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3 Wheeled Walkers / Three-Wheeled Rollator

In order to get the most possible maneuverability, one may want to consider 3-wheeled walkers instead of the more popular 4-wheeled models. AvaCare Medical has a select line of 3-wheel rollators that are made by top brands in the medical industry, including Drive Medical, Guardian, and Medline. Read more...

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3-Wheeled Walkers: Pros

3-wheel rollator walkers feature 3 wheels, of course. However, most of these don’t have the same basic square shape that many standard walkers feature. Instead, three wheel rollator walkers have a more triangular shape in their framing in order to achieve the same balance and stability that other walkers offer. There are a ton of benefits when it comes to using these walkers compared to the alternatives:

  • Increased Mobility: Tri-wheel walkers don’t require quite as much upper body strength as a standard rollator or walker. Users don’t have to lift the device as often or reposition it as much, so it is easier to walk faster than many can with a 4-wheeled one.
  • More Lightweight: 3-wheel rollator walkers have smaller frames than regular models. This makes them easier to move around with, and therefore, ultra-lightweight. Most standard walkers weigh anywhere from 1 to 20 pounds, but 3-wheel walkers, even those with baskets and other attached accessories, weigh between just 10 and 14 pounds.
  • More Portable than Standard Models: Due to their smaller size, a 3-wheeled style rollator offers more portability, since it is generally easier to fold, and can fold up smaller than most standard walkers as well.
  • Great for Traveling: The amazing advantage of the advanced portability of 3-wheel walkers is that they are perfect for travel. Because of their compact size both when opened and when folded up, they are very small and lightweight and can even be brought on planes. Further, they easily fit into storage compartments, can serve as carry-on luggage, and don’t take up much space in the trunk of a vehicle.
  • Increased Maneuverability: One thing that makes tri walker 3 wheel rollators unique is that, because of their tripod design, they can maneuver much better than their 4-wheeled counterparts. Sharp turns are a breeze, and their ability to fit into smaller spaces makes them great for walking around inside a home. Of course, we recommend that users exercise extreme care when using tripod rollator walkers to avoid falling.

3-Wheeled Walkers: Cons

Of course, this doesn’t mean that 4-wheel rollators are obsolete. There are some downsides with any product, but what’s important is that a user picks the proper one that’s right for them. Some things that triangle rollators don’t do are:

  • Have the increased balance that 4-wheel models have. Though a user can walk faster and turn corners sharper, this requires more care with 3-wheel walkers since trips or falls can occur if one isn’t extremely careful. 
  • They can’t bear as much weight as the 4-wheel models. Generally, tri-wheel rollators have lower weight capacities than other models and are not meant for bariatric users over 300 pounds. The good news is that most users can still utilize these models as they hold approximately the same standard weight capacity as other walking rollators.
  • Tripod rollators don’t come with seats.

Is it Possible to Get a 3-Wheel Walker with a Seat?

There are many times that a user may want to find a walker with a seat, and while they may benefit greatly from having a 3-wheel walker instead of a four-wheel rollator, as mentioned above briefly, there are no three wheel walkers with seats made by manufacturers. If someone is looking for a three-wheel walker with a seat or a 3-wheel rollator with a seat, then they are primarily going to find 3-wheel rollator walkers with attachments, carry bags, baskets, and accessories, but not one with a seat. There are numerous reasons why people may try to find 3-wheel rollators with a seat - some of these are: 

Tight Corners

Often, those who are looking for 3-wheel rollators with seats are trying to find an alternative means to their 4-wheel walkers that allows them to maneuver better around corners, and fit through their doorways more easily. Fortunately, there is an alternative since there is no such thing as a 3-wheel rollator with a seat. Users can purchase a narrow rollator with 4 wheels instead that has a smaller frame to allow for these accommodations. This can allow users to have the same abilities that lean more towards what they’re looking for in a tripod walker with a seat.

Portability Reasons

Another reason that a person may try finding tri walkers with seats available to purchase is for the sake of portability. 3-wheeled rollators are often more portable than those that have four wheels, simply because of the way the frames are made. Since there is unfortunately no such thing as a triangular walker with a seat, people may wonder what their options are. That’s where AvaCare Medical comes in to save the day! For the best in portability (if that should be the priority), we can provide a great selection of folding and travel rollators to sift through. If maneuverability is of the most importance to you, you won’t find a triangular walker with a seat, but we do have plenty of the best 3-wheel rollators available.

