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Tall Walker With Seat / Tall Rollator Walker

Check out the selection of tall walkers with seats on AvaCare Medical now! These tall rollator walkers are designed to provide individuals of above average height with the extra balance and support they require. Shop now for free shipping on your extra tall walker with a seat! Read more...

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According to studies, nearly 40% of seniors who are over 65 years of age fall each year.1 One in every 40 of these individuals end up being hospitalized due to the accident. This has major physical, social and psychological impact on the seniors, and on their families, as well. The physical effect is much worse than it would be if the person was younger in years, since any injury takes much longer to heal. 

Actually, taller people in particular are more likely to suffer from hip fractures, which are one of the most often reported injuries by elderly individuals still living independently.2 They are also more susceptible to falls altogether, due to certain laws of physics.

And one of the most basic, everyday activities most of us take for granted is an exercise that is often the cause of a senior suffering a fall. The activity being referred to here is walking. Since walking can be difficult and strenuous for seniors, and especially perilous for taller old people, it is important for them to utilize a mobility aid. But they can’t just use any mobility aid; in order for them to stay safe, they should be sure to get the walking aid that suits their physical capacity and their needs best, and use the device according to the instructions it comes with. This will ensure that the walking aid is as effective as possible in providing stable support. 

One of the most popular walking aids these days is a rollator. A rollator is the most commonly used walking aid in Sweden, the second-most commonly used aid in Canada, and quite a popular mobility aid choice in the US as well.

The main benefit of a rollator is that it allows the user to take rests whenever needed. Oftentimes, tall individuals who require use of a mobility aid find it difficult to stand or walk for long stretches of time. This can become problematic when they can’t find a place to sit down, and their feet are beginning to ache. A high rollator solves this issue; it has a seat so that no matter where the user travels to, he’ll still have a place to sit down. 

To assist individuals who are too tall to use a standard rollator, AvaCare Medical has a full selection of tall rollators, which are designed for use by people of above average height. 

What is a Tall Walker with a Seat?

A tall walker with a seat, alternatively referred to as a tall rolling walker or a rollator for a tall person, is a mobility aid with at least three longer-than-standard legs (most of these rollators are tall 4 wheeled walkers, but there are one or two options of 3 wheel walkers for tall persons). At least two (generally the rear wheels) of these legs have wheels. The tall rollator also features hand-grips for the caregiver to hold onto in order to push it, and it always comes with a seat for the user to rest on. The rear wheels of the tall rollator usually have manual brakes, which prevent it from sliding away from the user. 

Who Can Use Tall Walkers with Seats?

Tall walkers with seats are intended for use by individuals who are above 5 foot 10 inches, and have limited mobility, so that they require additional support while walking. The person using a tall rollator with a seat should have significant balancing ability, and enough arm function that he can steadily push it forward. Keep in mind that a rollator should preferably not be propelled by a caregiver; if you feel that you will oftentimes require your caregiver to take over, it is best to choose a rollator transport chair, which is another type of rollator, in which the patient can be pushed safely. 

For individuals who are tall as well as heavy, there are extra tall bariatric rollators, which can hold much more weight than any regular 3 or 4 wheel walker for tall persons. 

Primary Benefit of Using a Tall Rollator Walker

By using a tall rollator walker, the individual is ensuring that he is keeping himself as safe as possible. Using a mobility aid that isn’t the right size is extremely ill-advised, since it makes falls significantly more probable. 

Researchers have seen that for people over age 75, walking with a rollator is great exercise; it's considered to be an aerobic activity for these elderly folks!

The third benefit of using a a 4 wheel walker with a seat for tall persons is that it allows the user to take a seat and rest when he needs to. This allows tall people, who often suffer from back aches3 and other pains, to relax sore muscles when necessary. 

Guide to Finding Right Size Tall Rollator

As previously mentioned, finding the right size rollator is critical. Although all of these are intended for use as rolling walkers for tall persons, most of them, like tall individuals themselves, vary slightly in height. In order for you to find the right size tall rollator, you follow the instructions immediately below.

  1. Wear your everyday shoes that you plan on wearing when using your tall rollator. 
  2. Stand straight, and let your arms hang naturally on your sides. 
  3. Have a friend, family member or caregiver measure the distance between the floor and your wrist.

You’ll want to look for a tall rollator whose height is as close as possible to that measurement. (The handles should be that distance from the ground.)

Another tip for finding the right size rollator walker with a seat for a tall person would be to choose one that is height adjustable, so that you can set the tall rollator so that it is the proper height for you. 

If you’re looking for an extra tall rollator walker with a seat, you can finally stop searching; you’ve found the right place! AvaCare Medical has an extensive selection of rollators for any tall man or woman that can fit most budgets and meet your preferences. With choices from reputable brands such as Lumex, Drive Medical, Briggs, and other top names in the medical manufacturing industry, when you get a tall rolling walker with a seat, from AvaCare Medical, you know you’re getting one you can depend on! 

Call our customer care team or send them an email at [email protected] now for friendly, expert assistance in finding the best rollator walker for tall persons that we can find for you