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Mepore Pro is a self-adherent, absorbent and breathable dressing with an outer film layer which protects the wound from water and contamination. Comfortable and easy to work with, Mepore® Pro offers gentle yet secure protection while minimizing inconvenience to patients.

  • Easy-to-remove protection paper for ease of use and aseptic application.
  • Absorbent wound pad with a low-adherent wound-contact layer for better patient comfort and longer wear time.
  • Skin friendly, water-based, and solvent-free adhesive for gentle and secure fixation.
  • Soft, elastic non-woven for better patient comfort.
  • Viral and bacteria-proof backing film for protection of the wound from outer contamination.
  • Breathable and moisture-proof film for better patient comfort and longer wear time
  • Low friction to clothing and bed linen.
  • Rounded corners for secure fixation (all sizes up to 3.6” x 6”).
  • Large sizes ideal for post-surgical use.

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Brand: Mepore

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