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Health O Meter Scale / Digital Weight Scales

Digital weight scales such as the popular Health O Meter scales are an important part of ensuring your health or that of your patients. Whether you’re looking for a body fat scale, a height scale or a talking scale, we have the best medical scales for all situations. Read More...

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  1. Health O Meter Physician's Scale
  2. Health O Meter Height Rod
    Health O Meter Height Rod
  3. Health O Meter Digital Bariatric Platform Scale
  4. Health O Meter Talking Floor Scale
    Health O Meter Talking Floor Scale
    Starting at $88.84
  5. Health O Meter Floor Scale Mechanical
    Health O Meter Floor Scale Mechanical
    Starting at $21.34
  6. Health O Meter Floor Scale Digital
    Health O Meter Floor Scale Digital
    Starting at $78.17
  7. Health O Meter AC Adapter
    Health O Meter AC Adapter
    Starting at $51.35
  8. Health O Meter Digital Scale
    Health O Meter Digital Scale
  9. LCD Stand-On Scale
    LCD Stand-On Scale
  10. Medline Digital Step-On Scale
  11. Patient Lift Digital 700 Scale
  12. Health O Meter Height Rod Kit
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Items 1-12 of 28

Set Descending Direction

Scales are utilized both by individuals in every age and stage of life, as well as by healthcare facilities. Unintentional weight loss and gain is common in people of any age but is especially prevalent in seniors. Extreme weight gain or loss can oftentimes indicate a health issue, so watching one’s weight is important for your well-being.

There are two primary types of scales available; medical scales and floor scales. Medical scales are most often utilized in hospitals, doctors’ offices, and rehab centers, while bathroom floor scales can be found in nearly every household in the US.

There are various different kinds of scales within these two categories, all with different features and benefits. Some scales, such as 2-piece scales with a digital view, the Health O Meter Digital Scale, and talking scales, allow people to check their weight without looking down. Eye level scales allow for this as well, since they can show you your weight even as you look straight ahead. Other scales feature a BMI calculator, which measures your height based on your weight, and determines if there is a healthy balance.

Then there are bariatric scales, bathroom scales, digital remote scales, wheelchair scales, and body analyzer scales. The following are some of the most popular scales available today:

Types of Scales for Professional and Private Use

Although there are many different kinds of scales to suit the various purposes scales can be utilized for, choosing a medical scale at AvaCare is still relatively simple since we’ll share with you below all the relevant info you need to be aware of about each scale to choose the one that suits your preferences.

  • Body Analyzer Scales: These scales don’t just keep you informed of your weight; they also show you your BMI, skeletal muscle, visceral fat, and your body fat percentage. Many health professionals are equipped with body fat scales and other complex scale types to quickly and easily keep track of their patients’ overall health.
  • Floor Scales: Otherwise known as bathroom scales, these scales are designed for basic weight measurement.
  • Medical Scales: Also known as physician scales or professional scales, these scales are designed to be exact so they display a more accurate body weight and are therefore more expensive than regular floor scales.
  • Height Scales: Height rods are standard in medical care facilities since height is an important part of calculating a patient’s ideal weight, among other things.
  • Wheelchair Scales: These scales can be used to measure a patient’s weight (with the assistance of a caregiver) while the patient is in a wheelchair.
  • Bariatric Scales: Heavy duty scales are built to accommodate higher weights so bigger patients can be weighed safely and accurately.
  • Digital Remote Scales: These scales feature a remote display, and are easy for healthcare professionals to move from place to place. Other great options for those who can’t or don’t want to look down, or have vision impairments, include eye-level scales and talking scales.

As always, if you’re having a hard time choosing, contact our knowledgeable and capable customer service representatives who will happily assist you in finding the scale that suits your or your facility’s needs best.

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