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Shampoo, Body Wash

Whether you’re looking for medicated shampoo, anti dandruff shampoo or no rinse body wash, we have what you need to stay as comfortable and clean as you possibly can. Read More...

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  1. MedSpa Complexion Bar Soap, 0.64 OZ, Case of 800
  2. Theraworx Protect Spray Rinse-Free Body Wash
  3. TENA Shampoo and Body Wash 33.8 oz. Pump Bottle
  4. DawnMist Hair Conditioner
    DawnMist Hair Conditioner
    Starting at $0.53
  5. dynarex Shampoo and Body Wash
    dynarex Shampoo and Body Wash
    Starting at $1.04
  6. Classic Shampoo and Body Wash
    Classic Shampoo and Body Wash
    Starting at $12.90
  7. Provon Ultimate Shampoo and Body Wash Refill
    Provon Ultimate Shampoo and Body Wash Refill
    Starting at $19.07
  8. Theraworx Protect Foam Rinse-Free Body Wash
    Theraworx Protect Foam Rinse-Free Body Wash
    Starting at $9.60
  9. sunmark Lice Shampoo
    sunmark Lice Shampoo
  10. Selsun Blue Dandruff Shampoo 11 oz
  11. Thera-Gel Dandruff Shampoo
  12. No Rinse Hair Conditioner
    No Rinse Hair Conditioner

Items 1-12 of 63

Set Descending Direction

We’ve got the products you need, whether it’s dandruff shampoo for you or your teen or no rinse body wash for yourself or an elderly parent.

No Rinse Shampoo & Body Wash

Taking showers can be an extremely complicated and even scary ordeal for many elderly people, especially those who are lacking in mobility, and anyone else who is afraid of a slip and fall. Many of the products in this category, such as rinse free shampoo, will prevent seniors from having to risk taking a shower, because they can be used without any water.

No rinse shampoo and waterless body wash are both extremely practical shower products for seniors and bedridden patients, because they allow them to stay fresh and clean without unnecessary hassle, even when extremely weak.

Another option for individuals with limited mobility is to put on a no rinse shampoo cap. A shampoo cap removes oil, dirt and odors from hair just as regular shampoo will, but requires no water to do so. It’s an innovative method of cleaning hair; it’s easy and simple to use, and leaves the hair looking and feeling refreshingly clean.

Aside from products that enable people to stay clean and hygienic even if showering is difficult for them, AvaCare Medical also provides many other types of shampoos and body washes.

Dandruff Shampoo

One popular type of shampoo offered is medicated dandruff shampoo. An estimated one out of every five people on this planet are afflicted with dandruff, and using the right shampoo is a practical way to get rid of it.

The best shampoos for dandruff, such as Neutrogena Dandruff Shampoo, Nizoral A-D Dandruff Shampoo and Selsun Blue Shampoo, usually have zinc pyrithione (ZPT) as an active ingredient. ZPT is an antifungal agent that has been proven to prevent Malassezia globosa, a fungi, from creating dandruff.

Selsun Blue Vs Nizoral Shampoo

Nizoral doesn’t have ZPT; it has ketoconazole, which is even more powerful, and works to stop the growth of the fungus. Nizoral has a slightly more pleasant scent than Selsun Blue, but since it is stronger, it has more side effects.(Side effects of Nizoral include mild skin itching, oiliness, nausea, and hives). It is also more expensive; Nizoral’s shampoo is the most powerful dandruff shampoo available over the counter but also the costliest.

Selsun Blue is known to be even better than Head and Shoulders; it’s quite strong, but Nizoral is even more powerful.

If you have extremely severe dandruff, you can go with Nizoral, but if you have a more moderate or mild case, you can avoid the extra side effects and cost by trying Selsun Blue or Neutrogena shampoo.

Other Body, Hair & Skincare Products

Other items you can find at AvaCare Medical include head lice shampoo that works really well, tearless shampoo which will prevent your eyes from burning, Suave hairspray, blackhead scrubs, body wash wipes, and more. Check out the full selection today!