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Big Wheel Walkers / Outdoor Walker With Large Wheels

Consider purchasing a big wheel walker if you’re interested in a walker that is designed for use both indoors and out. These large wheel walkers can be used on multiple terrains. Outdoor walkers with big wheels can also help to maintain more stability for users with limited mobility. If one needs to purchase outdoor walkers with big wheels that can be used on grass, gravel, and even rougher surfaces, check out the selection at AvaCare Medical! Read more...

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  1. Simplicity 2 Rollator
    Simplicity 2 Rollator
    Starting at $158.79
  2. Nova Zoom Rolling Walker
    Nova Zoom Rolling Walker
    Starting at $243.69
  3. Crosstour Rolling Walker
    Crosstour Rolling Walker
    Starting at $220.78
  4. Bariatric Rollator with Carry Pouch
  5. Rolling Walker, 38-3/4" x 26" x 27"
  6. HybridLX Rollator Transport Chair
    HybridLX Rollator Transport Chair
    Starting at $250.90
  7. Basic Steel Rollators
    Basic Steel Rollators
    Starting at $75.36
  8. Big Wheel Rollators
    Big Wheel Rollators
    Starting at $115.24
  9. Guardian Envoy 480 Deluxe Rollator
    Guardian Envoy 480 Deluxe Rollator
    Starting at $141.94
  10. Basic Rollators
    Basic Rollators
    Starting at $81.36
  11. Deluxe Comfort Rollator
    Deluxe Comfort Rollator
  12. Guardian Bariatric Rollator
    Guardian Bariatric Rollator

Items 1-12 of 21

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Why are Big Wheel Walkers So Important?

Many rollators with 8 inch wheels are considered to be “big wheeled”. They are often also considered to be “all-terrain” or “outdoor” rollators. These rollators with large wheels have numerous benefits that can help patients who are elderly as well as those with slight handicaps in order to be mobile again. While some people would have to use a walker (such as those who need a bit more stability and can’t put as much weight on their own feet), large wheel rollators are meant to handle weight, and can travel across a larger multitude of terrains. 

What is the Difference Between Small and Big Wheel Walkers?

A rollator with big wheels is meant to be used everywhere, whereas those with smaller wheels are more developed and used indoors or on smooth surfaces. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t bariatric models with small wheels. of course, but it does mean that the biggest difference is what kind of terrain a person could cover.

Another thing to note about a rollator walker with large wheels is that they can allow for faster travel. This can prove incredibly important for those seeking to maintain not only their mobility, but also their efficiency. 

What are Some Benefits of Large Wheel Walkers?

Many 4-wheel walkers have 8-inch wheels to provide a great deal of benefits. Some rollators even have 10-inch wheels. Naturally, these walkers with seats and big wheels are some of the best rollators for outdoor use, but a plethora of other benefits also come with these rollators.

Extremely Durable

One thing to note especially is that all of the rollator walkers with 8-inch wheels are made only of high-quality, medical-grade materials. Of course, depending on what the frame is made of (aluminum, steel, or titanium), the price may be higher or lower relative to your budget. If a person is going for the best of the best, then they should choose a model with titanium or steel. However, nobody should ever disregard the strength of medical aluminum – it’s one of the most popular alloys in the medical industry for equipment due to its unique strength.

Easier to Steer and Maneuver

Big-wheel walkers with seats and large wheels are much easier to steer than those that have smaller wheels. They are surprisingly easy to maneuver and many people praise their abilities to improve the turn radius of a 4-wheel walker. Many 3-wheel walkers also have larger wheels which helps the turn radius and maneuverability of the walkers.

Rollator walkers with 8-inch Wheels are Comfortable and Lightweight

Most lightweight rollators with 8-inch wheels have seats with padded cushions and ergonomic grips to ensure maximum efficiency and comfort for the user. At the same time, their ability to be extremely lightweight adds to their value and to their ease of use. Most people choose rollators because they can generally walk faster than they can with a regular walker, and in the event that a person needs to lift the rollator off the ground, they can do so with ease and minimal effort. The key is that rollators don’t require the constant need to lift them as walkers do. This is said to add to user comfort, stability, and help reduce fatigue

8” Wheel Walkers Are Still Portable

One item that makes outdoor rollators unique, aside from being lightweight, is that they are completely portable. Just like other models, it’s a good thing to know that outdoor rollator walkers with big wheels can still be folded up for storage when in use. This makes them perfect for travel and even for storing away in a trunk or car.

Transport Models Offer Dual Purposes

One of the most unique of all rollators with 10-inch wheels is that of a dual translator. This is essentially a transport chair and rollator built into one hybrid unit. It allows for not only seating a person, should they get tired, but it also can help those whose caregiver plays a significant role in their transportation. They have special footrests that fold down and swing away when not needed and even fold-down armrests to help ensure that a user is properly taken care of and comfortable during transport.

The Price is Cheaper than Wheelchairs

Of course, there are some budgetable manual wheelchairs available here at AvaCare Medical, but a user may not want this. Some models are available in our inventory at less than $100 and may cost upwards of $300, but this is a very reasonable price considering that some large alternatives may cost as much as $1,100. There are a few determining factors when it comes to cost, and they are:

  • Whether the product is lightweight or not (or ultra lightweight).
  • How many wheels the rollator walker has.
  • Whether the outdoor walker with big wheels has a large weight capacity.
  • The materials used to make the frames and parts.
  • Accessories that the walker may come with.

If you are looking for the best big wheel walkers in the country, then one can easily look first at our inventory. Understanding your needs and the available solutions serves to ensure that you are satisfied with your eventual choice. If you should have any questions, we are here and can answer emails, the telephone, and even a live chat request on-site! For additional information, you can always look at our numerous buying guides that can help you make your decision. Call today and place your order, and don’t forget that we offer free shipping!