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Wheelchair Walker / Rollator Transport Chair

Wheelchair walkers, also known as rollator transport chairs, are one of the most practical and innovative mobility products to be found. AvaCare Medical has dual wheelchairs and walkers available from reputable mobility product manufacturers such as Drive and Medline. Find rollator walker wheelchair combos such as the Duet Transport Wheelchair Rollator Walker at great prices on AvaCare Medical now! Read more...

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What is a Rollator Wheelchair Walker?

A rollator walker wheelchair combo is a walker that converts to a wheelchair. This two-in-one mobility device functions as both a transport chair and a rollator. This is very advantageous for elderly and disabled folks, who wish to retain their independence but still want the security of having a wheelchair nearby, for when they need to sit down. 

With a rollator wheelchair walker, you can continue traveling even while tired, since the caregiver can push you; remember, it’s like a wheelchair in that sense! The walker transport chair is great for anyone who would appreciate having a place to sit for some duration of the trip. It features handbrakes, and either removable or slide-away footrests for the user to rest his feet on either while taking a break or while being pushed by the caregiver.

Safety Tip #1: If you aren’t going to be pushed by the caregiver while you sit, lock the brakes before sitting down!

Rollator Transport Chairs Vs Regular Rollators

Rollator transport chairs and regular rollators can both be used as a walker and as a chair to sit on to rest, but rollator transport chairs have an added benefit. Rollator transport chairs, unlike regular rollators, can be pushed by a caregiver whenever the need arises. It comes with either removable or swing-away footrests and armrests mainly for that reason. 

Benefits of the Rollator Transport Chairs

There are many inherent advantages that users of rollator transport chairs can benefit from. These perks make transport rollators quite popular! Here are just several reasons why rollator transport chair combo are so well-liked by our customers. 

Benefit #1: Concentration

A walker transport chair combo allows the person to remain active and fully focused, without worrying about what will be if he needs to sit. He doesn’t have to think about where he could sit should he begin to feel tired out; instead, he can concentrate on getting where he needs to go, and enjoying the trip there, secure in the knowledge that he has his transport chair and rollator all in one to depend on whenever necessary. 

Benefit #2: Cost-Efficient

Another commonly touted benefit of hybrid walker wheelchairs is that they are quite cost-efficient. Instead of spending on two mobility products, which can cost you or your patient hundreds of dollars, you can rather invest in a high quality walker and wheelchair in one. This lets you save your hard-earned money, without compromising in the least!

Benefit #3: Quick Conversion

The walker and wheelchair combo is not a complicated product that will take tedious effort to assemble and disassemble. Actually, it’s rather easy to use; it transforms from one mode to the next within minutes. This is conducive to the user’s safety, since when the person feels a need to sit down, every second counts. The faster the rollator walker and transport chair combo can convert between modes, the more safe and easy-to-use the wheelchair is. 

Benefit #4: Conducive for Indoor & Outdoor Use

Combination rollator transport chairs are quite convenient; they can be utilized both indoors and outside. Use your wheelchair transport chair to whip up a salad in the kitchen, and then take a walk with it to the park. Of course, it can also be used for trips to the doctor’s office, outings with friends, and even a day at the mall. 

Benefit #5: Conserves Space

By choosing a hybrid rollator transport chair, you’re picking a product that will help you save not only financially, but in another way, as well: A wheelchair and walker combo enables you to save space. If you’re short on packing space, or you don’t want two mobility aids taking up room in your apartment, a 2-in-1 walker wheelchair is a great option for you. 

Guide to Choosing a Rollator Walker Wheelchair Combo

Buying a rollator walker wheelchair combo is an investment. Sure, it’ll cost you a lot less than if you purchase a walker and a wheelchair, but that even so, no quality mobility aid is cheap, and therefore, it’s important to spend wisely. You want a walker and transport chair that will provide you with the most support and pleasurable experiences possible. In order to help you find such a transport walker wheelchair, be sure to read some rollator transport chair reviews. Also, our team of mobility experts has put together this short, but highly informative guide for you! 

Walker Wheelchair Weight Capacity

This is the first factor to check for. It’s best not to assume that the dual transport wheelchair rollator walker has the right weight capacity for your needs; instead, do yourself a favor and check. It is important to ascertain that the rollator and transport chair combination has the right weight capacity for your needs; this is imperative for your safety and ensures that the dual rollator transport chair is appropriately supportive for you. 

Walker Wheelchair Actual Weight

If you’ll be taking the walker wheelchair along on trips, and using it for travel relatively frequently, a good idea would be to check the product details and see how much the combination wheelchair and walker in one weighs. You want a combination walker and wheelchair that is predominantly supportive, but also easy to transport. Someone is going to be lifting the dual walker and wheelchair into the vehicle; be sure it is light enough that that person will be able to put it in the trunk without too much exertion. 

Wheel Size

If you’re planning on using your 2-in-1 rollator and transport chair outdoors a lot, then look for one with larger wheels that measure 8 inches or more in circumference. Bigger wheels allow for more smooth transport over rough outdoor terrain. If you plan on just using the wheelchair walker with a seat indoors, the wheel size will not make much of a difference. 

Type of Armrests

There are various types of armrests; some are a bit high up, some look almost like standard wheelchair armrests, and others have padded flip-up armrests. Check the pictures carefully to see how the armrests of the two in one walker wheelchair are positioned when the user is sitting.This will enable you to choose a walker wheelchair with armrests that allow you to rest up and regain your strength in a most comfortable and relaxing manner.

Seat Style & Size

Most people don’t find it comfortable to sit on a hard surfaced seat for more than several minutes at a time, so if you plan on using your walker as a wheelchair for longer periods of time; be sure to choose a seat with padding. Of course, check the size of the seat to be sure it can fit you comfortably. If it’s too small, it will be uncomfortable, and if it’s cavernous, you may slide around a bit, and that can be a safety threat. Also, see what material the seat (and backrest) of the wheelchair with a walker is comprised of, and find out if it’s waterproof. 

Safety Tip #2: Keep in mind that while transforming your wheelchair won’t take long, it will take a minute, so don’t wait to convert the walker wheelchair until you feel like you need to sit down immediately.

Width of Walker Wheelchair

If you’ll be using the rollator and wheelchair in one indoors, find out how wide it is so that you can be sure it’ll fit through the doorways and hallways of your home. If you plan on using the dual rollator walker only outdoors, for longer distances, then this isn’t as important. 

Find the best walker wheelchairs on AvaCare Medical today! No, we don’t have a huge selection of countless 2 in 1 rollators; we’d rather not waste your time. We’ve only offered you options that are worthy of your consideration, such as the Duet Walker Transport Chair and Rollator Combo. Our carefully curated selection includes only the most durable rolling walker wheelchair combinations that are from reputable brands. 

Save space and money by choosing a transport rollator walker wheelchair combination, and get it at AvaCare Medical so that you can save time on browsing, as well! No need to look through endless product listings; your time is worth more than that. And, of course, when you shop for your wheelchair walker combo at AvaCare Medical, you’ll get fast and free shipping!

Questions? Concerns? Comments? Call our customer care team at (877) 813-7799. They’ll be happy to be of assistance while you find the best walker wheelchair for your needs!