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Walking Canes with Seat / Cane Stools

Use a walking cane with a seat to sit down and take a break during your walk. Find well-constructed cane stools on AvaCare Medical now! Read more...

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Do you ever worry before you go walking that during the walk, your feet will get tired and you’ll want to rest - but there will be no place to sit? Do your feet ever start to hurt while you’re on your way to somewhere, but there are no chairs in sight to sit down on? 

There is a simple way to prevent the aforementioned situations from occurring: Order a walking cane with a seat. A walking cane with a seat, also referred to as a collapsible cane with a seat, is just as it sounds; a cane that comes with an attached seat. When the cane is being used for walking, the seat is folded up, and when the user wants to sit, he can simply unfold the cane and sit down on it.

Benefit of a Cane with Seat

The main benefit of a walking cane with a seat is that it is a dual-purpose product; not only does it help the user walk around; it also provides him with something to sit on in the event that his legs become weary. A walking cane with a seat is most often used by elderly people, individuals with disabilities, those with back or knee pain, and anyone with sciatic issues. These people often find it strenuous to stand or walk for long stretches of time without any breaks; many times their muscles are simply not strong enough to do so. With the help of a walking cane with a seat attached, any of these people can continue going about their daily tasks independently and capably, without worries. 

Guide for Choosing the Best Cane with a Seat

This guide will provide you with all the information you need to select the best cane with a seat. It will explain the different features and factors that you may want to keep an eye out for, and, based on that information, you’ll choose which details are most pertinent for your needs, and then search for a walking cane and seat combo that features those factors. 


It’s imperative that your walking cane with a seat be lightweight, since you’ll be carrying it around with you, and you don’t want to be bogged down by it. Also, you’ll be using it as a cane, and there is no reason for a cane to have to be heavier than it needs to be. For these reasons, a walking cane with a seat should be as lightweight as possible. 

Easy To Transform

If a person’s feet are aching, he doesn’t want to have to fiddle around with his cane in order to turn it into a seat. He just wants to sit down as soon as possible. And if a person has just rested his legs and is ready to get up, he wants to be able to turn his chair back into cane form adroitly, without any unnecessary exertion. With that in mind, a walking cane with a seat should be easy to position from one modality to the other. It should not entail a lot of work or know-how in order to do so. 

Comfortable Seat

Most people want to be comfortable while gaining back strength from walking about. The purpose of the chair of the cane is to allow you to refresh yourself so that you can get reenergized, and continue on your walk. Although one can’t go as far as to say that a comfortable chair is crucial, it will only make you feel better to choose a walking cane with a seat that is comfortable. To do so, be sure to take note of the seat material and shape. 

Sturdy Construction

It is crucial for both the cane and the seat to both be supportive and well-built. A shaky structure will not do the job; for safety reasons, it is well worth it to invest in a durable, quality cane with a sturdy build and a seat that will be able to hold your weight. There are many strong metal canes with seats available today.

Easy-to-Grasp Handle

When one thinks of the cane with a seat, he doesn’t always think much about the cane handle. However, a cane with a handle will likely be used as a cane quite often, so to prevent pressure pressure points and minimize hand pain, it is important to get the right kind of handle for your needs. Learn more about the different types of handles on AvaCare Medical’s cane guide

Size of the Seat

You’ll want to make sure the seat is the right size. A seat that is sized right for you will have you stay safer, while simultaneously keeping you more comfortable. One cane comes with a seat that is 8" x 10", and another one measures 15" x 6.” There are other options of cane chair sizes as well; see our full selection above for more options!

Weight, Height & Adjustability

These three are quite important things to take note of when searching for a cane with a seat. You’ll want the weight capacity to be about the same as your weight; a little higher is okay, but don’t go with a walking cane with a seat that can hold much more than you weigh, since such a cane will likely be heavier than you need it to be. Also, don’t get cane with a chair that is too high or two low. If the seat is too low or too high, there is more of a chance for a fall to occur. Some canes are actually height adjustable, so as long as your height is within the stated range of the cane you’re looking into, it is a great choice. 


A folding cane seat is easy to store, and therefore easy to travel with. If you’re a frequent traveler, or you simply like when things are compact, a walking cane with a folding seat may be ideal for you.


Find cane seats at AvaCare Medical now! Our carefully curated cane with seat collection features only the best cane stools for you to choose from. If you have any questions regarding walking canes or any other kind of medical supplies for seniors, contact us now at 1.877.813.7799.