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Rollator Accessories / Rollator Walker Parts

Sometimes, when purchasing a new rollator, there are accessories that your rollator doesn’t come with, but that you feel would add so much to your experience. On the same note, sometimes a rollator needs a little bit of maintenance, and one needs to be able to find rollator walker parts in order to accommodate these repairs. Fortunately, AvaCare Medical has a special line of both accessories and parts that can benefit users who need these items. Read more...

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  1. Replacement Seat for RJ4301 Rollator
  2. Basket for MDS86825 Rollator
  3. Nitro Rollator Cup Holder Attachment
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5 Items

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Why Users May Need Rollator Parts

Over time, roller walkers may need to have small parts replaced. It can be quite costly to purchase a brand new walker when all one would really need to do is simply order some rollator replacement parts. The main hurdle, however, is trying to find where you can buy rollator spare parts, and then determining which rollator replacement parts you actually need. 

One of the most common components that end up becoming worn over time is the rollator seat. When this happens, being able to find a suitable seat for your rollator walker is extremely important. Here at AvaCare Medical, we carry rollator replacement seats for the RJ4301 model, and it may actually fit certain other rollators as well. Other rollator walker replacement parts may be needed as well, such as baskets, holders, and even accessory hooks, as these plastic parts are often prone to breaking. there's no need to spend a fortune when they need replacement parts. 

Why Rollator Walker Accessories Are Necessary

If a user is handicapped or disabled, roller walker accessories are essential, since they allow them to keep their personal items as close as possible. These add-ons allow users to do so while still being able to use their walkers. For example, if a user utilizes a cup holder, they can still put a sports bottle or cup with a lid in it while on the go or while remaining stationary during resting periods.

There is a wide variety of accessories for walkers with or without seats. These roller walker parts and accessories may include carrying baskets or under-seat bags. The aforementioned are actually some of the more common 4-wheel walker accessories. The important thing to point out is that users of 3-wheel walkers shouldn’t be left out, and they should have access to accessories that make use of their walkers more convenient as well. Some 3-wheel walker accessories include either attachments that can go on the handlebars or even mobility lights for additional safety.

Roller Walker Accessory Options

As briefly mentioned above, a variety of options exist that can be used on an individual’s walker in order to help them have a more convenient trip. AvaCare Medical carries the most common rollator walker parts and accessories, to accommodate as many users as possible. Some of these options are even universal, meaning they may be used on all different models of walkers as well! Some accessories are not only built for additional convenience and comfort, but also for additional security and to aid in more mobility and medical necessity. Examples include walking canes, oxygen tanks, breathing apparatuses, and even respiratory kits.

Rollator Walker Baskets

Rolling walker baskets are an extremely important and frequently used rollator walker accessory. Baskets for rolling walkers with seats help to keep items such as purses, wallets, and more both reachable and secure for their users since they’re often attached to the seats. These under seat baskets for walkers usually come with the 4-wheel walker models, but there are several 4-wheel walkers that don’t come with such baskets. The selection of three-wheel rollators with walker baskets attached to them is a bit smaller, so if you’re interested in a 3-wheeled model, it is more likely that you’ll need to purchase a walker basket separately.

When looking for a basket for a rollator walker, be sure to check that it will fit a rolling walker correctly. Although many of these rolling walker baskets are designed for one particular model, many prove to be somewhat universal. The main factor to keep in mind during your search for a rollator basket is the measurements; be sure the width and length are ideal, so that the basket will fit the rollator properly from all sides.

Rollator Bags

Rollator walker bags are often purchased as an additional accessory. These bags for walkers with seats are often attached under the seat. These popular rollator accessories are considered a little better than baskets in some cases, because they obscure their contents (such as personal belongings) from view. Most bags can be snapped onto the frame of any roller. 

Cup Holders for Convenience

Cup holders for rollator walkers add a tremendous benefit by providing a place for users to put their drinks. Cup holders are undeniably practical, and therefore widely sought by almost every person who uses rollators. Most cup holder attachments simply snap into place on the frame or hand bars of a rollator to help users. They can easily hold most plastic cups, coffee cups with lids, and even some soda cans and bottles. 

Replacement Seats

Rollator seats are often made with a vinyl protective cover, a layer of foam, and a foam or particle wood board underneath. Numerous elements can indeed damage seats, such as UV light, air which is too hot and dry, and, of course, excessive water or moisture. If a user’s seat begins to degrade or fade over time, then it may need to be replaced. 

Other common reasons to replace a seat is if it gets waterlogged or if it begins to decompose due to age. The protective seat cover may end up starting to crack over time. In this case, finding a good replacement seat for a person’s rollator walker can ensure that they have a high quality replacement solution to aid in comfort. Most walker seats are an average of 18 inches wide and long, so if a person should want to add even more comfort to their walker seat, they may consider purchasing a wheelchair cushion that fits their seat appropriately.

Do All Parts Fit Every Rollator?

While there are some items that can be used universally, most accessories and replacement parts are considered to be manufacturer-specific, and a person should do extensive research in order to determine the cross-brand compatibility of different parts and accessories.

At AvaCare Medical, we want to ensure that anyone can get the rollator accessories and rollator walker parts that they need. If you are looking for one that you don’t see on our website, you can always give one of our service representatives a call at 1-877-813-7799. We’ll do everything we can to help you!