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Stand Up Canes / Self Standing Canes

Choose from a large selection of stand up canes, also known as self standing canes, on AvaCare Medical now. These canes are quite practical since they are able to remain in an upright position without having to lean against anything. Read more...

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  1. McKesson Quad Cane
    McKesson Quad Cane
    Starting at $38.94
  2. Lumex Low Profile Quad Cane with Small Base
    Lumex Low Profile Quad Cane with Small Base
    Starting at $18.37
  3. Designer Quad Cane, Small Base
    Designer Quad Cane, Small Base
    Starting at $34.42
  4. Large Base Offset Quad Cane
    Large Base Offset Quad Cane
    Starting at $36.40
  5. Switch Sticks Quad Stick Walking Aid
    Switch Sticks Quad Stick Walking Aid
    Starting at $66.00
  6. Grand Line Quad Cane with Wheels
    Grand Line Quad Cane with Wheels
    Starting at $349.80
  7. Alex Orthopedic Small Base Quad Cane
    Alex Orthopedic Small Base Quad Cane
    Starting at $20.82
  8. Pediatric Straight-Neck Tripod Cane with Reinforced Cross Sections, Blue
  9. Aluminum Folding Cane, Blue Waves, 33" - 37" Height Adjustment, Mini Quad Cane Tip
  10. Self Standing Cane Tip
    Self Standing Cane Tip
  11. Carex Xtra Bariatric Quad Cane, Small Base, 500Lb
  12. HealthSmart Sit-to-Stand Quad Cane, Small Base

Items 1-12 of 27

Set Descending Direction

Are you looking for a sturdy, well-constructed cane that will provide you with adequate support? Do you find it quite annoying when, after you carefully set your cane into position near you so that it won’t fall, it comes crashing down seconds after you sit down? Then what you need is a stand up cane. 

Benefits of a Stand Up Cane

There are several benefits to having a stand up cane. Many people actually agree that these benefits are more toward the side of necessity; they don’t feel at all that they’re splurging by buying a self standing cane. After you find out what the benefits of a stand up cane are, you may just feel the same!

Increased Support

A stand up cane is only able to stand on its own because it is very stable. This stableness increases the supportiveness of the cane, and allows for the user to achieve a better balance with it. In essence, canes that stand on their own are also more likely to support you better. 

Self Standing Ability

There’s no need to hold onto your cane in order to not have to bend down later in order to pick it up; you can simply stand it on your side. Self standing walking canes allow you to keep both hands free for what you need to accomplish. 

Less Likely to Drop

Yes, this cane can stand on its own. This capability means that you can simply leave a stable walking cane standing, sit down, and it will remain standing. You don’t even have to think about picking the cane up from the floor, because you’ll know that there’s nearly no chance at all of it toppling. 

All of these benefits are considered by many to be crucial. The purpose of a cane is support, so if a cane offers increased support, it’s simply fulfilling its purpose in the best way. And the fact that the cane is self standing makes it less likely that the user will have to bend down. This is essential, because bending down is not only painful for elderly people; it can also be unsafe. When a senior needs to bend down low, he is putting himself at risk of a fall. For these reasons, many of our customers consider it essential to have a stand alone walking cane. 

Self Standing Cane Tips

Aside from boasting a wide selection of stand alone walking canes, AvaCare Medical also carries self standing cane tips, which can be attached to the bottom of a single tip cane, in order to turn it into a self standing cane. If a senior has a cane he enjoys using, instead of switching it for a new one, he can simply order a self standing cane tip and transform his familiar cane into a stand alone walking cane that is even more supportive. 

Types of Self Standing Canes

Adjustable Four-Point Self-Standing Cane

Self-Standing Walking Cane with Wheels

Stand Alone Cane with Seat

Self-Standing Sit to Stand Cane

Self-Standing Pediatric Cane

Self-Standing Folding Cane

Four-Point Cane

A four-point cane, also referred to as a quad cane, has a four-pronged base. This base is what makes it one of - if not the most - supportive cane to be found. The four-point can can come with either a larger or smaller sized base. The wide base cane is more supportive, but both are self standing. 

Cane with Wheels

This is a distinct standing walking cane with a base that features two wheels and two tips. This base allows one to roll the cane along, and use the two legs as brakes when necessary. The cane with wheels is a unique type of cane, but it is actually quite practical. And, of course, it has the ability to stand on its own!

Sit to Stand Four-Point Cane

This cane is innovatively designed in a way that provides practical sitting to standing assistance. It is a sturdy, well-constructed cane that is perfect for seniors or anyone with less mobility skills. 

Four-Point Pediatric Cane

A four-point pediatric cane is basically a quad kids’ cane. It has a sturdy four-pronged base that allows for the child to effectively maintain balance and support. Like all of these stand up straight canes, it has the ability to remain standing after being placed in an upright position. 

Stand Alone Cane with Seat

A seat cane is quite a convenient cane to have. If the user gets tired at any point, he can merely unfold the cane and transform it into a seat within seconds. Then, he can sit down, relax, and regain his strength. 

Folding Cane

A folding cane is another practical choice among self standing canes. Its compactness makes it easy to travel with, since it won’t take up significant packing space at all. This stable cane folds up quickly, and unfolds just as fast. This is an ideal option for frequent travelers, or anyone who requires use of a cane only some of the time and would prefer to keep it discreetly stored in her purse at times when she doesn’t need to utilize it. 

Adjustable Cane

An adjustable cane can be set to any height within a specific range. This type of cane allows the user to customize it to the exact height he needs his cane to be. Having a cane that is the right height is vital since it is what allows the cane to provide you with proper support. 

Find the perfect stand up cane for your needs on AvaCare Medical today. Choose from folding, adjustable, pediatric, and many other kinds of stability canes. All of the canes on AvaCare Medical are durably constructed and offer stable support. Browse our site now to view the many available options!

At AvaCare Medical, your satisfaction is our priority. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to give our customer care team a call at 1.877.813.7799. All of our care reps are friendly and knowledgeable, and will be happy to assist you promptly and efficiently with finding the right stand up walking cane!