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Glove Dispensers / Glove Box Holders

Wall mounted glove dispensers and tabletop glove holders both allow healthcare facilities to store disposable gloves in a practical way. All disposable glove holders at AvaCare Medical are universal and can hold nearly any standard-sized box of gloves. These medical glove holders can be used as latex glove holders, nitrile glove dispensers, or plastic glove dispensers. Read more...

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  1. BD Glove Box Holder
    BD Glove Box Holder
  2. McKesson Glove Box Holder
    McKesson Glove Box Holder
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  3. Tech-Med CounterTips Glove Dispenser
    Tech-Med CounterTips Glove Dispenser
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3 Items

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Disposable glove dispensers enable healthcare workers to find a new pair of gloves easily and quickly. When the glove dispenser holder is wall mounted in an easily accessible spot, healthcare workers have no need to search around the facility every time a new pair of gloves are needed. Since gloves can be used up relatively quickly in large healthcare facilities where sanitariness is of paramount importance, there are double, and even triple glove dispensers which can hold up to three boxes of gloves at once. 

Then there are some dual-purpose glove box holders, which feature a sharps container attached on top. This allows professionals to dispose of sharps, and then immediately change gloves.

Not all disposable glove box holders are designed for wall mounting purposes; some glove box dispensers can be placed on a table, counter, or any other easily accessible surface. 

Healthcare workers have no need to worry about where to find their next pair of gloves, and don’t need to carry around a stash of loose exam gloves in their pockets when there are wall dispensers available to provide them with gloves fast. Get a disposable glove dispenser so that your office, hospital or senior home will be even more efficient and sanitary.

Whether you’d prefer a medical glove box holder that goes on a flat surface or one that can be mounted on a wall, you can find either or at AvaCare Medical. Purchase a medical glove dispenser today for next-day shipping!