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Quad Canes / 4-Prong Canes

Browse our selection of quad canes for sale on AvaCare Medical now. Many of our quad or 4 prong canes are recommended by experienced doctors and physical therapists. Choose a top quality quad cane now! Read more...

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  1. McKesson Quad Cane
    McKesson Quad Cane
    Starting at $32.40
  2. Lumex Low Profile Quad Cane with Small Base
    Lumex Low Profile Quad Cane with Small Base
    Starting at $19.39
  3. Designer Quad Cane, Small Base
    Designer Quad Cane, Small Base
    Starting at $47.65
  4. Large Base Offset Quad Cane
    Large Base Offset Quad Cane
    Starting at $36.40
  5. Switch Sticks Quad Stick Walking Aid
    Switch Sticks Quad Stick Walking Aid
    Starting at $66.00
  6. Grand Line Quad Cane with Wheels
    Grand Line Quad Cane with Wheels
    Starting at $349.80
  7. Alex Orthopedic Small Base Quad Cane
    Alex Orthopedic Small Base Quad Cane
    Starting at $20.82
  8. Aluminum Folding Cane, Blue Waves, 33" - 37" Height Adjustment, Mini Quad Cane Tip
  9. Self Standing Cane Tip
    Self Standing Cane Tip
  10. Carex Xtra Bariatric Quad Cane, Small Base, 500Lb
  11. HealthSmart Sit-to-Stand Quad Cane, Small Base
  12. Small Base Adjustable Quad Cane, Ice Blue

Items 1-12 of 25

Set Descending Direction

What is a Quad Cane?

A quadripod cane, or a quad cane, for short, is referred to as such due to its four legs (‘quad’ is a latin root word for four). A 4 legged cane starts off as a regular cane, but a few inches to the bottom, it features a base with four prongs. The prongs feature rubber tips, for optimal traction. 

A four prong cane will provide more support than a single tip cane can. It is definitely the most stable, sturdy cane available today. A 4 point cane has more of an ability to hold weight than any other kind of cane. 

When to Use a Four Prong Cane

Quad or four prong canes are used by patients following surgery, and by seniors and disabled individuals. Using a quad cane not only provides the user with support; it can also allow them to move around without putting pressure on injured areas. A four legged cane can also be used following bedrest, during the time period where one is redeveloping his walking or balance skills. One who uses a walker and is progressing in physical therapy may be told to upgrade to a quad walking cane. 

Benefits of Using a Quad Cane

There are several advantages to using a quad cane. There is one disadvantage; using a 4 prong walking cane will cause one to walk at a slower pace. But it really depends on how you look at it; often, individuals who require the use of a quad cane are better off walking more slowly and carefully. So, in essence, the one disadvantage is really an advantage for most! Here are another few benefits that using a quad cane will offer you. 

No Bending

Oftentimes, a person will carefully set his single tip cane up against a table or chair before sitting down, and then ease himself into position. A few minutes after settling comfortably into the armchair or couch, he’ll be startled by a bang: The sound of his cane crashing to the floor. 

So, at some point, he is going to have to bend way down to pull the cane off the floor and set it straight. But for some, doing the aforementioned is not simple. Bending down low requires extreme exertion, and can be frightening, since it can make the person feel that he is losing his balance. A quad cane is a walking cane with 4 legs that allow it to stand on its own: There’s no need to even think about having to lift it from the floor.

Keep in mind, though, that you should only grab onto a four footed cane for support once you’re already standing; don’t use the cane to get up into a standing position, since it wasn’t designed for that, and therefore, shouldn’t be relied on to accomplish that safely. 

Optimal Support

A quad cane is often the ideal mobility aid, since it is more supportive than a standard cane, yet less bulky than a wheelchair or walker. This means that if you were told you don’t need a walker, but feel a bit unsteady while using a cane, a quad cane can make a big difference to your day, and provide you with more peace of mind. A 4 footed cane features a distinctly larger base, which increases its stability, and therefore adds to its supportiveness. 

Prevents Falling

As a walking cane with four legs, the quad cane will work better than other canes over slightly uneven surfaces. It has more traction, and can therefore be utilized for assistance when walking through a gravel parking lot, a landscaped lawn, or even a plush carpet. Its increased traction can help to prevent an inestimable amount of falls. Take note that to ensure one’s safety, it is important to let the entire cane (i.e. all four prongs) touch the ground before picking it back up to take the next step.

Quad Cane Choices

There are many different choices of quad canes. Firstly, there are large base quad canes, and small base quad canes (both of these quad cane bases are larger than regular cane bases). The large or wide base quad canes offer more support, but are heavier than the ones with narrow bases. The quad canes with narrow or small bases are easier to lift, and, therefore, more mobile. 

There are four prong walking canes with fashionable designs, and ones with wrist straps or offset handles. At AvaCare Medical, we even have bariatric quad cane choices. And, of course, there are sizing options: most quad canes are adjustable, but one still needs to make sure that the measurement he needs his cane to be is within the range of the cane’s adjustability. With the many options available, one can choose the quad cane that will effectively suit his needs. 


If you’re looking for a dependable cane, try a quad cane today. This type of cane offers unparalleled support for anyone with limited mobility. From all of our cane types, this is the most supportive for standing use. AvaCare Medical carries many different quad cane models, from several brand name companies. Our quad canes are solidly constructed and made to last. Shop our quad canes today! We also carry quad tips that can be attached to a regular cane, so that the cane features identical advantages to 4 footed walking canes; it’s a walking cane with a quad base, but it isn’t as bulky as a quad cane. 

Aside from four point walking canes, AvaCare Medical also carries many other types of mobility aids, as well as many other products. No matter what it is you’re looking for, if it can be classified in any way as medical supplies for seniors, you’ll probably find it on AvaCare Medical. Shop now!

If there are any questions you have regarding quad canes or anything else we carry, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1.877.813.7799.