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2 Wheel Walkers with Seats / 2 Wheel Rollators

A user who would like to enjoy the benefits of a rollator but requires the stability of a walker may consider buying our 2-wheel walkers with seats. A two-wheeled walker with a seat can provide balance and stability, and, besides for that, has a seat! Here at AvaCare Medical, we have some of the most popular 2-wheel rollators for sale. Read more...

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What 2-Wheel Rollators Are Available?

Finding a 2-wheel rolling walker isn’t always easy, and most of the time when someone is shopping for a walker with 2 wheels and a seat, all they are going to find online is a multitude of stores selling standard rollators. So, although there is a large selection of regular rollators, there isn’t much variety available when it comes to finding a walker with 2 wheels and a seat. There are very few manufacturers that actually make these rollators. However, although there aren’t many options, the need for these special walkers does exist, and because of this, we’ve done extensive research to determine the best models to offer our customers! Many users can benefit from using a Drive Medical two-wheeled walker with a seat. This model has both standard and light options available.

Top Products

Drive’s Cleverlite Walker

This model is much like other lightweight rollator walkers and features rear glide brakes to lock the rollator walker in place when a person is needing to either remain stationary or sit. It features a narrow plastic seat that is textured to prevent slips from occurring. The construction of this walker is more similar to a traditional walker frame with two wheels, and if a user does not want to use the seat, they can simply fold it up and use it as a standard walker. This leaves room for numerous attachments, and the height is adjustable as well.

Drive’s 2 Wheel Walker with a Seat

Drive’s 2-wheel walker with a seat comes in red and black and is more similar to the body style of a rollator with comfortable ergonomic hand grips and brake tips. These safety features are activated when a user pushes their weight down on the walker. The seat is padded like that of a rollator, and the walker folds up quickly and easily for maximum portability.

Benefits of 2-Wheel Walkers with Seats

Of course, the primary benefit of a two wheeled walker with a seat is the fact that the seat is available at all times for needed rest breaks. Many users become fatigued when they engage in extensive walking, and for elderly persons or those who are partially handicapped, standard walkers provide a place to lean onto while standing. These walkers give that comfort of knowing that when a user needs to rest, they can do so anywhere. 

Increased Stability and Balance

Another important fact about walkers with two wheels is that they provide more stability and balance than rollators even though they may have slightly less stability than a traditional walker. There is a reduced risk for a user to have a 2-wheel walker slip out from under them. The main thing they need to worry about if they’re accustomed to a standard 4-legged walker is to not lift the entire walker off of the ground; only lift the back end a little bit). This will help them retain and improve their balance.

More Mobility than Traditional Walkers

As mentioned above, there is a little bit less stability with two-wheeled models versus traditional walkers. Even with that factor though, walkers with wheels in front of them can provide much more in terms of mobility. They allow for faster and more natural walking than a typical walker, and the person is able to use their walker on multiple surfaces and terrains (such as gravel, grass, etc.).

Less Lifting Needed

Traditional walkers without wheels have to be lifted entirely off of the ground before moving forward. For many users - especially the elderly, or those suffering from other health conditions – a traditional walker can indeed cause the user to become tired out more easily, causing fatigue and therefore increasing the risks of a fall.


When it comes to maneuverability, traditional walkers don’t offer too much. This often forces people to require special walkers, such as narrow walkers. Some people don’t want to use these, but they also don’t want to use a rollator, so these walkers provide more maneuverability than most walkers. By having a collapsible frame, and because they have two front wheels, they can negotiate tight corners and fit in most doorways. At the same time, since they can cover and maneuver on multiple terrains, wheeled walkers can retain a high degree of maneuverability as well, while providing more balance than that of a 3-wheeled or 4-wheeled rollator.


These walkers are extremely portable and lightweight, and therefore the ideal choice for travelers. They can fold up quickly into a profile that is small and compact enough to fit inside of a car’s trunk. Further, they are slim enough to be taken along on an airline flight, and can be easily folded so that they’re out of people’s way. Many can be also taken as luggage.

Weight Capacity of 2-Wheel Walkers with Seats

Some walkers in our inventory have a 250 pound weight capacity, and some bariatric models can have up to a 500 pound weight capacity. The standard weight capacity for most walkers is 300 pounds, and our inventory of 2-wheeled walkers stands in this range. If a person requires more than that, then they may need to choose a bariatric walker with 2-wheels instead.

Prioritize Stability Over Mobility

Another factor to consider when purchasing one of these models is safe operation.Check reviews to make sure these walkers don’t pose significant risks of falling. As stated above, many users who are used to 4-legged walkers have troubles at times adjusting to 2-wheeled models because they are used to the old and more cumbersome manner of operation. This can cause a person to lose their balance. Senior citizens and those with balance coordination issues may have a higher chance of losing their balance if these walkers are not used as intended. But not to worry - if used right, they prove much safer than rollators, and have numerous features from which users can benefit!

Choose our 2-wheel walkers with seats that can suit your needs! Drive Medical is one of the nation’s top medical device manufacturers, and for good reason! If you have any questions, concerns, or would like assistance with your order, we’re here to answer them - just give us a call at 1-877-813-7799 during business hours. Call today!