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Vinyl Gloves / Vinyl Exam Gloves

If you’re looking for cheap disposable gloves, disposable vinyl gloves are your answer. They’re highly affordable, and come in many sizes and colors. Furthermore, these gloves are latex-free, accelerator free and unlikely to cause allergies. Read more...

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  1. McKesson Vinyl Exam Glove
    McKesson Vinyl Exam Glove
    Starting at $10.74
  2. Ambitex Powdered General Purpose Vinyl Glove
  3. Ambitex Powder-Free General Purpose Vinyl Glove
  4. Intco Vinyl Exam Gloves
    Intco Vinyl Exam Gloves
    Starting at $4.99
  5. EQPT Latex Free Vinyl Gloves, One Size Fits Most
  6. CURAD Basic Care Vinyl Gloves, One Size Fits Most
  7. McKesson Clear Vinyl Exam Glove
    McKesson Clear Vinyl Exam Glove
    Starting at $15.60
  8. McKesson Stretch Vinyl Exam Glove
    McKesson Stretch Vinyl Exam Glove
    Starting at $12.69
  9. McKesson Confiderm Vinyl Exam Glove Smooth
    McKesson Confiderm Vinyl Exam Glove Smooth
    Starting at $5.86
  10. AMMEX Stretch Synthetic Blue Vinyl PF Exam Gloves
  11. DRE Health Vinyl Exam Gloves
    DRE Health Vinyl Exam Gloves
    Starting at $4.99
  12. Ammex Professional Vinyl Exam Gloves
    Ammex Professional Vinyl Exam Gloves
    Starting at $4.48

Items 1-12 of 26

Set Descending Direction

What are Vinyl Gloves Used for?

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) gloves are often utilized by medical professionals for minor hospital procedures with minimal exposure risk. Cooks, waiters, bakers and others employed in the food industry are also big users of these synthetic gloves. Pet owners keep them on hand for light grooming, and caregivers find them to be very practical for when dealing with unclean substances. Vinyl gloves are also commonly used for cleaning purposes. 

Gloves can get used up quite quickly in most offices, and can be a significant expense. For this reason, disposable vinyl gloves are quite popular in doctors’ and dentists’ offices, since they’re the most cost-efficient option where frequent glove changes are mandatory. Instead of splurging on expensive latex gloves, healthcare facilities stay economical by stocking up on vinyl gloves. However, in the American Journal of Infection Control, Rego & Roley state that, “careful consideration to the degree of barrier effectiveness should be given before glove selection when the potential exposure to bloodborne pathogens or biohazard risks is a concern (1999).” This is because vinyl gloves are significantly more likely to break down during use, which can lead to harmful exposure.

Are Vinyl Gloves Safe for Food?

Quality vinyl exam gloves, such as Ambitex Powder-Free Vinyl Exam Gloves, are often used for food preparation. However, much like aluminum and other types of plastic products used with food, many people prefer BPA-free gloves to ensure complete safety.

Can You Be Allergic to Vinyl Gloves?

Being allergic to vinyl gloves is extremely rare. Sometimes, skin irritations such as urticaria (hives) can occur while wearing vinyl gloves, but this is more likely due to a lack of proper ventilation inside the glove, and, therefore, a lack of perspiration. 

If you feel certain that you may truly have a vinyl glove allergy, you can try wearing a different type of synthetic or latex gloves and see if that relieves the irritation at all. You can also try polyethylene gloves, which don’t have great dexterity but are hypo-allergenic and highly protective.

Vinyl vs. Latex Gloves

Vinyl gloves are the most affordable type of gloves. Latex gloves, on the other hand, are of higher quality, offer better protection, and the highest level of comfort, dexterity and tactile sensitivity. Since repeated use of latex gloves can lead one to develop a latex allergy, individuals who do not require the premium features offered by latex gloves prefer to use cheap disposable gloves, often made out of PVC. For this reason, vinyl gloves are often referred to as disposable household gloves and are used for light cleaning, pet grooming and other low-risk tasks.

Are Vinyl Gloves Latex Free?

Standard vinyl gloves contain no natural rubber, and therefore no latex. They are entirely synthetic. 

Vinyl vs. Nitrile Gloves

Vinyl gloves, also referred to as synthetic gloves, are more affordable than nitrile gloves. Nitrile gloves are more well-fitting and durable, and, like vinyl gloves, are comprised of synthetic materials. 

High-quality vinyl gloves are well-fitting and easy to wear. They are tougher than polyethylene gloves, and have a loose fit.

These gloves can be worn on either hand. They provide a thin, but secure barrier against germs, chemicals and dirt, and have good snag and cut resistance. 

Best Disposable Vinyl Gloves 

There are many different choices of vinyl gloves available today. To save you time, we are proud to offer you a curated collection of only the best disposable vinyl gloves. Choose from the all-time favorite InstaGard Vinyl Exam Gloves, the McKesson Vinyl Exam Gloves, the Ambitex Vinyl Gloves, and other top-rated vinyl exam gloves options.

Whether you’re looking for black vinyl gloves or transparent ones, at AvaCare Medical, you can find the gloves that offer you the quality you need, at a price you can afford. 



Rego, A., PhD, & Roley, L., MA. (1999). In-use barrier integrity of gloves: Latex and nitrile superior to vinyl. American Journal of Infection Control,27(5), 405-410. doi:10.1016/S0196-6553(99)70006-4