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Junior Rollator / Children's Walkers with Seat

Junior rollators play a very important role for children who are in need of postural correction, gait correction, or have other special needs. Nobody likes to think about the fact that their child would ever need a children’s walker with a seat, but in the event that this need arises, AvaCare Medical can help! Our pediatric walkers with seats are made by the best companies in the medical industry, and will provide your child with unmatched security and functionality! Read more...

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How Children Can Benefit from a Junior Rollator

Many children with limited mobility can greatly benefit from using a junior rollator. Junior rollators provide a slew of benefits for these young users. Here are just a few of the advantages.

Increased Gait and Posture Correction

Some children suffer from improper gaits, and even spinal issues, which require special attention. They may need some assistance standing upright so they can walk effectively and safely. At times, these kids are subject to fatigue just like any adult would be, so it’s important that their walker come with a seat to provide them breaks when necessary. 

All of our junior rollators feature seats for this very purpose. Our pediatric rollators are also designed to withstand the same weight capacities as many standard walkers (250 to 300 pounds). Thus, they are extremely sturdy and able to help with posture correction as needed.

Balance Support

When walking, a special needs child or one who is rehabilitating from a spinal or orthopedic surgery can benefit because they are able to have a bit of extra balance while they’re trying to regain their mobility. A children’s walker with a seat can provide the ability to maintain balance, as it has handles to help keep the child from falling. Of course, the child may need to be trained on walking properly with their walker, in order to prevent falls or unsafe, improper weight distribution.

Walking Ability

Every child deserves to be able to walk. By the age of two, a child should be attempting to walk. If they are not, there may be some developmental issues, and a pediatric rolling walker can be used to help expedite this process. By using a high-quality children’s rollator walker, a person’s child can achieve progress while having additional balance and posture support as mentioned above. This way, they can safely reach their mobility goals.

Weight Bearing Support

Even older children can benefit from using a pediatric rollator. If they have an injury or disability that causes them to not be able to bear their full weight on their legs or feet, these rollators can be used to enhance movement. Some children have issues with mobility that are common among adults as well. In such a situation, it’s important that they try to walk as much as possible, even with junior rolling walkers, in order to help the adolescent or child by ensuring muscle usage in order to mitigate muscle atrophy.

Upper and Lower Body Rehabilitation

Some people don’t realize that the upper body is used more with junior rollator walkers. By bearing their weight and holding themselves up a little, the balancing factor can also be helped as the child uses their pediatric rollator walker. This is because they are helping to build upper body strength at the same time. It is said that a person’s posture, gait, and much more can be augmented by their core strength, and this is something that rollators optimized for children can provide.

Features that Are Important When Choosing a Junior Rollator

Of course, the weight capacity is the first and most important determining factor. A parent should keep in mind that a junior rollator will ultimately “add” to the total weight of their child when he uses a lift, small elevator, or similar contraptions. However, there are other things to consider as well, just as one would with adult rollators:

  • Wheel Size: Wheel size is important for determining on exactly what terrain a child can use their rollators. The larger the wheels, the more difficult terrain (such as gravel, cobblestone, indoor smooth surfaces, etc.) on which they can use their rollator. 
  • Backrests: All of our rollators for children feature backrest bars. Some models don’t always come with this, and in other models, the backrests are made detachable.
  • Height Adjustability: Some children’s rollators are so basic that they don’t have the capacity to be adjusted in size. Fortunately, all of our children’s walkers with seats are fully height adjustable to accommodate your child as they grow and become better at walking.
  • Additional Carrying Options: Many rolling walkers, and especially 4-wheel models, come with carrying baskets that go under the seats. However, some adult models, and almost all of our pediatric rolling walkers come with secured storage pouches under the seat that can provide discreet storage options for your child’s convenience. The storage space lets you keep your child’s personal belongings private and secured.

If you need a junior rollator, you can find the best ones at AvaCare Medical. Our highly trained customer service staff can help you choose the right children’s walkers with seats that are on the market, and they can also help you over the phone at 1-877-813-7799. Alternatively, you can reach them via online chat (during business hours only), or by email (both during and after hours). Give us a call now; we’d love to hear from you!