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Walking Canes for Men / Men's Canes

Men’s walking canes are designed for men with limited mobility. Find the men’s walking cane that best suits your style on AvaCare Medical; your source for online medical supplies. Browse our curated selection of the best men’s canes now! Read more...

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  1. Carex Standard Cane, Silver Mens
  2. Alex Orthopedic Men's Derby Handle Cane
    Alex Orthopedic Men's Derby Handle Cane
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  3. Traditional Men's Wood Cane, 1", Walnut, 36" L
  4. Men's Fritz Handle Cane
    Men's Fritz Handle Cane
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4 Items

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These walking canes are masculinely designed, so that they are perfect for any man, young or old, who is looking for a cane. They come in a variety of colors and sheens, and in different lengths, as well. Aside from being aesthetically appealing, these men’s canes are also supportive and durable. 

Who Needs a Cane?

A cane is meant for use by any individual who doesn’t need two-sided support; one-sided support is enough. This means that someone who uses a cane will have more mobile strength than a person who uses a walker. For this reason, often, when a person who uses a walker progresses in physical therapy, he’ll get a cane instead of his walker. 

Components of a Men’s Cane

A men’s cane is made up of several different parts; the handle, the collar, the shaft, and the tip. Not all canes feature all these components, most will have at least half of these features. Find out more about the makeup of a cane immediately below. 

Cane Handle

The cane handle is the part of the cane that the person holds onto with this hand for support. As you’ll soon read in our Walking Canes Guide, there are several different style cane handles. 

Cane Shaft

The shaft of the cane is that long stick that makes up most of the length of a men’s cane. This is the part that provides the user with the most support.

Cane Collar

This looks similar to a ring. It is placed over where the cane handle and shaft meet. 

Handle Strap

A cane handle strap is a wrist strap that provides the cane user with something to sling over his hand when he isn’t using the cane. He can also utilize it to help prevent it from falling to the floor. 

Cane Tip

A cane tip actually has a fancier name; it’s also referred to as a ferrule. The cane tip is attached to the bottom of the cane in order to prevent wear and tear on the bottomest point of the cane, where it would touch the ground if not for the tip that’s over it. 

Guide to Finding the Best Walking Canes for Men

Are you interested in purchasing a men’s cane, but you’re not sure what to keep in mind while searching? Do you want to get a men’s walking cane that is not only supportive, but offers added benefits as well? Below you’ll find some information on what to remember while searching for a men’s walking cane. 

Weight Capacity

In order for the cane to provide you with maximum support, you’ll want it to have the proper weight capacity for your needs. A cane that is not made to bear the weight of the individual who is using it is not sufficiently safe for use. Therefore, always be sure that any cane you’re interested in has the optimal weight capacity for you or your patient or loved one. 


In order for the cane to accomplish its purpose of supporting the user properly, and allow him to stand without leaning over low or stretching one’s hand upward more than necessary, the cane should be the right height for the user’s needs. This will prevent posture issues. Standard canes usually range between 29 and 38 inches, but there are walking canes for tall men who need canes that are longer than that. 

In order to check what size cane you need, you can measure the length of space between your wrist and the floor (while you’re wearing your shoes). Place each hand straight against your body, and then bend the elbow of your dominant hand about fifteen degrees. Once you’ve done that you can have someone measure the distance from the floor to your wrist. This is how long you’ll want your cane to be. 

There are men’s canes which are height adjustable, and can be set to the exact right height the user chooses. 


When it comes to choosing a handle for a men’s cane, it’s really a matter of preference. There are a few different styles of cane handles to select from; to name just a few, there’s the Derby handle, the Fritz handle, the crook handle, and several other options. The Derby handle is an elegantly curved tip, and the Fritz handle features a stylish curve as well. The crook handle is a standard, classic men’s cane handle that looks almost like a shepherd’s staff. 

Some handle designs are quite elegant and austere, while others are more simple and practical-looking. Choose the one that suits your taste best.


Men’s canes are usually constructed of either of the following two compositions: Metal or wood. Metal men’s canes are supportive and practical, and men’s wooden canes are sturdy, and often beautifully designed. 

Find the best men’s canes for sale on AvaCare Medical today! Choose from our carefully selected collection of men’s canes, and find one that not only is supportive and well-made, but also suits your taste. Shop now!

Aside from men’s walking canes, AvaCare Medical also offers many other cane options. There are folding canes, which are ever so compact; there is a type of cane that comes with a seat to sit on when tired; and there are even quad canes, which feature a four-pronged base for unrivaled support. No matter what kind of cane you need, you can search for it on our site now. We also carry numerous other types of mobility aids, not to mention bathroom safety supplies, disposable supplies, and many other products. As one of the largest online medical supplies stores in the US, we feature thousands of products for you to choose from. 

If you have any questions that are concerning you, feel free to contact our customer care reps. Either you can send an email to [email protected], or you can dial 1.877.813.7799, or you can chat with us onsite. Our friendly customer care reps will be happy to address your concerns, and help you to find the best walking cane for men like you. Whether you’re looking for men’s wooden walking canes, metal canes, or canes with any specific feature, contact us and we’ll be happy to help!