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Low Air Loss Mattresses / LAL Mattress

If someone needs exceptional pressure sore relief along with increased breathability and support, a low air loss mattress can provide them with the comfort they crave. AvaCare Medical has some of the best low air loss mattress systems on the market, offered at great prices. Nobody should suffer from the discomfort associated with pressure sores, and a LAL (low air loss) mattress can provide exceptional medical benefits that are helpful for a patient’s wound care needs. Read More...

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How Do Low Air Loss Mattresses Work?

Many hospital patients and in-home care patients are starting to use special hospital beds and low air mattresses more and more to accommodate their needs and prevent pressure sores (bedsores), which they often get from being bedridden. Because of the many benefits that can be gotten from these mattresses, low air loss beds are being sold and sought out more and more by hospitals, in-home caregivers, and even those with chronic disabilities who have to be in beds for long periods of time. But how do these beds actually work? 

“Low air loss” means that there is a small and constant flow of air being pushed out through nearly microscopic holes in the top of the mattress surface. The holes made by lasers actually mimic a “floating” experience for the patient on top of the mattress itself. These mattresses are made to handle a user’s needs while helping to minimize bedding resources (although one can purchase special mattress overlays if need be) since very little bedding is required between the patient and the mattress. 

Advantages of Low Flow Air Mattresses

There are many benefits that only these mattresses can provide. While they don’t necessarily represent the best solution for everyone, they can certainly help the elderly and those with physical conditions who are in bed for long hours of the day, in addition to those who are completely bedridden and need constant repositioning. Some of the advantages of low flow air mattresses are: 

Keeps the Patient Cool

Most regular mattresses and beds will give the patient or user the sensation of being hot. Increased moisture can cause a lot of other problems, too, as the mattresses don’t allow the skin to breathe very much. Since these low air loss pressure mattresses have constant air flowing out of them, they can help the user feel a sense of cooling relief as the mattress helps the skin to breathe while the patient is laying on top of it. 

Alleviates and Prevents Pressure Sores and Pain

Since with such a mattress there is less pressure on the body, and also less sweating, the patient can experience relief from bedsores, as well as perhaps prevent developing them altogether. The air flow helps to eliminate the concentrated pressure most mattresses cause, which can help to eliminate ulcers and bedsores completely. It can also help to alleviate common joint pain that some users have, since there is no actual spot where a patient is putting full pressure on the mattress. 

Alternating Pressure Maintains Proper Posture

Just like some other types of mattresses out there, there are many posture benefits that a true alternating low air loss mattress for hospital beds can provide. Just like gel and foam hospital mattresses, a low air loss alternating pressure mattress provides a special contouring to a person’s body. This allows the individual to comfortably lay on the cushion while the constant airflow in the mattress allows it to remain firm. The exact firmness will depend on the desired setting needed for the patient. 

Perfect for Bariatric Patients

Bariatric patients often suffer from pressure sores, friction sores, and moisture ulcers. These beds prove to be an exceptional addition to a bariatric hospital bed and provide all of the above benefits to heavier patients. Having an alternating low loss air loss mattress is not only good for wound care, but it also provides a greater airflow for alternate pressure in the mattress, catering to bariatric users’ needs due to their immobility as well as their size. 

Things to Consider When Choosing Low Pressure Mattresses

When looking to buy a mattress that provides low air loss functionality, here are some things to consider. While the weight capacity, comfort, and adjustability remain some of the more important features to look for, there is a lot more to these air mattresses than meets the eye. Therefore, one needs to consider the following points when looking to buy a low air loss mattress for their hospital bed: 

  • Depending on a person’s needs, the motor for the bed needs to be able to have constant airflow when necessary. One thing to look for to provide the best experience are motors that recirculate the air inside the mattress.
  • All LAL mattresses should be conducive to proper weight distribution. This means that the patient needs a firm mattress, yet one that is soft enough to envelope them just a little bit.
  • Always look into the weight capacity. Most hospitals use bariatric mattresses rather than standard ones to accommodate the wide variety of patient sizes that they assist on a daily basis. However, for home use, one can easily find the weight capacity that suits specific needs so that the mattress can handle the weight load of the individual customer.
  • Make sure that the mattress fits the hospital bed it is being used on. Failure to do so can result in personal injury or even cause issues with wear and tear on the mattress, and this will likely give rise to a loss of functionality.
  • All hospital mattresses need to be at least 92% fireproof and the mattress cover that comes with the air mattress needs to have some water resistance. The mattress also needs to be made of hypoallergenic components since many people have sensitivities to materials such as latex, nylon, polyester, etc.


AvaCare Medical wants to hear from you if you are looking to buy one of our high-quality medical-grade low air loss mattresses! Remember that shipping is free for all of our hospital bed mattresses and that if you have any questions or concerns to be addressed, our customer care representatives are here to answer the call anytime. Either call 1-877-813-7799 during our business hours, or reach out by email after hours!