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Folding Canes / Collapsible Canes

Folding canes are practical, compact and convenient. On AvaCare Medical, you’ll find sturdy folding canes that you can depend on. Browse our selection of the best collapsible canes now! Read more...

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Many people get a bit nervous from the term ‘folding cane.’ They imagine a shaky, jittery folding walking stick that simply can’t hold too much weight. And, to tell the truth, there are some such canes out there. But not on AvaCare Medical. Here, we carry only solidly constructed, supportive foldable canes from trusted medical equipment brands such as Drive Medical, Nova, and Medline.

The prime advantage of a folding cane is that it folds up, so that when you don’t need to use it then you can simply fold it up and pack it out of sight. This is very beneficial for anyone who needs a cane every so often, but would rather not hold it when he doesn’t require its use. A retractable cane is discreet, and assembles into shape within seconds. It’s the perfect option for individuals who want the security of having a cane available, without having to hold it all the time. 

Do you sometimes wish you’d be able to simply put away your cane when you don’t require its use? Do you dislike having to hold your cane at times when you don’t need it for support? Then it may be worthwhile for you to invest in a compact, convenient folding cane. 

Folding canes are designed for partial weight-bearing users; in other words, for seniors and disabled individuals with limited mobility. These people are able to move about on their own a lot of the time, but for circumstances when their legs begin to bother them, or they feel a bit unsteady, they can simply pull out a folding cane for support. 

What to Look for When Choosing a Folding Cane

Choosing a folding cane is easy when you know what you’re looking for. Use this guide to find the best folding cane for your needs. Folding walking canes these days feature many practical details; choose the cane with the features and details you feel you will find most essential.

Weight Capacity

Weight capacity is one of the most important factors to take note of. The amount of weight the retractable cane is able to bear will be directly proportional to how supportive it is. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a cane with the ideal weight capacity for your needs. However, it isn’t necessarily a wise option to get a cane that can hold much more weight than you need it to, because such a cane will likely be just a bit heavier than you need it to be, and therefore slightly harder to carry around. 

Cane Height

Finding a portable cane that is the right height is very important because a cane that is too short may cause the user to bend too low following each step. This can lead one to lose his balance. In contrast, a cane that is too high will require more effort to move it with each step. 

To figure out what size fold up cane you need, put your hand straight down against your side, and then bend your elbow at a 15-20 degree angle. Then, have someone measure the distance from your wrist to the floor. This measurement is how long you’ll want your cane to be. Most folding canes are adjustable, so if you’re an inch or two off, it’s okay, but this way, you’ll have an idea of which cane to choose.

Cane Handle 

There are several different kinds of cane handles. Folding canes generally come with either a T handle (otherwise known as a straight handle), or a Fritz handle. The T handle keeps the hand in a more natural position, thereby preventing the hand from getting sore or uncomfortable. In essence, it minimizes hand fatigue as much as possible. A Fritz handle has an elegantly curved form that lends it a more dignified look. The curve also increases the comfort level; it reduces pressure on the hand and finger muscles. 

Be sure that the cane handle is the right size for you, so that you can grasp it easily. A cane handle that is too large will be harder to hold onto, and can cause the user to lose his balance. However, those with arthritis and joint pain sometimes find canes with large grips to be more comfortable. If you have arthritis or joint pain, speak to your doctor about whether to choose a foldable cane with a large handle or without.

Cane Handle Grip

Investing in a folding walking cane with the proper grip is crucial, since doing so will help to reduce stress on your joints, as well as prevent the users fingers from becoming misshapen. Foam grips are soft and easy to hold onto; they’ll keep your fingers feeling as comfortable as possible, while gel grips prevent the hand from getting tired out. 

Cane Material

If you’re looking for a folding walking stick that will be visually appealing, wood may be a choice for you. Otherwise, choose a cane that’s constructed of high quality aluminum or another strong metal. Such a cane will provide optimal support. 

Cane Tip

There are two types of cane tips; quad and single point. A single point cane is the standard, most popular kind of cane, while a folding quad cane helps the user maintain his balance. Cane tips are most often comprised of rubber. Always make sure that the tip of your cane isn’t worn out, since a battered tip will provide less traction. The diameter of a cane tip can differ, so do be sure to find one that will fit the bottom of your cane properly. You can find cane tips for foldable quad canes and single point tip canes on AvaCare Medical now. 

Different Types of Collapsible Canes

Collapsible canes and fold up canes are likely the most convenient and definitely the most compact of all canes. Store it in your purse or backpack so that it’s there when you need it, but out of sight when you don’t. Here are two kinds of foldable canes that are different than the standard collapsible canes. 

Folding Cane Seat

A folding cane seat is a multi-purpose walking aid that not only offers you standing and walking support, but also provides you with a place to sit when your legs are weary. A foldable cane with a seat is a practical and convenient choice to add to your cane collection. 

Folding Blind Cane

A folding blind cane is designed for use by individuals with visual impairment. They are very easy to spot; these folding canes are usually white-colored. You can find several different options of supportive folding white canes on our site now. 

Why Choose a Foldable Cane?

Foldable canes are the most lightweight of all walking aids. They are much easier to bring around then knee walkers, wheelchairs, and even other types of canes for seniors. Portable walking canes are ideal for travel, and for use at home or outside. You can find supportive portable seat canes, folding blind canes, and, of course, standard collapsible canes and walking sticks for sale at great prices on AvaCare Medical now! 


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