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Rollators for Sale / Best Rollator Prices

Find rollators for sale now on AvaCare Medical! Many senior citizens and disabled people live on a fixed monthly income, so if they need a rollator, they want to ensure that the cost is within budget. Our warehouses are stocked with numerous rollator walkers for sale that can be used to provide you excellent walking assistance and provide you with the convenience and stability you need! Starting out at just under $70, our reasonably priced rollators are manufactured by some of the leading brands in the US. Read more...

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  1. McKesson 4 Wheel Rollator Steel Frame
    McKesson 4 Wheel Rollator Steel Frame
    Starting at $98.22
  2. McKesson 4 Wheel Rollator Aluminum Frame
    McKesson 4 Wheel Rollator Aluminum Frame
    Starting at $89.75
  3. Walkabout Wide 4-Wheel Rollator
    Walkabout Wide 4-Wheel Rollator
    Starting at $128.44
  4. Walkabout Lite 4-Wheel Rollator
    Walkabout Lite 4-Wheel Rollator
    Starting at $116.22
  5. Junior Rollator with Padded Seat
    Junior Rollator with Padded Seat
    Starting at $114.93
  6. Extended Uprights for Adult Safety Rollers
  7. Basic Steel Rollators
    Basic Steel Rollators
    Starting at $75.36
  8. Basic Rollators
    Basic Rollators
    Starting at $81.36
  9. Rollator with 6" Wheels and Removable Back Support
  10. Steel Rollator with Fold Up Removable Back Support
  11. Rollator with 6" Wheels
    Rollator with 6" Wheels
    Starting at $90.38
  12. Viverity Deluxe Height Adjustable Rollator black
    Out of Stock

Items 1-12 of 22

Set Descending Direction

Frequently Asked Questions

Many people often have questions when it comes to purchasing inexpensive walkers with (or without) seats. Therefore, it’s important that all of your questions are answered accurately. Many wheeled walkers that are lower-priced have the same great benefits as their more expensive counterparts, making them not only cost-effective, but great additions to your mobility strategy.

Are Lower-Priced Walkers and Rollators High-Quality?

Cheap rollators have all of the same benefits, and are still made with high quality materials. Even our lowest priced walkers are constructed from high grade steel or aluminum, and can support up to 300 pounds. Discounted 4-wheel walkers have excellent safety features, so the user can rest assured that they are safe despite the fact that they’re using an inexpensive rollator walker. Brands like McKesson, Medline, Guardian, Drive Medical, and Carex have some of the highest reviews in terms of their top-quality products, and they understand that providing affordable assistance to those in need is vitally important.

What are Rollators Missing?

Rolling walkers aren’t necessarily missing anything vital that other high-priced walkers have. One of the primary factors that some people claim they’re missing is the stylishness that some alternatives may have. They also may or may not be made of the same materials as the higher priced walkers, such as those made of titanium that come with accessories (like a can holder) already on them. However, even our cheapest rollator walker with a seat comes with the same safety features, and even a convenient underseat basket to help users keep their personal belongings or medical necessities with them if needed.

What Affects the Cost of a Rollator Walker with a Seat?

There are numerous factors that can affect the price of rollator walkers with seats. Depending on the discount seated walker a person should purchase, as well as the style and more, there are a few things that come to mind primarily that can affect rollator cost. Some of these are:

Lightweight and Frame Options

Many lightweight walker rollators that are on sale are just as lightweight as their most expensive alternatives. One determining factor, though, is that depending on the alloy, the style of the frame, and just how much material is used to make them more lightweight, the rollator walker’s price can be influenced. For example, one may pay more for a “featherweight” rollator as compared to one that weighs the same but has a differently styled frame.

Foldability and Portability

Sometimes even the portability of seated walkers can determine the rolling walker’s price tag. Of course, almost all rollators are foldable, but depending on how they actually fold, as well as how compact they can be made to fold down to, can also add some to the dollar value and increase the rolling walker’s cost. One may end up paying more for a rolling walker that can be compacted into an extremely small size than they would for one that simply folds up.

Included Accessories

Accessories are always important, and most walkers with seats come with one or several accessories. While some rollator accessories purchased separately may be inexpensive, having a walker with more attachments and accessories that come with them may increase the price of the rollator walker for sale. Even factors such as the type of seat (depending on the materials, cushioning, thickness, etc.) can affect the cost as well.

Weight Capacity and Multi-Purpose Walkers

As with frame and the portability options, the weight capacity can also greatly affect just how much a rollator will cost. Also, walkers that have multi-use capabilities will generally cost more than a basic rollator. For example, if a user needs a rolling walker that doubles as a transport chair, they can expect such versions to cost more because they have added functionality. Bariatric models are also often wider, feature heavier-duty frames, and may have larger components which result in a higher price. Of course, there are discount rollator models available that cost less than others, but these are generally more expensive than the basic models that we have available in our inventory.

Size of the Walker

Most walkers are at least somewhat adjustable in height and size. Even if they are not extremely adjustable, they will usually come with various seat-to-floor heights or even total product heights. The general rule of thumb is that the larger the walker is, and the more that it weighs, the higher the price that a customer will have to pay for it. Some walkers have advanced adjustability options, and because these are sometimes considered “extra features”, this can increase the rollator prices as well.

The Same Great Benefits as Others

As mentioned earlier, many benefits are to be gained by using a rolling walker. Some people actually transition to rollator from a regular medical walker simply because it allows them a little more flexibility and mobility than walkers. Regular walkers somewhat inhibit how fast users can walk, and they can actually get quite exhausting for certain elderly or handicapped people due to the constant need to lift them and move them forward. Rollators don’t require this, and in turn, can simply allow the user to walk without having to pull up on them at all. As a matter of fact, it is recommended that users bear some weight straight down on the device while walking to ensure that they don’t roll forward too fast.


Here at AvaCare Medical, we want to ensure that even if you are on a budget, you can find rollators for sale that are affordable! If you need to speak to someone about which exact model or manufacturer suits you best, we can help. Give us a call today and get the best discount rollator you can find nationwide! We ship rolling walkers to all 48 continental states, free of charge!