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Toilet Transfer Bench / Transfer Bench with Commode

AvaCare Medical offers strong, solidly constructed toilet transfer benches with commode seats that provide the best in-shower perineal care possible. By providing high quality transfer benches, we ensure that you get the best options for comfort and security when it comes to accessing the bathtub. Moreover, in the event of an emergency, the attached commode is always available for immediate use. Read more...

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    Carex Transfer Bench w/ Commode
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Benefits of Using a Toilet Transfer Bench

Senior citizens, those who are handicapped, or even those who simply experience limited mobility can all benefit from using a commode bench to move in and out of the shower or tub. The specific conveniences that transfer commode benches offer are unparalleled in both comfort and safety. Here are some of the key benefits of using a shower bench with a commode opening:

Some Come Padded for Extra Comfort: Some manufactured transfer benches offer padded cushions and backrests in order to increase the level of comfort and reduce the risk of laceration.

Some Benches Have Sliding Transfer Capability: Some benches can slide back and forth to make it easier to access the bathtub or shower. This is a great tool for those with knee problems or those who are handicapped below the waist. A bench with a sliding transfer capability will also prevent skin lacerations from occurring. 

Heavy Duty Materials for Higher Possible Weight Limits: Although many standard shower chairs and benches have lower weight limits (all the way down to 200 pounds), there are other benches that have a weight capacity that exceeds 300 pounds. 

Rubber Feet for Slip Resistance: Some transfer benches have basic rubber feet, while others feature suction cup feet on the bottom of the legs. Either of these will help to ensure that the bench won’t move while the user maneuvers, transfers, or bathes. 

How to Properly Use a Transfer Bench with a Commode Seat

Using a toilet transfer bench with a commode seat is similar to using a regular transfer bench. After assembly, the transfer bench is positioned so that one side (usually the commode seat) is inside of the bathtub, and the other side of the transfer chair is on the outside. 

For sliding transfer benches with a commode opening, one would simply get on the seat and smoothly slide over, lifting his legs up and over the side of the bathtub (or moving into the shower if he is in an open shower setting).

When it comes to non-sliding transfer commode benches, the user or caregiver would simply sit on the outside part of the seat and scoot over onto the commode opening in the bathtub or shower, lifting his legs carefully over the tub.

Almost all transfer benches have a handle that can attach to either side. This allows for a quick and easy transfer, as well as increased balance when trying to move from one side of the bench to the other.

Some of the Best Toilet Transfer Benches

There are numerous brands available on the market, and all of them feature solid construction that allows for sturdy support, and are remarkably easy to assemble. Here are some of the top toilet transfer benches on the market:

  • InvaCare I-Class Heavy Duty Transfer Bench with Commode

InvaCare prides itself in helping to make transferring in and out of the tub more comfortable and safe. The custom concave universal bath seat helps to ensure safety and balance. The aluminum legs and handles help to stabilize the bath chair, allowing this transfer bench with a commode to be fully adjustable and level, as well as non-slip on practically any surface. It can hold up to 400 pounds, features a reversible backrest, and even has a removable commode bucket. The model also has drain holes in the seat itself to prevent water from being retained in the bench.

  • Drive Medical Padded Transfer Bench with Commode

This transfer chair from Drive Medical is one of the most innovative padded transfer benches available today. It features a comfortably padded seat and backrest, and a very sturdy 1-inch thick aluminum frame. The chair comes with suction cup rubber feet to ensure non-slip capability, and it features a very large commode bucket as well. It is a very easy padded transfer bench to put together. The only downside is that the transfer bench is non-reversible; it features an armrest that attaches only to one side. The weight capacity of this bench is 400 pounds. 

  • Briggs Heavy Duty Sliding Transfer Bench with Commode

Some people require a sliding transfer bench with a commode opening. For these customers, this Briggs sliding transfer chair model can deliver exceptional durability. This bariatric transfer chair has a 400 pound weight capacity and has a nylon strap that holds the seat in place when transferring and bathing. The feet feature suction cups that keep the bench in place, and the commode opening seat is made of heavy duty blow-molded plastic with a textured surface which increases its level of slip-resistance.

While these are not the only toilet transfer benches that are offered here at AvaCare Medical, they are just some prime examples of what one could find in a quality transfer bench with a commode.

Safety Concerns Regarding Toilet Transfer Benches

Some people wonder about the construction of a transfer bench. Thankfully, because of the high-grade medical materials that are used, there is nothing to worry about. Having a shower bench with a commode opening simply adds to the ease of perineal hygiene and care. The primary purpose of using a transfer bench is to increase the safety level. Using a toilet transfer bench is much safer than trying to sit down as you would with a typical shower chair. Therefore, it is safe to say that one can get in and out of the tub just the same while sitting, using a transfer chair. If someone wants more convenience and comfort, they can always opt for the padded cushion models.


AvaCare Medical currently features a selection of the best toilet transfer benches in terms of safety and security, made by some of America’s highest rated medical manufacturers. Whether you’d like to sit comfortably in style with a padded bench, or have a sliding bench to help you get yourself clean, we can offer it at a reasonable price. We even offer a price match guarantee on our products based on certain criteria, and any order in the contiguous 48 states can receive free shipping on orders over fifty dollars! If you worry about anything you can’t find on this site, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-877-813-7799 or email us!