Height:
9"-13"(fc 2000), 14"-23"(fc 4000)
Seat to Laterals:
1.5"-6"(fc 2000), 1.5"-9"(fc 4000)

Item#: WZ85

Brand: Drive Medical, Wenzelite

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