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Euro Style Rollator / Euro Walker With Seat

FInd Euro style rollator walkers such as the famed Drive Rollator-Nitro on AvaCare Medical today! Choose from our carefully curated selection of the most durable and well-designed Euro rollators; the most impressive kind of rollators currently on the market. Shop euro style rollators now for free shipping! Read more...

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  1. Simplicity 2 Rollator
    Simplicity 2 Rollator
    Starting at $158.79
  2. Briggs Eurostyle Rollator
    Briggs Eurostyle Rollator
    Starting at $260.66
  3. Nitro Euro Style Tall Rollator
    Nitro Euro Style Tall Rollator
    Starting at $331.33
  4. Nitro Euro Style Hemi-Height Rollator, Black
  5. Nitro Duet Rollator and Transport Chair, Red
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  6. Nitro Euro Style Walker Rollator, Heavy Duty, Black
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  7. Nitro DLX Euro Style Rollator
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  8. Nitro Euro Style Walker Rollator
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8 Items

Set Descending Direction

Regular vs. Euro Style Rollator Walker

Although they are both wheeled walkers, there are a few differences between the Euro style rollator walker and the standard medical rollator. The two have some similarities in appearance, but that’s not to say that they look very much alike. Actually, they don’t.

  • Wheels: A Euro rollator walker’s rear wheels are the same approximate size of those of any standard walker, but its front wheels are larger than those of a regular walker. These oversized front wheels allow for easier traveling over various types of terrain. A regular walker has four wheels which are all identical in size.
  • Vertical Folding Capability: Most Euro style rollator walkers are able to be folded into a fraction of their size, and then left standing. This makes it much easier for elderly users or any user with limited body strength to utilize the walker; no bending down is necessary in order to set the walker back up. Regular rollators, when folded, will automatically fall forward to the floor unless immediately positioned on it, but either way, are unable to fold vertically.
  • Contouring Back: A Euro walker with a seat has a flexible, sometimes padded back that is able to contour to the user’s shape for a most comfortable sitting experience. This is different from regular rollators, which feature a metal back support bar (which is usually padded).

Drive Nitro Rollator Walker: The Best Euro Style Rollator Walker

The Drive Nitro Rollator Walker is the best Euro style rollator walker one can find. It offers innumerable advantages. Considered by many to be the “Rolls Royce of rollators,” the Drive Nitro Euro Rollator is an impressively sophisticated and ultimately utilitarian. The simple design makes it easy and uncomplicated for older and disabled people to use, and is one of the reasons why people refer to these as Nitro walkers for seniors. 

Construction of the Drive Rollator-Nitro

The brilliance of the engineers who worked on the Drive Rollator-Nitro is evident in the details; this rollator has more user-friendly perks than many people would even imagine. Check out the seat grip, which allows you to fold up the Drive Nitro Euro style rollator walker in a snap, and then have a good look at the large front caster wheels, which allow for more smooth maneuvering. Feel the comfortable seat of the Nitro walker rollator, and open its large storage bag to see its spaciousness.

  • This Nitro walker is lightweight and easy to carry, even with the included seat. It weighs a measly 17.5 pounds. With a limited lifetime warranty, as long as you weigh under 300 pounds, you can feel free to depend on this steadfast rollator for steady, unwavering support!
  • The Nitro rolling walker also offers unbridled back support; the adjustable back support band contours to the person’s backside. This makes it even more comfortable for folks suffering from arthritis.
  • Aside from the features the Drive Euro rollator comes with, there are also practical add-ons that you can choose from, such as the Nitro cup holder, where you can keep your water bottle so that you can enjoy refreshing sips during long trips, and thereby avoid dehydration. 
  • The rollator Nitro walker comes in different colors; there’s the red Nitro walker, the standard black style, the blue Nitro, and the champagne one, too.
  • Besides for all that, as we’ve mentioned, the Drive Nitro Euro style walker rollator is loaded with innovative features. Check out the infographic to see the most frequently touted benefits the Nitro four wheel walker will provide you with!

Safety Tips for Euro Style Rollator Users

“Are rollators safe?” The aforementioned is a common question that is broached by many seniors, caregivers, and patients’ loved ones. And the answer is that yes, rollators are safe; when used correctly. Here are some safety tips for seniors and any other off brand or Drive Euro style rollator user that can help facilitate its proper usage.

Safety Tip #1: Follow Weight Capacity Guidelines

Rules are usually there for a reason, and the reason is not usually merely in order for them to be followed. For instance, the purpose of weight capacity guidelines is to keep you safe. If a Euro rollator is designed to support a limited weight capacity, if one’s body weight breaches that limit, he is risking his safety. 

Safety Tip #2: Make Sure it’s the Right Height

You don’t want to need to stretch up or bend down when using your Euro style rollator walkers, since doing so can result in an impromptu loss of balance, and lead to a fall. Check what size rollator you need by standing straight, letting your hands hang by your sides, and having someone then measure the distance between your wrist and the ground. If possible, before taking the measurements, put on the shoes you’ll be wearing when using your walker.

Safety Tip #3: Take it Slow, But Not Always Steady

Don’t walk very fast when using a rollator; instead, walk slowly and carefully. However, if you need a break, take it! Don’t push yourself, because although pushing a rollator is definitely great exercise, when you are using a rollator outdoors, it is not the time for intense aerobics. Rather minimize fall risk so that you can keep using your rollator than try to push yourself too far. 

Safety Tip #4: Lock those Wheels

When you’re ready to take a rest, before sitting down, be sure to lock those wheels. This will ensure that the Euro rollator doesn’t slide out of place while you’re on it, because if such occurs, the results can be hazardous. Since you’re going to need to lock the wheels before you sit down, it is advisable not to wait until the last second when you can barely stand on your feet any longer, but instead, to lock the wheels into place when you still have a modicum of strength left. 

Treat yourself to a rollator that will offer you the ultimate support, and will likely garner you more compliments than any other walking device you’ve ever used. Euro style rollators, and especially Nitro Drive rollator walkers, are aesthetically appealing, and oh, so practical and stable. Invest in the best, and you’ll never regret it! 

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