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Disposable Cleaning & Mechanic Gloves / Non-Sterile Gloves

Find cheap disposable mechanic gloves, cleaning gloves and more at AvaCare Medical. AvaCare Medical has a full selection of well-priced gloves. These gloves are used by mechanics and housekeepers; they enable the wearer to do what has to be done without his or her hands becoming greasy or grimy. Read more...

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  1. McKesson Vinyl Exam Glove
    McKesson Vinyl Exam Glove
    Starting at $10.74
  2. Ambitex Powdered General Purpose Vinyl Glove
  3. Ambitex Powder-Free General Purpose Vinyl Glove
  4. Venom Chemical-Resistant Disposable Nitrile Gloves
  5. EQPT Latex Free Vinyl Gloves, One Size Fits Most
  6. McKesson Clear Vinyl Exam Glove
    McKesson Clear Vinyl Exam Glove
    Starting at $15.60
  7. McKesson Stretch Vinyl Exam Glove
    McKesson Stretch Vinyl Exam Glove
    Starting at $12.69
  8. McKesson Confiderm Vinyl Exam Glove Smooth
    McKesson Confiderm Vinyl Exam Glove Smooth
    Starting at $5.86
  9. AMMEX Stretch Synthetic Blue Vinyl PF Exam Gloves
  10. DRE Health Vinyl Exam Gloves
    DRE Health Vinyl Exam Gloves
    Starting at $4.99
  11. DRE Health Nitrile Exam Gloves
    DRE Health Nitrile Exam Gloves
    Starting at $9.99
  12. Ammex Professional Vinyl Exam Gloves
    Ammex Professional Vinyl Exam Gloves
    Starting at $4.48

Items 1-12 of 27

Set Descending Direction

Cheap Disposable Mechanic Gloves

Disposable mechanic gloves are convenient, practical and protective. Mechanics are exposed to a lot of chemicals, which can be absorbed into the body and cause health issues such as hives, chemical burns, and more. 

To prevent these issues, many people involved in the automobile repair industry wear disposable mechanic gloves. These cheap disposable gloves keep employees safe. Some mechanics require employees to wear disposable mechanic gloves, since they are aware of the damage that can be wrought when gloves are not worn, and don’t want to be held responsible in such circumstances. 

Disposable gloves aren’t only worn for safety reasons; they’re also utilized by mechanics who don’t want their hands to be black and stained when they get home from work. 

  • Reusable vs. Disposable Mechanic Gloves: When dexterousness isn't important, hard leather gloves can be used, but when tactile sensitivity is required, touch-sensitive disposable mechanic gloves are a good option. 

Most mechanics prefer nitrile disposable mechanic gloves over latex, since latex gloves melt more easily and stick to the skin. Also, latex gloves break down more easily from chemicals. In contrast, nitrile gloves, which are petroleum based, can come into contact with many chemicals and are therefore preferred by most mechanics.

Cheap Disposable Cleaning Gloves

Cheap disposable cleaning gloves are the perfect thing to wear while cleaning up around the house. Whether you’re scrubbing the stove, cleaning spills or washing dishes, multi-purpose disposable gloves will help keep your hands clean (and nail polish intact), as well as protect you from potential harm caused by contact with body fluids or harsh cleaning chemicals. These disposable cleaning gloves are one of those super practical disposable sanitary gloves every well-run home should have around.

Staining Gloves

Use staining gloves for any wood finishing project. Choose the type of staining gloves depending on what materials or chemicals you’ll be working with. Latex or vinyl gloves are great for regular, non-toxic finishes, but if you’ll be using products with strong chemicals for the project, then nitrile gloves are more suitable.

Multi-Purpose Disposable Gloves

These multi-purpose disposable gloves can be used for many other purposes aside from cleaning and auto repair work. Use them while gardening or wear them while changing an infant. These are also utilized by hairdressers when straightening or dying hair, and by nurses in senior care facilities and doctors’ offices. 

Types of Gloves

The three most common kinds of disposable gloves are latex, nitrile and vinyl. Latex gloves are comprised of a natural material, while nitrile and vinyl are made of synthetic material. Latex gloves are the most touch sensitive and the most comfortable, but, unlike nitrile and vinyl, they don’t protect against chemicals. Nitrile offers more durability than vinyl, and vinyl gloves are usually the cheapest of these three options. All three types of gloves offer distinct benefits and disadvantages; choose your gloves depending on what benefits you require.

Whether you’re looking for multi-purpose gloves to keep on hand at home for whenever you need them, the best disposable gloves for cleaning, staining gloves, or disposable mechanic gloves, you can find the disposable gloves you need on AvaCare Medical at affordable prices. 

If you have any questions regarding which gloves would best suit your needs, contact our customer service reps, who will be happy to assist you in finding the right pair for the right price.