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Padded Tub Transfer Benches

If you’re looking for convenience and comfort for anyone with limited mobility, you’ve come to the right place. We offer padded transfer benches that make it easier and more comfortable to get in and out of the bathtub or shower. Find padded bathtub transfer benches at great prices on AvaCare Medical today! Read more...

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    PMI Padded Transfer Bench with Non Skid Feet
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Some people would prefer to use a padded bathtub transfer bench instead of a standard plastic or aluminum transfer bench. There are many reasons for this, comfort being the primary factor.

Most Padded Tub Transfer Benches Are Standard Benches

While some transfer benches offer sliding capability, many padded transfer benches are made like standard benches. This means they have an elongated seat as well as a backrest. Some models come with an armrest handle while others may not, and some feature a commode. These features allow for the user to easily slide himself securely into the tub or onto the toilet. The various available options, including the aforementioned, provide the user with the ability to go about such tasks independently, or, alternatively, help the caregiver when the user has limited, but not absolute mobility issues.

Key Benefits of Using Padded Tub Transfer Benches

There are many benefits that this specific type of padded bath bench offers which are similar to other padded shower chairs. These bath benches are more functional in several ways. Some of the advantages of our bath chairs are:

  • Soft Seat Cushion: All of our padded shower transfer benches have comfortable padded cushions that are comprised of a vinyl and soft foam combination that is water-resistant. This makes them easy to clean in case of a mishap.
  • Ease of Assembly: Almost all of our padded transfer benches are able to be assembled easily without tools, using push-pin technology.
  • Height Adjustability: You can easily adjust the legs and the back rest position on all models of padded tub benches in order to make the seat the proper level you need it to be, according to your height.
  • Soft Padded Backrest: The backrests on padded bath transfer benches are also fully adjustable so as to maintain comfort and security. This is a great feature for those who are suffering from back pain or those who need extra balance and support.
  • Easy-Grip Handle for Easy Transferring: Many of the products that we offer feature an easy-to-grip handle that can be attached on either side of the transfer bench to allow for easy transfers in and out of the tub or commode.
  • Rubber Feet for Stability: All of our padded transfer benches are available with rubber feet. If desired, many of these can be replaced by contacting the manufacturer or by checking our accessory options. These models offer non-slip safety and security so that the transfer chairs can remain stationary and not slide around the tub or shower.
  • Some Models Offer Commode Features: As mentioned, some padded transfer benches have commode openings, and even the commode seats are cushioned for comfort. You can choose to attach the commode bucket to the device or use them openly if necessary while in the shower to maintain sanitation and as an aid to perineal hygiene.
  • Higher Weight Limits than Standard Shower Chairs: Some standard shower chairs only hold about 200 pounds, but many transfer benches can hold more weight than that; some can bear 300 pounds, while others still can accommodate up to 550 pounds, making them suitable for use by just about anyone. AvaCare Medical understands that individual needs vary between users, and this doesn’t mean that users should sacrifice comfort when they need a high quality transfer bench!

Most Popular Brands of Padded Tub Transfer Benches

There are numerous brands on the market when it comes to medical bathing equipment. The best ones in the nation that offer some of the best bath transfer benches are:

  • Drive Medical: These ultra-comfortable padded bath benches are offered by one of the nation’s leaders in innovative technology and medical accessories for both home users and medical facilities all over the world.
  • Carex: Carex transfer benches are made with care. Carex designs many products to help individuals who are older, or who have any sort of disabilities. 
  • Guardian (and Guardian Signature): Guardian makes both non-padded transfer benches and padded models. The Guardian Signature series, however, is made with comfort in mind. Many of their brands are featured in their Medline product line and offer exceptional support and comfort with ease of use.
  • Graham Field: Graham field models are best-sellers, offering padded transfer benches and padded commode transfer benches to aid elderly and disabled patients, as well as many other items.

Properly Cleaning and Maintaining a Padded Transfer Bench

When maintaining a padded seat for a transfer bench, try not to use harsh chemicals or bleaches for cleaning. For white benches, one may be able to use bleach (as long as it is diluted properly) or a sanitizer solution. Using abrasive cleaners, though, can ruin the vinyl lining on the padded seat, so these are not recommended by any manufacturer. All one has to do in order to clean the seat is that, following each shower, thoroughly rinse it, and then wipe it completely dry. This also helps to avoid possible cracking or water damage. Aside from this, a padded bath seat can be cleaned with a mild antibacterial soap and water solution, then wiped dry once it is clean. Deep cleaning only needs to be done about once per week, as well as if a mishap occurs.


If you need a padded tub transfer bench to keep your bathroom a safe place and remain able to move freely in and out of the tub, then AvaCare Medical has you covered! We offer only the safest transfer benches, and care about your safety, security, and comfort! We carry a selection of the best bath benches and transfer benches on the market, and we pride ourselves in making sure that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. Have a question? Don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 1-877-813-7799, or by emailing us today! Our knowledgeable customer care reps will be happy to address your concerns. Contact them now!