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Offset Canes: Canes with Offset Handles

Offset canes are distinct from standard straight walking canes. They are designed to be grasped in a different manner than the typical cane, and yet, despite the aforementioned, they afford the same mobility that is offered by standard, straight canes. Offset handle canes feature a slightly curved, L-shaped handle. At AvaCare Medical, we take pride knowing that our offset handle canes are the best such walking canes for seniors and the disabled individuals. Read more...

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  1. McKesson Quad Cane
    McKesson Quad Cane
    Starting at $38.94
  2. Lumex Low Profile Quad Cane with Small Base
    Lumex Low Profile Quad Cane with Small Base
    Starting at $18.37
  3. Lumex Aluminum Adjustable Offset Cane with Ortho-Ease Grip
  4. Offset Designer Cane
    Offset Designer Cane
    Starting at $27.54
  5. Large Base Offset Quad Cane
    Large Base Offset Quad Cane
    Starting at $36.40
  6. Aluminum Adjustable Cane With Offset Handle
    Aluminum Adjustable Cane With Offset Handle
    Starting at $13.95
  7. Cardinal Health Adjustable Offset Cane
    Cardinal Health Adjustable Offset Cane
    Starting at $8.50
  8. Deluxe Off-Set Adjustable Cane
    Deluxe Off-Set Adjustable Cane
    Starting at $31.89
  9. Alex Orthopedic Small Base Quad Cane
    Alex Orthopedic Small Base Quad Cane
    Starting at $20.82
  10. Alex Orthopedica Offset Handle Cane
    Alex Orthopedica Offset Handle Cane
    Starting at $14.11
  11. Alex Orthopedic Offset Adjustable Aluminum Cane Foam Grip Handle
  12. Offset Aluminum Cane, Silver

Items 1-12 of 28

Set Descending Direction

What is an Offset Cane?

An offset walking cane is a cane that features a specialized handle which makes it easier for it to bear weight and for the user to grip. Offset handle canes are available in many different styles and shapes, and some of them have either an orthopedic (ergonomic) grip, or even a contoured grip to ensure ease of use for the owner. 

The wide variety of offset canes is not, however, limited to singular stick models. A person looking for the right offset cane from AvaCare Medical can even find a quad base cane that has an “ortho” offset handle (this type of cane is an offset cane with four tips at the base instead of one). There are offset canes available from quite a number of brands. These canes can generally hold between 300 and 500 pounds of weight. 

What Brands of Offset Canes Does AvaCare Medical Offer?

Some of the top brands in the medical industry manufacture offset canes. Here at AvaCare Medical, we are proud to provide users with the safest and most trusted brands available, and that goes for our canes with offset handles, as well. These distinguished brands include:


Medline is an industry leader when it comes to walking canes in general, but definitely when it comes to offset handle canes. The top-selling offset handle Medline cane is the Offset Handle Fashion Cane, primarily because it is fully height-adjustable. It features a sleek, attractive design, and is known to be a very cost-efficient, yet undeniably comfortable option. If a user requires a higher weight capacity (of 500 lbs. or more) he can choose the Medline bariatric offset handle cane and still pay a very reasonable price compared to some other more expensive models on the market.

Drive Medical

Drive Medical is one of the largest and most renowned medical equipment manufacturers in the world. They create top quality walking canes and accessibility items for seniors and the disabled. For instance, the Ortho K-Grip offset Handle Cane (complete with a special wrist strap) is one of the top rated Drive offset canes in the country. And, of course, it is available at a great price. Other types of Drive offset canes are those with either a foam grip or a gel grip.


Carex Medical is another leading US supplier of mobility aids, and they, too, offer durable, sturdily constructed offset walking canes. Their canes can be priced a bit higher on average when compared to some other brands, but they are well worth the cost - these are constructed from high-quality aluminum, and built to last. They are also sleeker than others, and feature weight capacities ranging from 250 pounds, to 500 pounds for bariatric options.

Can a User Purchase Special Tips for These Canes?

As long as the offset cane a person uses is a single-stick cane, replacement cane tips can be purchased for them. Some four-point cane tips are used on these canes in order to give them the same functionality as a quad-base cane and make them self-standing. This means that a person can easily keep his cane by his side without having to lean it on a solid surface. 

Cane tips do need to be replaced every so often. When doing so, it is important to verify measurements of both the tip and the base of the cane, in order to ascertain that the hole in the tip is the same diameter as the actual walking cane’s base itself. This will ensure that the tip will not slip off of the cane, and will instead maintain a tight, secure grip. 

Are Offset Canes for Everyone?

Choosing the proper grip is something important for people to consider when buying a walking cane. Offset handle canes are specially designed to offer a more ergonomic grip than crook handle canes. They do allow for a more natural swing than some other canes, just like a crook handle cane, because many offset models have a curve in the handle which is similar to that of a crook cane (though on an offset cane, its not a complete hook). Offset canes allow users to center their weight and, because of that, take pressure off of their hands and wrists. 

If a person who requires use of a cane has arthritis, or hand problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome, then a cane with an offset handle may be a better option than other models, regardless of design. A person should never sacrifice safety and comfort for aesthetic preferences. Many companies offer stylish models, and if all else fails, one can easily purchase affordable cane covers to decorate his walking cane!

AvaCare Medical has been providing the world with medical supplies for over half a decade, and takes pride in providing clients with the best offset canes to be found, at reasonable prices. Since we recognize how important it is for you to be able to maintain your mobility and daily routine, we do our utmost to ensure that you receive your order within the least possible span of time. Give us a call today and we’ll happily help you get back on your feet as quickly and safely as possible!