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Tripod Canes / Three Prong Canes

Tripod canes are one of the most practical kinds of canes you can find. These three prong canes feature a wider base than single tip canes, and, due to this, offer a number of distinct benefits many seniors and disabled individuals find helpful. Read more...

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A tripod cane base features 3 legs; hence the alternative term three legged cane. A tripod cane is an ideal alternative to single tip or even quad canes. Here are just a few of the reasons for the tripod walking cane’s undeniable popularity.

Postural Steadiness

Studies have proven that using a tripod cane is beneficial for anyone who finds balancing to be difficult. A tripod cane will help more with postural steadiness than a single tip cane. Its wider base is small enough that it shouldn’t cause tripping (as is wont to occur during while the individual is utilizing a quad cane). If you’ve been searching for a cane that is designed to keep the user balanced and steady, a three point cane may be a great option for your needs.

Improved Traction

The three prong walking cane allows for users to walk across tar, grass, and dirt paths. It features unbelievable traction. Here’s how it works: When the user is ready to take a step, he puts the cane on the ground, and leans on it a bit. The pressure that is now placed on the cane causes it to get “pushed down” just a bit, so that the three prongs on the bottom of it become a bit more spread out, and grab onto the floor tightly. This makes the tripod cane quite sturdy. When he picks up the cane, the three prongs clench together just a bit, and when he puts it back down again, the prongs spread a tad apart. This movement modality resembles that of a duck’s webbed feet, which also spread just a bit with each step for increased grip. 

Keep in mind that the diameter of the base is what determines its dependability; the wider the base is, the more supportive the cane will be. For this reason, while a tripod cane is more dependable than a single-tip cane, a quad (four pronged) cane, which usually features a larger base, will be even more supportive than the tripod cane. 

Self-Standing Capability

Some tripod canes have the ability to remain standing after being placed in an upright position. They can stand on hardwood or tiled floors, and some of them can even stay upright on a carpeted floor! The tripod walking stick’s self-standing capability is something many cane users appreciate; it prevents them from having to bend down to pick up the cane from the floor. Actually, a self-standing capability is a feature that is significantly more important than one might think. Bending down can be very difficult for some individuals, and can even sometimes result in a fall. A three footed cane, which, due to its larger base, is often able to stand on its own, will prevent the need for the user to bend down so often, and, as a result, will reduce the risk of the occurrence of a fall. 


These canes are not too heavy. They offer full support, but without weighing the user down. The three prongs usually form a single triangle shape, so that although this cane is quite supportive, it isn’t too heavy. Having a heavy cane cane be stressful, and is a bit counterproductive, since the user purchased the cane in order to make it easier to get around. For this reason, many people prefer canes such as the small base tripod walking stick, which is reasonably supportive, yet lightweight. 


These canes are an ideal choice, since they are designed in a way that makes them easy to use over a wide range of terrains. Whether you’re cooking in the kitchen (just by the way, this cane won’t scratch floors as much as a single tip one will), shopping in the city, or running errands around town, this cane will provide you with steady, unwavering support. It’s a most practical cane choice for any adult. 

Additional Features

Some tripod canes available on AvaCare Medical feature added advantages, such as a foldable shaft which increases the cane’s compactness and makes it easily portable, or a removable quad tip (so that you have the option to put it on a different cane). There is also a tripod cane with a seat, which is basically a tripod cane with a seat that sits on three legs, so that one can take a break and sit down when necessary. 

Pediatric Canes

Some people may find it interesting to know that aside from carrying standard tripod canes, AvaCare Medical also has pediatric tripod canes, for children who require the use of a high quality, supportive pediatric cane. 


Are you interested in finding a cane that is lightweight, yet can still provide sturdy, reliable support? Do you want a cane that will promote postural steadiness? Is strong traction important to you? Would you love for your cane to stand on its own? 

If your intuitive reaction was a positive one in answer to any of the aforementioned questions, then chances are you will most likely be quite satisfied with a walking cane with 3 feet. So, whether you’re looking for an Able tripod cane base, a pediatric tripod cane, a tripod cane seat, or a standard tripod walking stick for elderly or disabled folks, you’ll find well-designed, sturdy tripod canes for sale now on AvaCare Medical! Enjoy increased motor and balance coordination, and experience the confidence of knowing you have a cane that will definitely support you. 

Keep in mind that we also carry tripod cane tips, in case at some point the original cane tip becomes torn or worn out. These tripod bases for walking sticks are available in several sizes, so that they can fit onto canes with differing shaft diameters. Some people prefer to purchase a few of them with their cane, so that they have some ready for when they need them. 

If you have any questions regarding any walking cane with a tripod base, feel free to reach out and chat with one of our customer care representatives either by giving us a call, messaging us at [email protected], or simply chatting with us online. Our customer care representatives are always happy to hear from you!