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Adjustable Canes / Adjustable Walking Canes

Adjustable canes are available in many different styles on AvaCare Medical now. Our canes come in different sizes, with various handles, and distinct features. Choose from our curated selection of high quality adjustable walking canes today! Read more...

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What is an Adjustable Cane?

An adjustable cane is a cane that has the ability to be adjusted to any height within a specified range. Adjustable canes are one of the most popular types of canes utilized by seniors; they help individuals with limited mobility to get around and accomplish daily tasks. 

Who Should Use an Adjustable Cane?

Adjustable canes are canes with a height adjustment capability. They are most often used to provide individuals with limited mobility with walking assistance. Adjustable walking sticks for elderly or disabled people (or anyone else who requires their use) are not designed for those with very low mobility; they are for individuals who only need one-sided assistance. (If someone needs two-sided assistance, he should rather choose a walker over a cane.)

Most often, adjustable aluminum walking canes are utilized by elderly individuals. However, they are also often utilized by people with disabilities or balancing issues, or who are for whatever reason currently in physical therapy. An individual with a prosthetic leg will likely use a cane; he’ll keep it on the side of the good leg. 

Parts of Adjustable Canes

An adjustable cane is comprised of several components; a shaft, a tip (aka ferrule), a collar, a handle, and a height adjustment button.

  • Shaft: The shaft of the adjustable cane is the actual ‘stick;’ the long part of the cane that extends from the handle to the tip of the cane. 
  • Collar: The adjustable cane's collar is a piece that distantly resembles a ring, that is placed between the cane shaft and the cane handle.
  • Tip or Ferrule: The tip (or ferrule) of any type of cane is the piece placed over the bottom of the cane, which prevents the bottom end of the cane from becoming worn or rubbed out. 
  • Wrist Strap: The wrist strap is a very practical component of the cane. The cane user can sling his arm through the wrist strap, so that the cane will be less likely to fall down. 
  • Height Adjustment Button: The height adjustment button allows for the cane to be adjusted to the proper cane height. This button can usually be found somewhere on the shaft. 
  • Handle: The handle of an assistive cane is one of the biggest factors in determining the users’ comfort. There are quite a few different style handles; each featuring distinct benefits.You can choose the handle you want based on your preferences. Read on for a summary of each kind of handle so that you can make an educated decision about which handle you’d prefer for your cane.
    • Offset Handle: The offset handle is very comfortable; it features a soft rubber grip that is easy to grasp. It is created in a way that allows it to distribute the weight of the user in the entire offset handle area; not merely on the rubber grip.
    • Derby Handle: The Derby handle is similar to the Fritz handle; it is perpendicular to the shaft so that the Derby handle and the shaft make up a ‘T’ shape. However, the top of the ‘T’ is not straight - it has a wavy shape. 
    • Fritz Handle: The Fritz handle has an even deeper curve; it has an elegant, sophisticated aesthetic appeal. Aside from its visual appeal, the design of this handle is also practical - individuals with arthritis find this handle to be very comfortable due to its shape. 
    • Palm Grip Handle: A palm grip handle is contoured in a way that the palm of the hand fits over it almost like it fits into the bottom of a glove. There are two main types of palm grip handles; there is a palm grip handle cane made for use by the right hand, and one that is designed to be clutched by the left hand. 
    • Tourist Handle: This is a basic cane choice. Although originally used by shepherds in days of yore, this cane is still common, due to the undeniable fact that it works. It’s simple, yet supportive. 
    • Orthopedic Handle: The orthopedic handle helps the user with balance. It is easy to hold, and extremely supportive. 

How to Choose an Adjustable Cane

Are you searching for an orthopedic cane that is adjustable? Here are some tips you may be interested in finding out about, on the topic of what to look for when choosing an adjustable cane. You can keep these facts in mind while you browse around for the perfect walking cane with an adjustable height. 

Adjustability Range

Although, obviously, all adjustable canes are adjustable, different adjustable canes feature different ranges of adjustability. Rather than assuming that the adjustable cane one is viewing comes with the proper range of adjustability for the user’s needs, once should ascertain that the aforementioned is accurate, and the adjustable cane will be suitable. 

Weight Capacity

Since the user will be walking around holding the adjustable cane, he should make sure it isn’t too heavy for him to handle. Although a heavier cane will sometimes be more sturdy than one that is very lightweight, it is unnecessary to get a cane that is heavier than one requires it to be. The cane should be able to hold the user’s weight, but shouldn’t have the capacity to hold too much more than that (since if it can, it will likely be very heavy). The cane should be created from materials that are able to hold weight, are not very heavy, and are designed to last.

Good Handle

As mentioned previously, there are many types of handles. One should try to find one that is easy to hold onto, won’t aggravate pressure points, and will distribute the person’s weight so that it’s easier to hold. 

Cane Type

There are many different types of adjustable canes: There are the standard ones, which feature a typical handle, shaft, tip and collar, and then there are other ones. There is an adjustable cane with a glow-in-the-dark handle and tip, so that one can see it even in circumstances where there is low visibility. There is an adjustable quad cane, which features a large, four-pronged base for extra support. AvaCare Medical also carries adjustable folding canes, and adjustable canes with seats with seats. There are many more canes to choose from as well; check out our site for more options!


Find the perfect adjustable cane for your requirements on AvaCare Medical now. Choose from canes in various sizes, with different ranges of adjustability, and with varying handle types. Whether you’re looking for an adjustable cane for a tall person, a women’s adjustable walking cane, or simply an adjustable metal cane, you can find what you’ve been searching for on AvaCare Medical. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email our customer care representatives at [email protected], or give us a call at 1.877.813.7799.