Faster Walking

Something else that may cause people to search for a three wheel rollator with a seat is the fact that they want to be able to walk faster. While there is no such thing as a 3 wheel rollator walker with a seat, there are plenty of three wheeled walkers available that have this capability as well. Of course, if a person is looking for a seat, they may be able to benefit by using a lightweight rollator with four wheels instead as well.

All-Terrain Purposes

Some people are looking to find an all-terrain tri wheel walker with a seat instead of a 4-wheel model. As stated many times, there is no such thing as a 3-wheel mobility walker with a seat, but a user can greatly benefit from our line of large-wheel walkers and rollators if they are looking for all-terrain capabilities.

Adjustability in Height

Taller users that want all of the 3-wheel rollator benefits may try to find a 3-wheel mobility walker with a seat, but to no avail since these items are non-existent. Having height adjustability is an important part of any rollator, and all of our rollators have adjustable parts, such as the handlebars, or even the seat. Others may want to find a walker with 3 wheels and a seat that adjusts simply for comfort purposes. Since there are no 3-wheelers that have seats, they can always look into our line of rollators designed for tall people.

Additional Storage & Accessories

When a person is trying to find a three wheel walker with a seat, they should also be trying to make sure that there are storage baskets on them for convenience and the ability to carry their belongings. Most of our rollators (and even our 3-wheel rollators – all except for one model) have storage baskets or bags that allow for the transport of personal and medical belongings. You can even find 3-wheel walkers with trays already attached.

While there may not be such a thing as a 3-wheel tri walker with a seat, it is still important to consider all of the options. Most people don’t realize that there are multiple types of 4-wheel walkers that can provide the users with the features that they are looking for (as listed above), and of course, if a person is able to provide more self-mobility and balance function themselves, and knows that they need a tri walker, a 3 wheel rollator (without a seat) would still be of great benefit.

Additional Features and Accessories on 3-Wheeled Walkers

Sometimes, users need the extra capabilities of having some sort of personal storage in terms of using a 3-wheeled walker. Therefore, there are some great benefits that one can find in terms of using rolling walkers. For example, many walker accessories can benefit users by being attached to a tri rollator walker (such as trays or baskets), or there are always options to have these automatically come with them. Some popular accessories that a user can have on a rollator tri-walker are:

Baskets & Pouches

Three wheel walkers with baskets obviously already come with the carrying basket installed. They also may feature a carrying pouch to ensure that a user can get the most from his walker in any situation, and bring along items he’d like to keep on hand. Keep in mind that utilizing this function will cause the walker to be heavier, and therefore, it may be harder to push, depending on how much weight is added or stored in the compartments.

Travel Trays

Trays can greatly benefit the user who is needing to walk with a 3-wheeled rollator. This is because they offer a sturdy place to set some of their belongings. When a user is stationary and has the walker in front of him (such as when sitting in a chair), a user can benefit by using a 3 wheel walker with a tray, since the tray can hold numerous types of items such as plates, cups, and even their electronics or personal belongings.

How to Know if a 3-Wheeled Rollator is Right for You

Many users are curious about these types of walkers, and for good reason. Of course, as mentioned above, a standard or bariatric rollator may be necessary if a user needs extra stability and weight capabilities. Users should also take note that if they have better balance and need more portability themselves, they may want to go with a 3-wheel rollator. Also, if they are needing to frequently navigate around tight corners and spaces, this may be another reason that they are perfect for a user. 

If a user wants to get a walker with a seat, more adjustability (in height as well as other means), or they have less balance (as some seniors do), then they may want to opt for a 4-wheeled walker instead of a rollator tri walker. 


AvaCare Medical cares about your safety and wants to help you achieve the ultimate level of comfort and mobility! Whether you need a three wheel rollator with a basket, tray, or any other popular add-on, you can find such a model on our site. 

We’ll happily help you if you’re looking for the best great 3-wheeled walkers on the market. If you have any problems or concerns, you can always give us a call at 1-877-813-7799 during business hours, or chat with a representative on our website!