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Small Walker With Seat / Small Rollator

Users with smaller builds should consider their size when choosing a walker. Certain models are tailored especially for these individuals. AvaCare Medical has an extensive line of small rollators for sale at great prices. From compact rollator walkers to rollators for children, these small, seated models can help provide so many mobility benefits for young and old individuals alike. Read more...

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  1. Nova Zoom Rolling Walker
    Nova Zoom Rolling Walker
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  2. Lumex Walkabout Four Wheel Hemi Rollator, 23-1/2" x 21-1/2", Royal Blue
  3. Junior Rollator with Padded Seat
    Junior Rollator with Padded Seat
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  4. Basic Rollators
    Basic Rollators
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  5. Viverity Deluxe Height Adjustable Rollator black
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  6. Walkabout 4-Wheel Hemi Rollator
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  7. Walkabout Junior 4-Wheel Rollator
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7 Items

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What is a Small Walker with a Seat?

Small walkers with seats are shorter than standard ones. They go by many names; sometimes they’re called petite walkers, compact rollators, or compact walkers, and other times they’re referred to as junior walkers. These models serve a niche segment of our satisfied customers. These rollator walkers designed for short persons are optimized to provide all of the same benefits that standard walkers would, but are more small and compact in design. Some users have small rolling walkers because they are short in height; often below the height of 5’4”.

What makes these rollators compact is the combination of the frame itself, the wheels, and the seat height. Compact walkers with seats often have a lower seat-to-floor height than standard models or have adjustable seat heights to accommodate those who are either just a little bit taller or shorter. Some of the benefits that a compact walker with a seat can provide are:

Increased Mobility and Maneuverability

Small lightweight rollators are made to increase mobility for users who may have some trouble getting around. As a result of their compact size, these small rollator walkers help those with walking difficulties to not only move faster than regular walkers, but also maneuver better around corners or tight spaces.

  • Affordable Price: A compact walker with wheels uses much less in terms of materials since it is lightweight and has a smaller frame. The good thing about this is that it often proves cheaper than a standard walker or bariatric walker of the same design. 
  • Portability Options: A small compact walker seat, such as the Nimbo Walker’s small frame, can offer mobility to children since it is so small in size. Moreover, it can be folded up into a small profile, making storage a breeze. Almost all compact walkers for elderly and disabled people can be folded up in order to be put away when not in use or to allow for easier travel. This is convenient when one needs to go on trips where a person doesn’t need a transport chair or electric wheelchair requiring a lift. Fold and go compact walkers can also be excellent for travel because they can fit into airline luggage compartments, and can even be used as a carry-on.
  • Advanced Durability: One must not be discouraged by the fact that a compact rollator uses fewer materials. Even the smallest folding rollator on the market is extremely durable and offers exceptional weight-bearing capacity, because it is made from medical grade materials. The price of small folding rollators varies depending on the material used. The most common materials are aluminum, steel, or titanium (in order from the least to most expensive). However, all of these are extremely durable metals. Most compact rollators with seats can have a weight capacity of 250 to 300 pounds, which is suitable for most people. Many bariatric models can easily hold up to 500 pounds, or even more than that. Of course, if a short person needs one of these, they have to make sure that the seats are height adjustable as well. 
  • Increased Balance and Support: By having increased mobility, small 4-wheel walkers also provide exceptional balance and support. While a rollator may not be for everyone, these small rollators with seats offer a firm grip and can help to increase a person’s balance, supporting their weight in order to give them the ultimate walking experience possible.
  • Designed for Short Individuals: Small walkers with seats are made primarily for shorter people and children. The typical seat-to-floor height is often 20 inches, and some models can adjust to accommodate multiple heights. The wheels are a bit smaller on many models. Of course, some models feature 8-inch wheels meant for handling and navigating multiple terrains. However, for shorter users, having wheels of about 6 inches can accomplish the same result. Junior rollators and other petite rollators are excellent for anyone from about 4’8” all the way up to just above 5’ because their handles are compact as well. Many of these walker rollators also feature adjustable wheels and handlebars.
  • Provides a Place to Rest: One of the most popular features on the best rollators is the seats. Many rollators come with backrests, and some can come with a detachable one. Either way, the seat is the most notable item on a rollator, and it’s something that standard walkers don’t have. This is meant to provide users who have trouble walking longer distances with comfort and the ability to rest. With a walker, a person has to sometimes search for a place to sit down; with a small rollator walker, they have a seat that is close nearby, and always accessible. Having a small rollator with a seat can help to improve stamina, since it gives the user the option to sit down, rest, and then continue walking. It also reduces fatigue.

Is a Rollator for Everyone?

A rollator does not provide as much mobility as alternatives such as electric wheelchairs or mobility scooters. However, as far as regaining independence while walking goes, they do provide more mobility than standard walkers. If a person has pronounced difficulty with overall balance and stability, they may still greatly benefit from using a walker, especially if they need to bear more weight on the unit while trying to walk. Small rollator walkers can provide more benefits for users, however, because they don’t require the need to be lifted like walkers do. 

It’s very important for a user to read the manual carefully and learn how to utilize the hand brakes often. If a user stands too far behind his rollator, not only can he cause himself more discomfort and back pain, but he can also risk falling forward. If a person is sitting, it’s always recommended that a person use the locking wheel mechanisms on their compact walker with a seat.


Here at AvaCare Medical, we want to make sure that every customer can benefit from our line of small, seated walkers! We employ a professionally trained staff to help you choose the best small rollator for your needs. All you have to do is give us a call today!