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Lightweight Canes / All Lightweight Walking Canes

Find lightweight canes at affordable prices on AvaCare Medical today. Choose from lightweight folding canes, canes with seats, and other lightweight walking canes, as well. Shop now! Read more...

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The ultimate benefit of a lightweight cane is that it is easier to use. Since a lightweight cane doesn’t weigh as much, it is easier for the user to carry, and therefore more practical for use. The purpose of a cane is too grant the user more mobility, but a cane that is too heavy will be contrary to the aforementioned purpose; instead of affording more mobility to the user, it will cause the user to exert himself more (in order to maneuver the cane) and therefore will likely have him move more slowly, and more strenuously. To solve this issue or to prevent it from occurring in the first place, many cane users and future cane user choose to order a lightweight cane. 

Why Choose a Lightweight Cane from AvaCare Medical?

There are many options of lightweight canes these days, but not all of them are so affordable. Some are very expensive, and then there are others, which don’t cost quite as much, but don’t work nearly as well. AvaCare Medical has a full selection of lightweight canes that are well-made, yet within a normal price range. These canes will doubtlessly afford cane users the most value for their hard-earned money. 

How to Choose a Lightweight Walking Cane

When choosing a lightweight walking cane, there are several factors to keep in mind. These include weight capacity, weight of the cane, its composition, and its height. 

Weight Capacity

Depending on a person’s weight, he’ll want to choose a lightweight walking cane that will be optimally supportive for him. One must keep in mind that a cane with a greater weight capacity is not necessarily more supportive, because often, a lightweight bariatric cane will be a bit heavier than a standard lightweight cane that is not intended for bariatric use. For this reason, if one does not require the use of a bariatric cane, he should not utilize it, since it will only increase whatever level of difficulty he has with mobility. Rather, choose a lightweight cane with a weight capacity that is the closest possible to your weight (keep in mind that it should never be less than your total body weight).

Weight of the Cane

As mentioned previously, a cane with a larger weight capacity will probably weigh more. Therefore, to reiterate, it is advised for one to choose a cane with a smaller weight capacity if possible, so that it will be more lightweight.

Cane Composition

What the cane is comprised of will likely make a difference as to how long the cane will last. Therefore, it is important to take note of the composition of the cane. Aluminum canes can last for years, and the same goes for steel. Carbon fiber is quite sturdy, too, but plastic is not always as strong. 

Types of Lightweight Walking Canes

There are a few different types of lightweight walking canes. AvaCare Medical carries folding lightweight canes, adjustable canes, and lightweight seat canes. For more details about each of these, read on.

Lightweight Folding Canes

Lightweight folding canes are quite convenient; they are the ideal cane type for frequent travelers. Aside from being lightweight, these canes can be folded into a fraction of their full size, so that they’ll occupy very little packing space. Lightweight folding canes are also used by those who sometimes need to use a cane, but not always, and want to have the option of putting the cane in a discreet spot (for instance, in one’s purse) when its use is not required. 

Adjustable Lightweight Canes

In order for a cane to offer the most stellar support, it must be the right height. A cane that is too short will obligate its owner to bend down low in order to use it, and this is not healthy for his back, and may even cause the person to lose his balance. A cane that is too tall is also very difficult to use, and, as with the one that is too short, using such a cane can cause the user to become less steady. So, therefore, it is always advised to choose an adjustable lightweight cane, which can be set to the exact height you need it to be (as long as your height falls into the range that the cane can be set to). 

Lightweight Seat Canes

These canes come with a seat to sit on. This allows users to stop and sit down when they begin to feel tired out. A cane with a seat is a convenient choice for many seniors, since often, elderly individuals have weak muscles and are unable to stand on their feet for quite so long. In such circumstances, if the individual has a seat cane, he has no need to worry about having to search for a place to sit; instead, he can simply unfold his lightweight cane so that it conforms into a seat. 

Parts of a Lightweight Walking Cane

A lightweight walking cane, like most canes, is made up of several parts: The handle, the shaft, the collar, and the ferrule (aka the tip, or the bottom-most point of the cane). Sometimes, it will also come with a cane handle strap. Take a look at the chart below to see exactly where each component of the cane is. 

Find the most durable lightweight canes on AvaCare Medical now! AvaCare Medical is proud to provide seniors with lightweight canes that are durable and long-lasting, and undeniably well-priced. If you’re looking for a cane that will offer you sturdy support without spending an amount that is out of your budget, lightweight canes will be an ideal option. 

If there is any information you’d like to find out, or questions you’d like resolved, send an email to our customer care department, or give them a call at 1.877.813.7799, and a friendly representative will assist you efficiently and knowledgeably.