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Tall Walking Canes / Extra Tall Canes

Tall walking canes are quite practical for individuals with above-average height. They allow these people to walk comfortably, while being properly supported. AvaCare Medical has a full selection of tall canes, all available at reasonable prices. Shop now! Read more...

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With the abundant options of canes available today, finding the right one for your needs may feel overwhelming. However, there is one easy way to filter out countless canes from your selection: Figure out which height cane you need. And here’s how to accomplish just that!

  1. While standing, with shoes on, relax your arms so that they are hanging limply against your body. 
  2. Keep your upper arm in its natural position against your body, while bending your lower arm (below the elbow) so that it’s on a 15 degree angle
  3. Have someone measure the distance from the bottom crease at the wrist to the floor. 

As you may have realized, figuring out what cane size to choose is not too complicated at all. Actually, someone who is of average height will probably need a cane that is about 36 inches tall. Someone a bit shorter will need a cane that is of a lesser length, and someone who is taller than average will require a tall cane, which will be at least 37 inches in height, and can be longer than that, if necessary. 

Why Choose an Extra Tall Walking Cane?

The purpose of a cane is to make it easier for the user to move from one place to the next. If the cane is too short, the user will have to bend down in order to use it as he walks. Perpetually bending down while walking is not advised, since, aside from causing back and neck pain, as well as spinal deformities, it can easily cause one to lose his balance. For this reason, it is imperative for one to choose a sufficiently tall walking cane. 

Types of Extra Tall Walking Canes

There are several different types of extra tall walking canes. The difference is usually manifested primarily in the base, handle, or various other features of the cane. Here are some examples of tall canes which are comparable in height, but feature various dissimilarities. 


The base is the bottom tip of the cane. Here are the most popular base (aka tip) options for canes that are designed for tall people.

Quad Base: The quad base is extremely sturdy, since it features four tips, allowing for maximum balance support, and for the cane to stand on its own. AvaCare Medical actually has a full quad cane collection (which includes extra tall quad canes) for customers to choose from. 

Single Tip Base: This is the original, classic base canes always came with. It is not as supportive as some other more recent cane styles, but is definitely sturdy enough. There are countless such canes to choose from. 

Quad Tip-Wheel Combination: There is a quad cane that has two standard tips one side, and two wheels on the opposite side. The wheels allow the patient to move the cane without even having to lift it, and the two standard legs act as brakes. 


Every extra tall cane doesn’t come with an identical handle; there are several different handles tall canes will feature.

Offset Handle: The offset cane handle helps the user to stay balanced, since it distributes the user’s weight across a larger area, making it easier for the user. 

Fritz Handle: The Fritz handle cane is an elegantly styled yet supportive cane handle. It is a horizontally shaped piece, with a slight curve for more sophistication and increased comfort. 

Tourist Handle: This is the cane that preceded most others. It features a crook at the top, which allows one to sling it over his arm or put it against a surface in a way that it won’t topple. Originally clutched by shepherds, this cane has withstood time due to the undeniable support and practical hook it provides users with. 

Other Features

There are also some other features a cane can come with which will differentiate it from most other canes for tall persons. For instance, there are adjustable canes for tall persons. This means that one can change the length of the cane to exactly what suits him by merely pushing a button. Then there are cane which feature a replaceable grip, so that when the grip gets worn out, instead of buying a new cane, the person can simply order a new cane grip. This makes the aforementioned cane quite a cost-efficient option. Another type of tall cane is the bariatric tall cane, which can support up to 700 pounds of weight. 

Some canes come with wrist straps, for convenient carrying, and others feature silencers, to make it easier on one’s ears. You can check out our tall cane collection for even more options!

Extra Tall Cane Styles

Extra tall canes are available in various colors and styles on AvaCare Medical. There are standard black canes, sleek aluminum canes, and stylish chrome canes. The choice of which color and style cane to choose depends primarily on personal preference. 

Are you about six feet tall, or perhaps even taller than that? Are you interested in a walking cane for a tall person, which is the right length, so that it will provide you with proper support? Then you’ve come to the right place. AvaCare Medical, the favorite online medical supplies store of millions of satisfied seniors across the United States, has a selection of extra tall walking canes for tall men and women for you to browse through. On our site, you can find the cane you need with the features you prefer. Choose an extra long walking cane that will allow you to stride with your back straight; confidently and smoothly. 

If you have any questions you’d like answered or concerns you want to allay, call us at 1.877.813.7799, or contact us by email at [email protected]. Our friendly customer care representatives will assist you capably and efficiently. Call now!