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Walker Basket / Walker Basket With Cup Holder

Walker baskets are very popular accessories for seniors and handicapped individuals. If you are a walker user, you are probably well aware that without a walker basket, you may have a hard time with mobility and with carrying your personal belongings. Most walker baskets can be considered universal, and are therefore easy to install on many brands and types of walkers. If you need a walker basket with a cup holder, or simply a basket that can help you carry your groceries, AvaCare Medical has just what you’re looking for! Read more...

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Walker Basket Uses

So what exactly is the purpose of baskets for walkers? Walker baskets are accessories which are attached to a standard or two-wheeled walker for the purpose of allowing the users to carry their belongings or other items. There are many types of baskets, and secondary accessories that can come with walker baskets. Some baskets may even come with a cup holder or a liner that allows for the transport of food. These baskets can even be used as a portable table of sorts.

There are many things that people can use a walker basket for. Basket attachments for walkers have been around for a while, and as a matter of fact, some walkers come with them already attached. Most walkers don’t, however, so a user may need to purchase their walker baskets or other accessories separate from their original purchase. Here are a few of the most common reasons why someone would invest in a walker basket.

  • A walker basket provides space to store personal belongings close by. Users can keep personal items, medical belongings, and other important things, such as emergency kits and medications, near them for quick access. 
  • Many people use walker baskets when shopping for groceries. Whether one requires a safe place to put their eggs and other light items, or to just a place to put their wallet or purse, handicap walker baskets can add some convenience to shopping in general.
  • Some walker baskets have tray liners, as mentioned above. These full trays can sometimes also act as both lids for the basket, and walker trays. By combining the two items, a person has a way to carry their items and a place to set their meals when eating. That’s right: they can even act as a portable TV tray to benefit the user!
  • Some users like to have numerous accessories on their walkers, but the fact is that walkers have limited space for accessories. That’s why some baskets come with the option to be purchased with hooks. This can provide additional storage space to attach and hang walker accessories.

Additional Walker Basket Benefits

Aside from being able to carry items with your walker, there are more benefits to having a walker basket, as well. Most baskets are made with a vinyl coating that helps render them rust-resistant while still able to perform well. Baskets for walkers are exceptionally durable; some can hold up to five pounds, and others have even larger weight capacities than that. Some baskets are even made of high quality, medical-grade plastic instead of metal. Other benefits include:

  • Protection for Belongings: Some walker baskets feature lids, as mentioned above. This allows users to not only carry their own personal belongings, but to keep them safe and discreet as they do so. This makes walker baskets a great option for those who need to keep frequently used items, such as a photo ID and medicine, close at hand.
  • Durable and Lightweight: Many baskets are made of a metal alloy which provides a rust-protective coating. This allows them to be durable against the wear of the elements and still keep personal belongings safe. While baskets are lightweight, they are likewise tough. They will usually only weigh several pounds – taking very little away from your walker’s weight capacity while providing exceptional durability.
  • Collapsible Option: Folding walker baskets provide users with the same carrying features as other baskets, plus additional advantages. They allow users to collapse them down when they’re not needed in order to save more space. They fold into a very low profile, which proves convenient when not in use. Foldable walker baskets are the ideal basket option for traveling.
  • Some Walkers Come with Trays: As previously mentioned, walkers with trays can offer great benefits, including multifunctionality. Since most trays have cup holders, a user may not need to spend extra money to purchase a cup holder or walking tray separately.

Do I Need a Walker Basket?

Some people wonder if they truly need a walker basket. Of course, those who are primarily using a walker in their own home may not need a walker basket, but anyone who leaves their house frequently and travels often may consider purchasing a walker basket. A walker basket comes along with quite a number of conveniences and perks.

While walker baskets are lightweight, users should keep in mind that everything adds up when using multiple accessories. Therefore, if a user has a 300 pound capacity walker, adding a 5 pound walker basket and then loading it with 25 pounds of contents could put them over the limit if they already weigh, say, 275 pounds. This can cause more damage to a user’s walker. As such, they may need to upgrade their walker to perhaps a bariatric model (one that supports over 300 pounds) in order to maintain a proper combined weight of the user, all accessories, and items stored.

Are Walker Baskets Safe?

Walker baskets are very safe and practical for use. They are often attached to the front end of a walker, either on the inside or the very front. This way they are out of the way in terms of mobility and allow the patient the freedom necessary to maintain their independence. Walker baskets are one of the best accessories that can be purchased, especially in conjunction with a tray for holding items.


If you need a replacement walker basket or you want to try out a walker basket for the first time, reach out to us today! You can always contact us online during business hours by chatting with an agent live or by calling us at 1-877-813-7799. For inquiries after hours, send us an email, and we’ll respond as soon as we can!